His name won in a coin toss and we added the extra “m” just for fun. He’s the puppy in the group. I use that term lightly. He weighs over 100lbs. We’re guessing he’s a mix of Great Dane and something, probably Rhodesian Ridgeback. But mostly Great Dane. Hemmingway was Brad’s first introduction to my spontaneity. Let me rephrase that, aside from marrying a man I’d known for 4 months, Hemmingway was Brad’s first real introduction to my “do, think, do” personality. He was our wedding present to ourselves. I asked for a small dog. A yorkie, to be exact. I got a Great Dane. He has eaten literally all of my black shoes, our carpet, our stairs, a couch, an armchair, an ottoman, my bible, Brad’s leather jacket, numerous pillows and blankets, and he’s DESTROYED our backyard….but we love him. He is the sweetest dog in the entire world and has the biggest heart you can imagine. Oh, and he thinks he’s a lap dog.

I present to you, Hemmingway, our lovable little boyrandom 888

Apparently he’d had a long day
long day


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