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Fun afternoon at the beach

Two random facts about my life:

1) I love adventure.
2) I married a homebody.

He knows this. I know this. So we have a system. It’s called the coupon book.

And in that coupon book he added this….

Today, in an effort to get out of the house and get some Vitamin D in our immune systems, I asked to go to Little Talbot Island. I also told Brad is was only 20 minutes away. I’m seldom wrong with directions or estimating arrival times….but today I was wrong. It was about 45 minutes away. And then Brad said that I had to turn in a coupon.


So we turned to Facebook. The overwhelming majority agreed with me. I absolutely am not cashing in a coupon for this one. And besides….once Brad saw Zoe’s face when she saw the ocean, he would’ve driven hours to see that smile again. I know I would have. I’m warning you now…there are lots of pictures with this post! Enjoy!

Trying to figure out the sling. We’ve only used it a couple times.
Zoe is facing forward…not that you can tell.

All figured out

Full on belly laughing in this one

Catching some air with mommy

Catching too much air with mommy

So happy with my little girl

And then she had a meltdown. Literally. I think she was cold. I’m sure she was cold. I wasn’t prepared for the breeze at the beach. Oh, and did I mention we went at nap time? Silly mommy, schedules still have to be followed on the weekend. My poor baby showed no signs of discomfort and then WHAMO!!! Screaming at the top of her lungs all the way back to the car. Ugh! Btw, I would totally not recommend the first time you run in like, oh – I don’t know, 1 1/2 years, to be in the sand, on the beach, holding a screaming 16 lb child in your arms. My mildly asthmatic lungs are still recovering. I had two thoughts when I got back to the car 1) I totally deserve a treat for doing that. 2) holy cow chica! you need to go to the gym!!!

All in all, it was a really awesome adventure. Her belly laugh is addicting. So is her smile. And I could walk down a beach holding Brad’s hand any time.

Ps. I’m saving my coupon for Savannah, or the Florida Keys. Just a heads up Brad.



“Can I cash in a dinner coupon for breakfast” – Brad Harvin 7:20 am

“Sure you can” – me 7:20 am

“No. I don’t want to. I’ll cook breakfast” – Brad

“No. I’ll cook breakfast” – me

And then I tried to get out of bed. But he wouldn’t let me. I wiggled free and raced towards the door. He was right behind me. Fighting me making breakfast for him. Can you believe that???? What man in his right mind fights his wife trying to cook him breakfast while he stays in bed with the baby. I mean, really???? Actually, I can think of a couple reasons why he would fight me. First, he typically does everything. And by everything, I mean everything…well, other than nurse the baby 😉 Anyways. It’s hard for him to let me do anything for him. Second, and probably most important, the last time I cooked breakfast (2 years ago) I almost burned the kitchen down. Literally. Brad walked into the kitchen at the exact moment that I accidentally caught the roll of paper towels on fire while simultaneously burning the bacon. Whoops! I mean, seriously, the way I cook around this man you wouldn’t have a CLUE that I actually have some talent in the kitchen….I turn into a bumbling idiot.

But this morning I won a chance to redeem myself! Bacon, eggs, toast coming right up! Well, kinda. The first 3 pieces of bacon went to the dogs (but I haven’t told Brad yet, so ssshhhh!) It didn’t turn out gourmet, but it was edible. Hot diggity dog! Maybe my cooking mojo is coming back!