Why hello there! How do you do? Let me introduce myself. My name is Rebecca. My day to day life is consumed by diapers, baby food, nap time, play time, story time, Brad time, and occasionally “me” time. I started this blog as a way to stay sane as I became a housewife. I figure, if I write about all my adventures (and let’s be honest, misadventures) then maybe somebody will read it and they’ll know that they are not alone….that it’s ok to sometimes love your life and sometimes be so darn frustrated you could just scream. And then again, maybe it’s so that somebody will read it, and they’ll leave a comment and they’ll let me know that I’m not alone. Either way, pull up a seat, get cozy and journey with me as I walk through this crazy thing called LIFE!


2 responses to “About

  1. Yes well I have just sort of tripped over something and fallen into your Space, not so sure what it was but here I am making a comment on your ‘About’ page… Not sure what you will make of it of course but nonetheless it’s a comment…

    Definitely an interesting concept to map out your days of parenthood, motherhood or same… Have a very nice weekend now, from what I have read, you have certainly earned some ‘Me’ time…


  2. that sounds so awesome! honestly as crazy as it sounds I cant wait to be married and have lots of kids to have to run around and care for! it seems that you have more adventures than misadventures 🙂

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