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monday afternoon

Monday I decided that I couldn’t look at dust particles for one more second. Not one. more. second. And when I get like that I go into crazy cleaning mode. It happens rarely. But when it happens….let’s just say Brad is lucky to come home to anything left in the house b/c I have a tendency to throw it all to the curb. And so out came the dust rag, the pledge and the Windex (I clean everything with Windex. Bathrooms, furniture, glass…everything) and I got down to business.

Two hours into this ordeal I was cleaning my room and Zoe was chilling out on the bed when I looked and she’d fallen asleep sitting up! Poor baby. So I thought “maybe she’ll let me put her in her crib????” (That has NEVER been successful for at nap time) And guess what, she did! I grabbed the opportunity to take a middle of the afternoon shower! I’d gotten myself pretty dirty dusting and cleaning and all. So utterly refreshing! And then I as I was taking a shower I thought about the mask that I bought when I was pregnant because I had to have it right then!! (I think I even made a special trip to the store) And there it sat, on the shelf, unused. Awesome.

Hello monday afternoon spa session! And so while Zoe was fast asleep I grabbed that mask and plopped it on my face. Another brilliant thought crossed my mind….my feet look like CRAP! Confession: I’m a flip flop kinda girl. Not, I have several pairs and I wear them occasionally. No. I wear them almost exclusively. I wear them when it’s 30 degrees outside. I wear them with dresses. I’ve worn them in the snow. When I worked I even bought “fancy” (read, had some rhinestones on them) ones so I could wear them with dress pants. And because I am a flip flop girl, my feet look like crap. I’ve accepted my fate. My husband has not. And so, in the middle of the afternoon, with a green avocado/oatmeal mask on my face and the “coffee house” radio station on TV, I grabbed my pedicure utensils and hopped on my bed. I felt like I was 16 again.

And then my daughter woke up. So she got to join me. How fun! She kept grabbing my toes while I was painting them. I accidentally got nail polish on her new outfit (SHOUT is a product every mother should have). And she laughed at my green face.

Yep, it was just like I was 16 again, except this time I had to pause to nurse.

btw…I didn’t get one more ounce of cleaning done monday afternoon….and I’m not sorry about it.

So what do you do to recharge? How do you refresh your batteries?