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Zoe Grace – 14 months

Dear Zoe,

As I type this you are currently at the end of the couch taking all the DVD’s off the shelf, looking at them for 1 second, and then throwing them behind you. In less than 30 seconds you can turn a relatively clean area into a disaster zone. This morning you have already: cuddled in bed with me {which means climbed on top of me, bounced up and down on my bladder, combed through my hair, pulled my hair, somersaults over me to the dog, sat on my head, laughed hysterically at how much fun you were having} taken everything off my nightstand, tried to eat the remote both upstairs and downstairs, thrown everything that was on the side of the tub into the tub, unrolled toilet paper, chased the dog, pulled the dog’s ear, pulled the dog’s tail, tried to ride the dog like a horse, served yourself breakfast, taken a bath in the sink due to feeding yourself breakfast, rolled away from me mid diaper change to walk around the living room naked, gone to numerous locations around the house that you know are off limits and shaken your head “no” as you reach for it anyways, and now…you’ve left the DVD’s, are trying to simultaneously climb on the ottoman, use my legs and computer as a drum set, and have a dance party.

It’s not even 9am yet.


You, my darling, are officially a toddler.


The other day I was feeding you dinner and you were sitting in the high chair, I looked up and realized that I didn’t see anything “baby” about you anymore. It was like all of a sudden you left “baby” behind and I was looking at this really little girl. It caught me off guard. I’m not gonna lie…I probably cried.


Along with entering the stage of all things toddler comes an unbearable cuteness that I just can’t get enough of. You give out kisses like they’re candy right now, and I just can’t get enough of them. I learned last week that you don’t care if you’re sick and snotty all over, you still love doling out those kisses. You laugh with such abandon these days, your Daddy and I can get you shrieking and squealing in an instant. Right now you’re really digging reading in the car, I ask if you can read me your book and you “read” to me for the next 20 or 30 minutes. Your babble will never get old. Sometimes I find myself hoping that you don’t start really talking soon so that you can babble for a lot longer.


I can’t get over how smart you are. So many times your daddy and I have looked at each other with our jaws dropped at something you just accomplished, or a situation that you masterfully manipulated. Speaking of manipulation, HOLY COW! I didn’t realize that it started so early. And I would be amiss if I didn’t mention how fearless you are….there’s no adventure that you shy away from. It makes my heart fly up to my throat sometimes, but you tend to always come out on top, at least for now. You hang with the big kids on the playground, climb to the top of slides all by yourself, climb to the top of the playhouse at Chick-fil-A, love to swing high and fast at the park. The other day, you even jumped off a ledge into my arms….really? I mean, first of all, what was I doing asking you to jump???? And second…why weren’t you scared to jump?


As far as milestones go, you took your first steps on September 5th, and have walked a little bit every single day since then. It’s still not your preferred mode of transportation, but you’re starting to enjoy it a little bit more. Truthfully? You just really don’t care. And that’s ok. You’ve picked up a few more signs, “eat” and “please”, and I have a feeling that I could teach you as many as I wanted to…I just haven’t yet. You say quite a few words, but I think I might be a little bit hard on you, I don’t count attempts or changing a word as “saying” it, I count that as trying. Like, right now, you call the cats “dog-ga”…you do it regularly, that’s your name for them…but it doesn’t count. You also call the dogs “dog-ga”…that counts.


Another part of the toddler package is the meltdowns, and oh.my.word they have made their appearance in our lives. A few days ago we were at Chick-fil-A and the boys at the table got some ice cream. You saw it, and I could see the desire in your eyes, but you’re still a little bit to young to be eating dessert. But? You don’t care about things like age requirements for ice cream, you wanted it dadgumit…and by golly, you were going to have it. One minute you were your cool, calm and collected self…the next you were screaming at the top of your lungs like you’d just been punched in the face. I knew why you were crying, but nobody believed me…because you seriously sounded like you’d been physically hurt, and then one of the boys came around and shared his ice cream with you. The tears? Gone. Instantly. All I can say is, I’m glad they leave just as quickly as they come. And….don’t expect them to work….I’m still smarter than you.

{These pictures are literally 30 seconds apart. Walking calmly with me…}
{Switch off to Daddy so I can take pictures, WHAMO…}
{Back to Mom}
{Back to Dad}

What can I say, Zoe? I think you’re the coolest kid I’ve ever met in my life. You are the full package…smart, funny, beautiful, charming, crazy good-natured, adventurous, clever, fun-loving, opinionated…and so much more. Every new season has brought with it highs and lows, and I’m sure that toddlerhood will have its own too, but every season has been wonderful. I can’t wait to see what’s around this bend…


I love you to the moon and back again,

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll


Zoe Grace – 11 months..2 weeks ago

So, I’m two weeks late on this post, and I never got around to a 10 month photo shoot. For whatever reason, I have thought about that every single day since I did Zoe’s 10 month update. I feel like I missed something that I can never get back. It’s not true, of course, I definitely have pictures of her in her 10th month of life…but I can’t shake that feeling. I suppose I’ll just have to let go of it…I’m sure this won’t be the last time I have to just let go of guilt as a mom. Anyways, on to WAY more important things.


