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Sometimes life just feels a little convoluted

Do you ever feel like you’re knee deep in the middle of life? Like everything around you is unfinished, pressing for your attention, and nothing gets done because everything has to get done?

That’s how I feel right now.

Jess’ wedding is only 3 weeks away. I’m throwing the lingerie/bachelorette party in 2 weeks. I haven’t sent out the invitations yet. I’ve thought about the invitations. I’ve thought about sending them out. But, I have yet to do that. I have a location. I have a few food ideas. I have a few game ideas. But, I have nothing nailed down. Right after I throw that shower we’re in wedding week, and you know how stressful that is.

corn maze 3

Last night I worked on a new header for this blog for over an hour. It was to no avail {obviously}. WordPress only lets you have a header that’s 990 x 180 and everything that I was doing…and it was going to be super cute…wasn’t working. Actually, I’ll show you the header that I was trying to use…you’ll like it. Or at least, I like it. Actually, I love it. But, I can’t use it. Which brings me to another point. Remember how a few months ago I told you that I was “under construction” on getting my own site? Yeah? Well…we’re still under construction. Actually, construction is at a standstill. I think I’m going to host it myself and try to figure out the coding…but, when?

header attempt

I’m sitting in the living room, Zoe’s costume is cut out on the table. I have no idea where to go from here. I think I might wait until I go to my dress fitting and see if I can borrow her sewing machine for 10 minutes. Or, I might get some inspiration tonight. I have 4 days left…and then it’s time to buy an actual costume. Or a pillow case, and then she’s going to wear a toga. Actually, if the Indian Princess doesn’t work…she’s definitely going in a toga.

corn maze 2

My fall wreath is almost done. I worked on it for another hour last night. Actually, I just worked on the flowers. Can I ask you something? Why in the world am I making a fall wreath? I blame Pinterest. I also blame blog reading. Either way, I’ve suddenly convinced myself that I’m crafty and that I should do crafts. I’ve also convinced myself that I can’t start something I don’t intend to finish. So, I’m teaching myself how to make a variety of felt flowers, and I’m screwing up a lot. I wanted to walk away and quit last night. I’ll try again tonight.

corn maze 4

And then, there’s my house, my very dirty, cluttered, house. It’s going to stay that way for at least a little bit, because I have to work today and then I’m going straight to my mentoring meeting. I was an awful housewife last night. I worked on my blog header and the pictures from the corn maze and Brad took care of Zoe, cooked dinner, and then cleaned up her mess. I actually started crying. I didn’t clean anything, but I started crying. That has to count for something, right?

pumpkin carving
Zoe's pumpkin
The Final Prodcut
But, those are just things. Things that can get done. Things that don’t have to get done. Things that may or may not ever get done. I don’t have anybody putting any pressure on me except myself, and my busy schedule. It makes it more complicated that I feel like I still can’t think straight. I can’t pick a starting place. I can’t multi-task like I’m used to doing. I can’t prioritize. It’s not a big deal, it’s just that I have to make a list….and then I have to work my to-do list around my increasingly active, incredibly smart, fearless daughter who is into everything, and testing every boundary that’s in place, and demanding instead of asking, and throwing temper tantrums you wouldn’t believe…you know…my toddler.

corn maze 5

Ah, but, such is life….

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll

ps. You’ll notice that the pictures are just from Saturday. That’s because I haven’t gotten that far into putting Sunday’s on my computer yet. Tomorrow…maybe I’ll have them for you tomorrow….

pps…While writing this blog, I got up to take care of Zoe, decided that now would be a good time to try and get Zoe’s costume together, ironed on the heat bond thing {which makes a great substitute…I just found that out}, accidently made the dress just a wee bit entirely too small, and now have to go buy some more fabric. See, this is what I’m talking about. I’m all over the place.


Mommy’s Little Helper

One thing about babyhood…it changes every day. A little shift here, another over here, and before you know it your little cuddle-bug

zoe's first month 946

Has become Mommy’s Little Helper.


And who can blame her really? I mean, we all know unloading the dishwasher is like the coolest job EVER!!! Look how excited she is. I would unload the dishwasher all day to see that face.


Then we help Mommy load up the dishwasher. And if by “help” you mean “try to get the sippy cups out of the dishwasher” then you’ve got the right idea.


Then we change up the game plan. Go in from the front.


And show Mommy the loot we’ve found.


By the way, carrying things around in her mouth is her new way of getting things from A to B…just like her big brother Hemmingway.

Then we pop a squat right there on the floor and celebrate a job well done.


Thanks for all the help Zoebear…you’re a great helper!