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My Trip to Michigan by Zoe Grace

I think my mommy has told you this already, but I just went on my first big adventure. Well, maybe my third, but I was only 9 days old on my first one, and 3 months old on my second one…so, those don’t count. Besides, this time I got to go on a plane! From the ground I liked the planes well enough, but boy oh boy did they make me tired! I don’t remember much about the plane rides because I slept the whole time, but when we got to Michigan…which is a whole ‘nother state!…my tummy hurt pretty bad and I couldn’t eat for about two days. It was the pits. Mommy got pretty worried and I couldn’t sleep through the night, but by Monday I was all over my travel woes and ready to get the show on the road!

{My first full meal in Michigan, Monday lunch, I had to eat lots so that I could swim at the lake!}

Even though I was having trouble eating and sleeping, I was still pretty excited about our first few days. First things first we had a wedding to go to, Mommy’s friend Jason was getting married. I got to meet most of Mommy’s friends from Michigan, and the bride told me that I was pretty. I tried my best to be in a good mood, but it was hard. So, I mostly just hung out.

{Meeting the bride and groom. Obviously not my most shining moment}
{Mommy got me a whole plate of food with lots of options, but all I wanted was watermelon. She was so happy I ate something she didn’t even mind that I ruined my shirt.)

Then, the next day we were up and at ’em early so that we could go to breakfast with the interns. Mommy said that she used to be an intern, whatever that means. Anyways, I liked the people but my tummy still hurt. Oh, and Mommy dressed me in a summer outfit that I wear back home, but it was in the 60’s… Mommy didn’t know that. So, she had to buy me some warm clothes…and then Ms. Katie, she was an intern too, she bought me a ton of shoes and a toy, and some books, and some CANDY! She’s kinda cool.

{That’s Mr. Dave and Ms. Marie. They are in charge of the camp. They’re pretty cool.}
{That’s Mr. Greg. I loved him lots. He was Mommy’s real good friend when she lived up here. He was an intern too}

After breakfast I got to hang out with Ms. Katie and Ms. Carly. I liked them lots too. Ms. Carly danced with me in the backseat all the way to a cider mill. Have you ever been to a cider mill? It’s way cool. They have lots of trees, and then they make the apples turn to juice, and then you get to drink the juice with donuts. The donuts were my favorite part. Mommy’s favorite was the photo shoot. She took tons of pictures and Ms. Katie took even more. Mommy says I’m supposed to tell you that she’s going to show you lots of pictures from that shoot later, but right now I get to tell the story, and I only want to show a few.

{I got to swing on a swing all by myself}
{Mommy put me in a tree to get a picture}

Then we left the cider mill and went to a baby shower for some of Mommy’s other friends. The coolest thing about the shower, in my opinion, was that Yirah was there. Mommy knew Yirah’s mommy and daddy when she lived in Michigan, and they had Yirah two weeks after I was born…so, we’re kinda growing up together, in a virtual kind of way. I liked her lots. She could walk…that was really cool. Oh. And I got to meet the fabulous Jason B…he’s one heck of a cool guy. And ladies? He’s single too…he’s a little to old for me though.


After that busy weekend, we rested up a bit Monday morning and prepared for the wedding. Well, actually, just Mommy and Erynn prepared for the wedding, I was just along for the ride. Mostly, I just got to hang out wherever they were. On Tuesday the people from France got there and they loved me. I thought they were pretty cool. I tried to let them know by changing my babble and creating a new form of jibberish just for them. Mommy thinks I was trying to talk in French to them…don’t tell her, but she’s right. French is a really pretty language, I think I’m going to take it in high school. Did you know that they make to take a foreign language in high school? Weird. Anyways, they helped Mommy take care of me because Daddy wasn’t there. Daddy had to stay in Florida so that he could work, but he called me lots and lots every day and we talked over the phone.

{Mommy and Aunt Erynn took me to feed ducks. I thought the animal crackers were for me.}
{I got to spend lots of time laughing and playing with Aunt Erynn, especially when I woke up at 6:30 every morning. Mommy doesn’t like waking up early, so if Aunt Erynn was up I would hang out with her}
{We had a cookout on Wednesday and Mr. Myron came over. It was a pretty great night, except I was up pretty late. About halfway through dinner Mommy took me for my bath in the sink and then put me to bed. I stayed up past bedtime way too much on this trip. Oh, starting with the guy on the end, that’s Mr. Tony…Erynn’s dad, then Adam her brother, Aunt Erynn, me in the corner sitting next to Mr. Myron, Eleanor is by him but I don’t think you can see her, then Caroline…Eleanor’s mommy, then Molly and finally Penny..Mr. Tony’s wife}
{Starting on Monday I wanted to walk everywhere that I went, except I don’t know how, so I had people help me…like Eleanor.}
{I helped Mommy clean out the get away car for Aunt Erynn and Josiah. I was a good helper. I stood in the front seat and ate fries and dropped them all over the place. Mommy laughed at me lots…she thinks I’m funny.}
{On Friday we stopped by to help Aunt Erynn get ready for her big day. I got to play in a hay field and play with lots of the Bennett’s.}

