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A post, and some honeymoon pictures

{2 years ago Brad and I were having the time of our lives on our honeymoon. Today’s pictures are from that week.}
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Before I got married I had no clue what it meant. I mean, I knew that you get to do the hibbity dibbity, that you live with the same guy for the rest of your life, that you have a {hopefully} built in best friend for the rest of your life, and that it was going to be hard work but it would be worth it. I had no idea what that “work” would look like. I had no idea what living life with a guy meant. I had no clue…I just knew that we would figure it out, and that I had to marry Brad. And, let’s be honest, I was really just interested in the hibbity dibbity.

random 365
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I heard, somewhere, that your husband will never be your best girlfriend. That, yes, he can most definitely be your best friend, but he will never be a girlfriend…and don’t try to make him one. Well, that’s great. But, what they don’t say is that guys sometimes stink at conversations, especially those conversations where a girl needs a sounding board….and not a wall. I’m wrong. I know I’m wrong. I heard that before I got married too. I just wasn’t ready for it. I heard that guys are different. I heard that they see a problem and they just try to fix it. I heard that sometimes they just don’t know what to say, so they say nothing. I heard that it would be frustrating….I had no idea how frustrating it would be.

{Yosemite National Park…one of my dreams come true}
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{If you look close, you’ll see that I’m wearing a jacket because it’s cold…and flip flops}
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Last night I was driving home and I called Brad to let him know I was on my way. He knew by the tone in my voice I wasn’t ok. He asked me to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk about it because I knew that I wouldn’t get the response that I needed. But, he asked, and I had to give him a fair shot…right? So, I unloaded….everything. Every emotion that I will never be able to talk about or express to anybody else except for my husband, I talked about. I was yelling, I was cussing, I was crying….I was a hot mess. And do you know what I got in response?


Oh Lord have mercy, if that didn’t send me over the edge. I had to get off the phone before I started yelling at him. I wanted him to defend me. I wanted him to validate what I was going through. I wanted him to say something. And I got crickets. I spent the rest of the drive home fuming, using precious energy that should have been directed at the situation and instead was directed at my husband. The truth? I was looking for a fight. There’s probably nothing that Brad could’ve said that would’ve satisfied me on the phone. Any little mistake that he made on his end would have been cause for me to pick a fight. And the way my emotions were rolling, screw the mountain, I was about to make that molehill into World War III. I bet nobody told Brad that would come with marriage…. 😉

{Checking another baseball field off Brad’s bucket list…the reason we chose San Francisco instead of Lake Tahoe}
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{I was wearing 3 layers of clothes and I was FREEZING}
random 066

The drive was long enough that by the time I got home I knew {logically} that I was mad at Brad for something that wasn’t his fault. I knew {logically} that I was deflecting my emotions onto him. I knew {logically} that while it was true that we probably need to work on communication, and expectations in conversations, that wasn’t what I was mad about, and that it didn’t need to be addressed that night. But did I care? No. Did that stop me from being so ticked off that I couldn’t see straight? No. Did I still want a fight when I walked in the door? Yes. Would that have been fair? No.

{Napa Valley. Amazing.}
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{At the castle winery}
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So, I didn’t fight. I sat on the couch, fuming, crying, and fighting this massive fight in my brain with myself trying to talk myself out of being mad at my husband. The fun thing was that he knew the whole time what was going on. Typically, he’s clueless as to what’s going on when I’m upset about something. But this time, he knew on the phone that he wasn’t saying what I needed. I tried desperately to not take my anger out on him. I tried desperately to get back to neutral. He tried desperately to help me get there. I told him I wasn’t “really really” mad at him, that I was just looking for a fight. He told me he knew that. I told him that I wanted to call him back on the drive home and just let loose. He told me he knew that and that’s why he turned his phone off. I asked if he really did that. He said he turned the ringer down. I laughed. He told me that he was afraid I would go “all praying mantis” on him. I laughed. He told me that he’d heard that sometimes wives need a sounding board. I told him that was true, but that he was a wall. Then I apologized. Then I apologized again. Then I wasn’t mad anymore and could go to sleep. Then he told me that he loved me. Then I apologized again.

{Ghiradelli Square = the biggest waste of time, and a hike up a really big hill}
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This morning he sent me a text that said that he was crazy about me.

{One of my favorite pictures of him}
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{His favorite picture of me. We were at a VERY nice restaurant at the pier, I was wearing a little black dress, and I was about to dig in a delicious crab}
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I love that man so much. He is more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined….and that’s another thing that I didn’t know before I got married. I didn’t know how amazing it would be. I didn’t have a clue what it would feel like to be loved so selflessly by somebody who sees every part of me, and loves me sometimes despite myself. I didn’t know what it would feel like to be forgiven of all my flaws before I even ask for forgiveness. It’s amazing.


My Trip to Michigan by Zoe Grace

I think my mommy has told you this already, but I just went on my first big adventure. Well, maybe my third, but I was only 9 days old on my first one, and 3 months old on my second one…so, those don’t count. Besides, this time I got to go on a plane! From the ground I liked the planes well enough, but boy oh boy did they make me tired! I don’t remember much about the plane rides because I slept the whole time, but when we got to Michigan…which is a whole ‘nother state!…my tummy hurt pretty bad and I couldn’t eat for about two days. It was the pits. Mommy got pretty worried and I couldn’t sleep through the night, but by Monday I was all over my travel woes and ready to get the show on the road!

{My first full meal in Michigan, Monday lunch, I had to eat lots so that I could swim at the lake!}

Even though I was having trouble eating and sleeping, I was still pretty excited about our first few days. First things first we had a wedding to go to, Mommy’s friend Jason was getting married. I got to meet most of Mommy’s friends from Michigan, and the bride told me that I was pretty. I tried my best to be in a good mood, but it was hard. So, I mostly just hung out.