My dear, sweet, little baby…you are going to be a year old in 3 weeks. Today I came home from running errands and you were sleeping. I snuck into your room while you were sleeping, picked you up and rocked you for a while. You curled into me just like you did when you were a newborn, knees tucked up underneath you, jutting out like a frog, and your hands curled up under your chin. I couldn’t stop the tears that came to my eyes. The whole month after I brought you home from the hospital you fit between my boobs and my hips…now your head was by my collarbone, and you filled up my lap. What a difference 11 months makes at this stage in life. Years down the road 11 months won’t be significant at all…but now, at this stage, the changes are monumental.


This month we’ve seen an incredible change in your develop, you are becoming a toddler before our eyes. Every day is a race to keep up with you. There’s nothing in this house that is off limits to your curiosity, but thankfully, you’re really quite obedient. That’s not to say that you don’t ever do your own thing {read: the exact opposite of what we’ve asked}, but at least you do it with the cutest little mischievous smile on your face. Honestly, at this stage, I really love watching your curiosity at work. I love that you know what you want, and you go get it. I hope you always have that quality. You learned how to share this month. You’ve probably been sharing for a while, but you really perfected it this month. Your favorite thing to share? Your pacifier. And you’re not satisfied unless it’s in my mouth. I’ve watched you learn how to share with strangers too. When we go to the gym, you carry my keys inside, we walk right up to the counter and you hand my keys to the receptionist. I would be concerned, except you watched me do it for a few weeks before you took over that routine.


The other day we had our first real toddler moment. I was on the phone {therefore occupied} and you found the wipes. your eyes sparked with joy as you realized there was nobody to stop you from taking them out one.by.one, you snuck a peek at me, I didn’t stop you and then you continued with a frenzied energy. You made it your goal to get every single wipe out of the package, balled up in your hands, and then you threw them up in the air. Honestly, even if I hadn’t been on the phone I wouldn’t have stopped you. You were having entirely too much fun, and the wipes only cost $1.79…it wouldn’t have been worth it.


After that “project” you helped yourself into the kitchen. You love the bottom drawer where we keep the cookie sheets. That entertained you for 2 seconds and then {during our picnic on the floor} you discovered that the pantry was open. You’ve never seen the inside of the pantry before. It was a whole new playground!


Five minutes later I was looking for something in the refrigerator, and what do you know…you were right there too! Surprise, surprise. But, this is our new life. It’s fun. It’s adventurous. It’s literally a complete mess. And, we both love it.


Let’s get to specifics:

– You’re weighing in at around 19lbs and really really long! You wear mostly 9-12 months, but can wear some 12 months. You still refuse to wear shoes, but when I can get them on your feet you’re in between a 3 and 4.

-You’re still crawling, and I couldn’t be happier. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times, take your time on this one…we’re not in any rush!

{Yes, that is a box of wine. Don’t judge.}

– You have said, but do not say on a regular basis, “mama”, “dadda”, “bye” and “hi”

-You talk all the time, but it’s mostly just babble, except you have the same babble for certain things..it’s becoming more specific. The other day you tried to say “Hemmi”, you try his name pretty often, and you have the inflection right but not the actual word.

{Watch the progress of the coffee filters in the next few pictures}

-While we’re talking about communication, you sign on a regular basis “all done”, “more”, “hi”, and “bye” AND you’ve made up your own sign. I have no idea what it means…but you most certainly do =)

– You’re infatuated with faces, to be more specific, noses.


– Your favorite games are: peek-a-boo {you know how to do the hand motions yourself, or you hide behind something and then pop out}, share the pacifier, crawl upstairs, remove all books from the bookshelf, dance parties, patty cake, flying like an airplane, tickle fests, and any other game you can think of. Oh, and helping mommy “type” her blogs.


– Your most favorite thing is to read. You crawl back and forth to the bookshelf all day long choosing books to read. {It’s so fun watching your favorites change} If I’m busy you read to yourself. I watched you with your peek-a-boo book {a long-time favorite} and it brought tears to my eyes. You are growing up!

– You recently started rejecting food {it’s hilarious and ridiculously cute}. You’d rather have a bottle for breakfast and lunch, so that’s what you get. If you think I’m giving you a “filler” food it’s immediately rejected, and if the temperature or seasoning of the food is even slightly off, it’s also immediately rejected. I hope this is just a stage…

{See…a master “sharer”}

-My favorite development is that you’re becoming very verbal about your opinion. I love love love learning about you every single day.

– I might have lied. My favorite favorite development is how affectionate you’re becoming. It’s completely common for you to be in the middle of the room playing with toys, stop what you’re doing, crawl over to me and give me a kiss, or even better…a hug! You learned how to hug this month. You don’t know how to do it on command, but you hug your Daddy and me all day long. We can’t get enough of you!

{And, our solution to chasing after an exceedingly mobile child…give her a bottle and snuggle on the couch}

You are the coolest girl on the face of the planet…and it’s an honor and a joy to be your mother. Now, how do you feel about turning 1? It’s quite a milestone birthday. Are you nervous? ‘Cause I am!


I love you with all my heart,