Monthly Archives: August 2010

sunday afternoon

As I sit on my couch looking at my new blog 1,000 thoughts fill my mind…will people read this? do I want people to read this? how do people get famous from writing blogs? I imagine some lady in Montana who sits at her computer one day, starts writing a blog and then the next thing you know she’s writing a book, because some hotshot publisher has read her blog and fallen in love with her….does that really happen? It has to, I hear about it all the time…will that happen to me? i don’t know. I guess if I’m being perfectly honest i would have to say that “I hope so”…I would love to have something so creative and funny to say that people everywhere love to read my blog. I would love to write about life in a way that the average wife or mother….or random person sitting at Panera surfing the web, canĀ  feel like they’re not alone….that their weird idiosyncrasies aren’t so weird after all….

either way…today I sit in my living room…my husband beside me on the couch doing a crossword puzzle, my daughter sleeping in her chair ready to wake up in about 10 minutes to eat…again, and the tv on as background noise.

this is life. this is my life. this is my life uncensored….