{Meeting the bride and groom. Obviously not my most shining moment}
{Mommy got me a whole plate of food with lots of options, but all I wanted was watermelon. She was so happy I ate something she didn’t even mind that I ruined my shirt.)

Then, the next day we were up and at ’em early so that we could go to breakfast with the interns. Mommy said that she used to be an intern, whatever that means. Anyways, I liked the people but my tummy still hurt. Oh, and Mommy dressed me in a summer outfit that I wear back home, but it was in the 60’s… Mommy didn’t know that. So, she had to buy me some warm clothes…and then Ms. Katie, she was an intern too, she bought me a ton of shoes and a toy, and some books, and some CANDY! She’s kinda cool.

{That’s Mr. Dave and Ms. Marie. They are in charge of the camp. They’re pretty cool.}
{That’s Mr. Greg. I loved him lots. He was Mommy’s real good friend when she lived up here. He was an intern too}

After breakfast I got to hang out with Ms. Katie and Ms. Carly. I liked them lots too. Ms. Carly danced with me in the backseat all the way to a cider mill. Have you ever been to a cider mill? It’s way cool. They have lots of trees, and then they make the apples turn to juice, and then you get to drink the juice with donuts. The donuts were my favorite part. Mommy’s favorite was the photo shoot. She took tons of pictures and Ms. Katie took even more. Mommy says I’m supposed to tell you that she’s going to show you lots of pictures from that shoot later, but right now I get to tell the story, and I only want to show a few.

{I got to swing on a swing all by myself}
{Mommy put me in a tree to get a picture}

Then we left the cider mill and went to a baby shower for some of Mommy’s other friends. The coolest thing about the shower, in my opinion, was that Yirah was there. Mommy knew Yirah’s mommy and daddy when she lived in Michigan, and they had Yirah two weeks after I was born…so, we’re kinda growing up together, in a virtual kind of way. I liked her lots. She could walk…that was really cool. Oh. And I got to meet the fabulous Jason B…he’s one heck of a cool guy. And ladies? He’s single too…he’s a little to old for me though.


After that busy weekend, we rested up a bit Monday morning and prepared for the wedding. Well, actually, just Mommy and Erynn prepared for the wedding, I was just along for the ride. Mostly, I just got to hang out wherever they were. On Tuesday the people from France got there and they loved me. I thought they were pretty cool. I tried to let them know by changing my babble and creating a new form of jibberish just for them. Mommy thinks I was trying to talk in French to them…don’t tell her, but she’s right. French is a really pretty language, I think I’m going to take it in high school. Did you know that they make to take a foreign language in high school? Weird. Anyways, they helped Mommy take care of me because Daddy wasn’t there. Daddy had to stay in Florida so that he could work, but he called me lots and lots every day and we talked over the phone.

{Mommy and Aunt Erynn took me to feed ducks. I thought the animal crackers were for me.}
{I got to spend lots of time laughing and playing with Aunt Erynn, especially when I woke up at 6:30 every morning. Mommy doesn’t like waking up early, so if Aunt Erynn was up I would hang out with her}
{We had a cookout on Wednesday and Mr. Myron came over. It was a pretty great night, except I was up pretty late. About halfway through dinner Mommy took me for my bath in the sink and then put me to bed. I stayed up past bedtime way too much on this trip. Oh, starting with the guy on the end, that’s Mr. Tony…Erynn’s dad, then Adam her brother, Aunt Erynn, me in the corner sitting next to Mr. Myron, Eleanor is by him but I don’t think you can see her, then Caroline…Eleanor’s mommy, then Molly and finally Penny..Mr. Tony’s wife}
{Starting on Monday I wanted to walk everywhere that I went, except I don’t know how, so I had people help me…like Eleanor.}
{I helped Mommy clean out the get away car for Aunt Erynn and Josiah. I was a good helper. I stood in the front seat and ate fries and dropped them all over the place. Mommy laughed at me lots…she thinks I’m funny.}
{On Friday we stopped by to help Aunt Erynn get ready for her big day. I got to play in a hay field and play with lots of the Bennett’s.}

And then, before I knew it, it was already Saturday and time for the big event. Aunt Erynn was beautiful. I thought her dress was really pretty, but I was in a pretty bad mood because I didn’t take a nap. I got to hang out with Ms. Carly again, she’s really cool, and pretty fun. She took good care of me while Mommy was helping Aunt Erynn. And then I took a nap for her at about 4. The next thing I knew, Mommy was there to wake me up and I got to hang out with her the rest of the night at the wedding. Because it was a special event she let me stay up way way way past my bedtime that night! It thought that was pretty awesome, and I even slept in all the way to 7 the next morning to thank her for it!

{I lost my pants because I maybe had an accident in my skirt and my mommy couldn’t find anymore pants. But, later Ms. Carly found them for me}

And then, in the blink of an eye, it was Sunday. The day I got to fly again. The day I got to see my Daddy! Mommy bought me a pretty pair of sparkly ruby red slippers that I was supposed to wear on the plane ride home, and then we were going to show Daddy my new trick of walking while I hold her hand, except I didn’t much like the shoes so I kicked them off…and our plane got here early, so Daddy was still in the car when we got to the airport. I saw him as soon as we walked into the baggage claim area and Mommy couldn’t hardly hold me anymore I was so happy to see him. He held me and kissed me, and I laughed and laughed. I was with my Daddy again! Michigan was awesome, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as being with my Daddy….and getting to play with all my toys again. Hemmingway’s not too bad either.

{Monday Mommy took me to see Daddy at lunch because I already missed him again. But really, Mommy was missing him pretty bad…so that’s why we went}