And then, before I knew it, it was already Saturday and time for the big event. Aunt Erynn was beautiful. I thought her dress was really pretty, but I was in a pretty bad mood because I didn’t take a nap. I got to hang out with Ms. Carly again, she’s really cool, and pretty fun. She took good care of me while Mommy was helping Aunt Erynn. And then I took a nap for her at about 4. The next thing I knew, Mommy was there to wake me up and I got to hang out with her the rest of the night at the wedding. Because it was a special event she let me stay up way way way past my bedtime that night! It thought that was pretty awesome, and I even slept in all the way to 7 the next morning to thank her for it!

{I lost my pants because I maybe had an accident in my skirt and my mommy couldn’t find anymore pants. But, later Ms. Carly found them for me}

And then, in the blink of an eye, it was Sunday. The day I got to fly again. The day I got to see my Daddy! Mommy bought me a pretty pair of sparkly ruby red slippers that I was supposed to wear on the plane ride home, and then we were going to show Daddy my new trick of walking while I hold her hand, except I didn’t much like the shoes so I kicked them off…and our plane got here early, so Daddy was still in the car when we got to the airport. I saw him as soon as we walked into the baggage claim area and Mommy couldn’t hardly hold me anymore I was so happy to see him. He held me and kissed me, and I laughed and laughed. I was with my Daddy again! Michigan was awesome, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as being with my Daddy….and getting to play with all my toys again. Hemmingway’s not too bad either.

{Monday Mommy took me to see Daddy at lunch because I already missed him again. But really, Mommy was missing him pretty bad…so that’s why we went}


The Big Event

I think my game must not be up to par, because what I should be writing about is other things from the trip, like being a single parent for 9 days, or the trip from Zoe’s perspective…and instead I’m writing about the other biggest factor from the trip. Erynn’s wedding. Which, should probably wait until towards the end, but I’m impatient, and the wedding is all that I can think about, so here we go!

{The location. Stunning}

The day started out normal enough, we’d stayed up too late talking into the night, another bridesmaid and I left early to go to the site and get a few more things done, Erynn arrived a little bit late for hair and makeup, and by 11am all of the ladies were together at the Bennett’s farmhouse preparing for the ceremony. Up to this point the wedding preparations had experienced a few mishaps that were mildly hard to swallow…which I’ll talk about in a different post, but suffice it to say that we were in the middle of trying to fix our dresses when I was called into the room. Erynn looked me dead in the eyes and told me to tell her the honest truth, did her hair look good? The very first thought that went through my head was that she looked like Maid Miriam from Robin Hood, but I absolutely was not going to tell her that. Instead, I asked if she liked it. She said something was a little off. The hairdresser said that she looked beautiful. Erynn fidgeted. Faye knew something was up. I just started mumbling ideas to fix it. Erynn left the room and when she came back in she was almost in tears. She hated her hair and she was on the verge of a full scale bridal meltdown. She asked, very nicely, if the hairdresser could fix her hair and told her what she wanted. The hairdresser said no. She reminded the hairdresser that she was paying her. The hairdresser still said no. Erynn started crying. The hairdresser told her that she was going to mess up her makeup. Back and forth they went. Erynn said she hated her hair, the hairdresser said she loved it. If you know anything about me, you know that I wanted to punch the hairdresser in the face. What in the world!?!?!?! But, I sat there speechless, in shock over the conversation. Faye jumped into action, dismissed the hairdresser who refused to leave, and started completely redoing Erynn’s hair. I kicked everybody out of the room and told the photographer that we probably weren’t going to make it for pre-wedding pictures, and then I sat directly in front of Erynn and tried to think of funny stories to distract her.

