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I just can’t help myself

I’ve been trying to wait to write anymore workout blogs until I get my weight-loss blog up and running. But, ya’ll…I just can’t help myself. I took a class yesterday that KICKED MY ASS BUTT! So, because of the crazy week and our schedule all out of whack I’m going to gym in the evenings. My friend {who is also doing VBS} and I picked 3 classes in the evenings that we could go to. This particular class is called Cx30, which translates to Core for 30 minutes. Holy.Freaking.Crap. I would love for this to be a really funny post…but I don’t think I’ve recovered enough to be funny. That’s how hard this class was.

I got there a little bit early to make sure that I was able to get 2 spots together. Mats. Towel. Water. Crazy stretchy bands. Got it. There were a few other early birds and we were all asking each other what we’d gotten ourselves into. None of us knew because we were all first-timers. Yikes. The instructor came in and started talking to the newbies. She explained that we just needed to “hang in there and do the best we can. And that the good news is that the class only lasts for 30 minutes.” Now, I don’t know about you…but when a teacher says that it’s terrifying. Oh, and she also started talking about how long we would be “hovering”. Hovering? She talked about it like it was a really hard thing. And we were going to push ourselves to see how long we could hover. I definitely raised my hand to ask what “hovering” was. Turns out it was exactly what I thought. Hovering is just a fancy word for doing the plank.

Class gets started with a warm-up. Again, you know it’s a bad sign if you start sweating during the warm-up. I can’t even begin to remember all the different exercises that we did. I just know that 10 minutes in I wanted to die. Lucky for me, I was towards the back but DIRECTLY in front of the teacher. Awesome. So, when she’s saying “Hang in there” and she’s looking directly at you during the 2 minute hover and you’re on your knees because you want to DIE…you know that she’s talking to you. And, by the way, the phrase “we’re almost done” is not a true statement if you still have 1 minute left of a song. When you’re on one elbow and one leg, sideways, with your hips off the ground, and you’re stretching your free hand and leg out and then bringing them together at your belly button…1 minute is an ETERNITY. Tell me I’m almost done when I have 20 seconds left.

I don’t even know if I can create a good word picture for how hard this class was. But, let’s just say that sweat was dripping off my face, off my elbows {what the CRAP?!?!} and there was a solid patch of STOMACH SWEAT on my mat. Oh.Lord.Jesus…that’s disgusting. At one point I just laid on my mat while the rest of the class did the exercises. Speaking of exercises, we did every core exercise you can imagine, and some you probably can’t. We did a bajillion crunches in every which way, legs lifts, rotating legs, legs to the side, legs like ice cream scoops, legs out, that damn plank thing, a side plank {that’s what I was describing earlier}, obliques, this stomach thing where you lay on your stomach and lift your legs, then your chest, then both. My favorite exercise {not} was when we used the stretchy chord thing, looped it around one foot, under the other, and then across your hips and did like these one-legged squats {why the HELL do all these teachers make you do so many squats?!?!?!} and side leg lifts, and back leg lifts {works the bum}, regular squats {but somehow they made me feel like a sumo wrestler}, then worked obliques by pulling the chord all the way across our body into a straight diagonal up to our ears. And, can somebody please tell me why squats and lunges are considered CORE exercises? Aren’t those your legs? I mean..I know they help with balance and stuff…but Good Lord!

It was intense. My friend, who has been a dancer all her life and LOVES a good burn, loved the great workout. I wanted to die. I had to go straight to church after class {like no changing, no shower…straight to church} and when I walked in the door one of my friends looked at me, laughed, and said “How was the gym.” I said, “It was He…” and then stopped myself when I realized I was about to cuss at church and there were kids around. Whoops.

So…today my whole body is incredibly sore from both Bodypump and Cx30. I would love to NOT go to the gym today. I would love to just sit on my couch and eat some of that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream that’s in my freezer. But, I’m gonna go. Wish me luck.

Btw..I’ve narrowed the new blog down to 3 names: Diary of a Weigh-loss Virgin, Operation Skinny Jeans, or Finding Mini-Me. I’m leaning towards Diary of a Weigh-Loss Virgin…what do you think?

What did you do last night? Please tell me you had more fun than I did =)


I’m in the Spotlight!!!

Hey! Guess what???? Today is the big day! It’s my first spotlight on another blog!!!! Heck to the yes! I feel all “official” and everything now. So…go check me out, in the Mom Spotlight on Chasing Supermom….

Chasing Supermom