Meet the Furballs

When Brad and I met and got married he had a dog – Avery, and I had two cats – Jasmine and Mr. Darcy. Two weeks after we eloped we rescued Hemmingway from the pound. If you’re doing the math that’s 2 Adults + 1 Baby + 2 cats + 2 dogs + a not so big house = CHAOS. In the words of Jon and Kate plus 8 “It may be a crazy life, but it’s our life” and I would add…”and we love it”.  Here’s all the animals in one picture. You have to look to see Jaz, she’s black and in a black guitar case. (As with other pictures, if you would kindly ignore the mess that would be great!)

animals on the bed
(I lied. Avery isn’t in this one. I think she’s on the floor. She was definitely in the room though.)


One response to “Meet the Furballs

  1. Well it looks to me as though they have taken over your Space by storm… I doubt that you will ever return to that bed of yours, oh I don’t know though, it’s possible… lol


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