{You can’t get a really good grasp on what was wrong from this picture, but it was how her hair was pulled back, it was really poufy in a not good way, and that she never wanted her hair up in the first place}
{After Faye’s handiwork}

After about an hour of finagling, Faye had Erynn looking pretty spiffy, Erynn was beginning to calm down, and I went to check on Zoe who was taking a nap upstairs…or rather, was supposed to be taking a nap upstairs. What I found instead was Mrs. Bennett laying on the bed with a wide awake Zoe. Awesome. So, instead of having a well rested Zoe for the ceremony, I now had a very tired, very cranky, quasi-meltdown Zoe for the next few hours. It was getting close to ceremony time, so I kinda just handed her off to my friend Carly with a ton of thank-you’s and focused on Erynn. What happened next was utter confusion. I was told I had to convince the limo driver to drive on the grass, I thought the limo driver knew he was driving on the grass, I was given money to give to him if he needed extra convincing, he didn’t and we all climbed in. We were supposed to be given our cues from Mr. Bishop, Erynn’s dad, but Mr. Bennett had a different plan entirely, and kept overriding us with the limo driver. That poor limo driver was so confused he didn’t know which was way north by the time we were done with him. Mr. Bennett demanded that we go now, Mr. Bishop said that we needed to wait, in the end Mr. Bennett won, because that’s just how things go.

{The father and the bride…one of the most touching parts in any ceremony}

The beginning of the ceremony was rather normal, then the dads got up to speak…or rather, Mr. Bennett got up to speak…and continued to speak for the next 20 minutes. Mr. Bishop got up next, but mercifully, only spoke for about 5. Then the exchange of the rings. Except, one was missing. The pastor covered it flawlessly, addressed the situation then moved on, changing the part in the vows that said “with this ring”. Josiah finally clued in to what was happening and stopped the vows. He asked Pastor Adam if this was a joke. Pastor Adam said it wasn’t. He looked around and asked if this was a joke again. Pastor Adam said that it wasn’t. This went on for a few minutes…minutes people. Can you even imagine? Thank God somebody found the ring because Josiah was going to stop the whole wedding until it was found. I’m not even kidding.

{You can see how lost in each other they are…they were definitely instructed to look at the camera. Almost every picture that they have is going to look something like this…which is beautiful}

At that point we were about 40 minutes into the ceremony and we still had communion, the lighting of the unity candles, and the first kiss left to get to. It was about the time that Pastor Adam was beginning to announce that they were man and wife that Josiah hijacked the microphone. He wanted to know what the ladies had done that morning. We were shocked, and speechless. Then he proceeded to talk about how the boys had gone target practicing. What the…? And then he pulled out his target to present it to Erynn…at which point I asked if if he wanted to kiss her. What was the target of? Holes in the shape of a heart? Maybe the word “LOVE” spelled out. No. Nope…it was just a target…with a shooter who had very bad aim. That’s it. I doubled over laughing and I didn’t stop until after the ceremony was over.

{Showing Erynn his target}

I had to stop laughing then, because there were 400 guests who wanted to greet the happy couple and we had pictures to take. It became my job to fend off the crowd. I hate that. I absolutely hate doing that…I’m good at it, but I hate it. Nonetheless, that’s what I did. I was also given the job of rounding up the Bennett’s…that, my friends, is no easy task. After about 20 minutes I found Faye and told her that I couldn’t handle the Bennett’s anymore and I quit. She’s far more graceful than I am anyways…she could do it. Pictures were another whole ordeal, and I was still reeling from what had just happened during the ceremony. By the time we got to the food it was 6pm. The wedding was at 3….are you getting the feel of this day yet? Because we were at the head table we were going to eat first. Hallelujah. And then we were told to sit down…somebody still had to pray over the food…of course. I returned to my seat only to find out that the man who was praying was also giving a sermon. Short, only 8 minutes. Are you freaking kidding me? I about died. Poor Faye, she had to listen to my sighs through the whole thing.

{The precious flower girl sprinkled the flowers on the way out of the ceremony…not in. Priceless.}

The reception was just as crazy as the wedding. At one point the guests just helped themselves to the cake table, although I think it was the groom’s cake and not the real thing…but still, there was a mass exodus out of the tent and shouts for Erynn to cut the cake…although she and Josiah were too busy kissing to pay much attention to anything. According to the photographer, she had never seen a couple so lost in each other…and I would have to agree. Erynn said she’d never been so happy in her life. Close to the end of the reception Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had one more trick up their sleeve. Again, they took control over the microphone and we heard another sermon of sorts…this time about love languages. I didn’t mind this one though because at the end of it Erynn was presented with a pig. A pot-bellied pig. She’s talked about wanting a pet pig for as long as I’ve known here, and if getting married wasn’t enough…this just topped off the day.

{K, this picture is really blurry, but you see the joy on Erynn’s face}
{The getaway car}

By about 9 I was completely wiped out, and said my goodbyes, still in awe of the day. Erynn’s wedding was one of the most beautiful, crazy, tender, absolutely ridiculous and frustrating weddings I’ve ever been to. It was one for the books…that’s for sure.