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Case in Point

Immediately after I wrote yesterday’s post about Mommy Brain I went to the kitchen to clean up after lunch. I put the chips in the refrigerator and the salsa in the cupboard.

Because I’m a genius.

Then I was driving to pick Brad up from work and I remembered the reason that I wanted to write the post in the first place. For the past week I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with my brother’s girlfriend Liz and how it would make for an excellent post. The conversation went like this….

Me: It was great getting to spend so much time with you. So you guys will be back next month. In March.
Liz: No, we’ll be here in April. It is March. It’s actually the middle of March.
Me: Right. Yep…that’s right.

Guess what wasn’t in yesterday’s post? The inspiration for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again. Just blame her…

And since we’re talking about her…I should probably tell you that she’s 8 months today. 8 whole months! She’s such a big girl!!! Which seems ridiculous to even say. 16 years from now when she’s asking for the keys to my car….today will seem so so so far away…and I’m sure I’ll say, “She was so tiny back then…what happened to my baby girl???”

Anyways, because I’m running out the door and might be gone the whole rest of the day, I want to post this now. Which means that tomorrow will be the “My baby girl is 8 months old today” post.

Have a great Thursday everybody! If you’re in Jax stay dry =) And if it’s not raining tonight…come to the fair with us!!!!


Mommy Brain

A lady from work told me that when I had the baby I was going to lose my mind. I was going to forget everything. I disagreed, silently. I have an excellent memory. I am an excellent “ball juggler”. Mommy brain, for sure, was not going to happen to me.

And then I had a baby.

And then I lost my brain.

But, don’t worry, I found a new one….mommy brain.

Let me tell you about this brain. This new friend of mine. It makes me put milk in the oven and the bottle lid on the formula. I have put two earrings in the same ear. I schedule things and then completely forget them. I can’t remember what I have planned any given day. I double booked my guest room once. I’ve stood up one of my closest friends. {Those two things happened on the same day} Brad has to send me text messages to remind me to move things over to the dryer. I go to the grocery store and pace the aisles trying to remember what I went to the grocery store to buy. I spent this entire last Friday thinking my friend was driving back to Florida that night, while at the same time reminding myself that I had to feed her cats the next day because she was out of town. It’s ridiculous.

It drives me crazy. It’s part of this whole new identity that I’m still trying to get used to {which is a whole blog post on it’s own}. If I don’t do something the moment I think about it, well, it’ll probably be a week or 2 before I remember again. If you tell me something, and it involves me agreeing to be somewhere or do something…make sure that I write it down. Because, otherwise, mommy brain is going to take over and I will inevitably forget. And if that happens, you can blame Zoe…it’s her fault.