30 before 30

I’m turning 30 ya’ll…like, soon! Well, at the time of writing this, it’s still a ways away…but, still! Soon! So, I came up with a list of adventures to send my 20’s out with a bang. Here’s my “30 before 30″…

1 – Go on a roadtrip somewhere I’ve never been. The first thing that comes to mind is Key West…because that’s a dream of mine…but my only real requirement is “somewhere I’ve never been”.

2 – Do something creative that I wouldn’t normally do.

3 – Dance with the guy who holds the sign at the Town Center. {You have to live in Jax to understand this one…but there will be pictures, or video, so you can thoroughly enjoy the awkwardness of this one.}

4 – Get paid to do photography.

5 – Read a classic.

6 – Make a nice design cake {think cake boss…but much more simple}

7 – Sing karaoke in a public place ***Completed 7/1/11 @ The Pearl, Spice Girl “Wannabe”***

8 – Finish a project I started a long time ago. {first thought…scrapbook from my honeymoon}

9 – Slide down the pole at a fire station.

10 – Volunteer somewhere I’ve never volunteered before.

11 – Learn a magic trick and perform it for someone I don’t know. {This came up twice, so it’s a must}

12 – Learn how to do the robot and do it, in public.

13 – Get a new tattoo. {This one is potentially negotiable. I might swap it with something else.}

14 – Drink Scotch. {A whole drink, not just a sip….this will probably happen directly before #7}

15 – Do a giveaway on my blog. **Completed 9/28/11**

16 – Lose 30 lbs. {I’ve never in my life had a weight loss goal…this should be good.}

17 – Buy a domain name for my blog. **Completed August 2011**

18 – Participate in “Girls Night Out” at least 5 times.

19 – Read through the Bible from front to back.

20 – Get a makeover.

21 – Have an even tan. Preferably a dark tan, especially on my legs.

22 – Have a day at a spa. {I’m 29 and I’ve never done this before. Lame.}

23 – Eat a salad that I grew.

24 – Not cringe at the thought of health food.

25 – Paint a wall {or walls} in my house a neutral-ish color. {Which means, pick out the color b/c Brad owes me a paint job}

26- Explore a part of Jacksonville I’ve never been to before.

27 – Go hiking.

28 – Make a digital scrapbook of Zoe’s first year.

29 – Learn how to edit photos.

30 – Make a meal that one of the cooks on the Food Network does.


8 responses to “30 before 30

  1. Your first point should definitely be Germany! : )

  2. I love this idea…I just may have to come up with my own list!

  3. This is really fun…wish you were closer. I’d clue you in on the photography stuff. I want to do this, but now that I actually turned the big 3-0, I’d have to do 40 before 40…that just sounds scary!

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  5. I will partake in number 9 🙂

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