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Melt my heart why don’t ya

If you were at our house tonight around, say, 5:00ish….this is what you would see


It’s Zoe’s very favorite time of day. The time of day when Daddy come home! As soon as the dogs start barking she stops whatever she’s going and focuses on the door. She steals a couple quick glances at me to confirm that her suspicions are true…daddy’s home! Her smile spreads from ear to ear and it’s the one time of day you can see all 4 teeth at the same time. Brad walks through the door, makes a bee-line to his little girl, swoops her up in his arms and smothers her with kisses.

She gives him kisses back.

And then she tells him all about her day.


And my heart melts.

Since we’re talking about Zoe…look at her new trick.

This is where she started.

This is where she ended. Holy Cow!

Do you see the storage ottoman?!?!?!?!?! Thanks Mom and Dad for the early birthday present! Talk about a working piece of furniture! It’s a storage space for ALL of Zoe’s toys, it’s a foot rest, flip the lids over and it’s a tray, it’s extra seating, and MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s giving Zoe something to hold on to and practice walking.

I’m telling you now, it’s not even my birthday yet and it’s been one of the best birthdays I’ve EVER had. It’s in the top 5 for sure.

Have a great Tuesday everybody!


New Traditions

One of the things that I love so so much about having a new family is that we get to make new traditions. Like our Saturday morning traditions. Or our coupon books. And now, Valentines Day.

Of course Brad and I celebrate Valentines Day with each other. I’m sure that each year will be different. Last year it was a diamond necklace around a stuffed frog’s neck. This year it’s handwritten cards (he writes the best cards!) and some awesome quality time together. And, thanks to Kristin, a date night at P.F. Chang’s…our favorite special occasion restaurant. Honestly, I’m loving this Valentines Day more than the diamond necklace. The love between us is very tangible this year. But, the new tradition in our house, the one I’m writing this blog about, is Daddy Daughter Valentines Day. Let me tell you….it is priceless.

Pretty sure there’s never been this many Valentines Day cards in my house before

The little puppy with the hearts is from Zoe’s Grandma Harvin. The sock monkey…that’s from her daddy.

And then he got her this card

It says, “Please be my Valen-tiny“. What a perfect 1st Valentines Day card.

The poem on the left is a haiku. Last year I asked Brad what he wanted for Valentines Day. He thought for a moment then said, “a haiku”. I was speechless. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. The next day at work I found myself googling “haiku” so that I could write one. I wrote him like 5…they were really really stupid. He wrote me 25. They were really really sweet.

This year he promised me a sonnet. He hasn’t delivered. Get on that Brad. I’m waiting.

Back to Daddy Daughter Valentines Day

Zoe thinks it’s totally the coolest thing ever.
valentines day

I love that Brad is so active in Zoe’s life. I love that he showers her with hugs and kisses,  tells her that she’s beautiful, and calls her his little “Zozo bear”. As a 6 month old, she doesn’t understand. But as a 16 year old…this foundation of love will be priceless. This tradition will be priceless. She’ll act embarrassed, I’m sure, when Brad delivers roses and balloons to her school when she’s in the 9th grade…but she’ll love it.

I have always loved Valentines Day….even when I was single. But this year, I love it even more. I love it for the future that it promises. The anticipation of watching Zoe and her Daddy (and however many little girls are added to our family) celebrate them together is so….I don’t even know. I don’t know how to describe how I feel about that. It’s just priceless.  So bring on the flowers, the chocolate, the heart shaped candies, and the breakfast dates with Daddy. I love this new tradition!