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Dinner Time

Real conversation that happened in my house yesterday:

Brad: So, what are you cooking for dinner?
Me: Is that a joke?
Brad: Um, no? Didn’t you say that you were going to do something with that chicken?
Me: Oh crap. Yeah. What do you want me to do with it?
Brad: I don’t know. I thought you were cooking dinner.
Me: Well…{quick glance through fridge/freezer/cupboards} I guess I could throw it in some mac n cheese and toss in some green beans. Or do you want corn? Does that sound ok?
Brad: uhhhhhh…..sure?

See, here’s the deal. I don’t cook. I used to cook but then I married a restaurant manager and I haven’t cooked since. Brad does the grocery shopping, has a planned menu for the week by Sunday, and kicks me out of the kitchen at approximately 5:15ish every night. Then roughly 1 hour later I am served a delicious, carefully prepared, beautifully presented, balanced meal, drink and all. Some nights it’s chicken alfredo garnished with tomatoes, some nights it’s London broil with baked potatoes and green beans {that was a few days ago}, occasionally it’s fresh fish with rice and a vegetable. Brad cooks. I concoct.

I cook like my father, who, by the way, is a wonderful cook. But there are two very key elements to our cooking 1) there is never, ever a plan, and 2) you use what you have on hand. The end is always a surprise. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I guess, thinking about it now, I cook the way I live.

Let’s go back to dinner last night for a second. A few grocery trips ago I had this genius idea that if I buy a whole chicken I can cook it and then use the meat for several different dishes. It’s like $4 for a whole chicken…so that’s like 3 meals for $4…pretty genius, if I do say so myself. Except, Brad doesn’t cook casseroles and I never cook. Which means that it sat in our freezer for like 3 weeks, and then in our fridge til it thawed. Then I cooked it. The next day I made casserole #1, and then it sat in our fridge. A few days later Brad used some of it for some chicken “spaghetti”, but with Penne noodles {with Italian dishes we typically use whatever noodles we have on hand}. Then it sat in our fridge. We were getting to the end of it being usable…so I had to cook it. Pronto.

After my assessment of our cupboards I quickly realized that I could either 1) cook the same meal Brad did just a few days ago, or 2) make a concoction….what do you think I did?

I’m not going to show you pictures of the meat b/c that’s gross. But I took the meat, tossed in some green beans, and mixed it all into Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese


Then, a second glance into the cupboards reveled Ritz crackers. Only one problem, they were “Honey Butter” flavored. Last time I checked that didn’t go too well with chicken/mac n cheese/green beans. But I’m pretty quick on my toes…so I crumbled them up, added some garlic salt and pepper and a little bit of melted butter.


And then I sprinkled that concoction on top of my other concoction. Threw it in the oven for, I think, 30 minutes….and then…tada! Dinner, is served.


You’re welcome, America.

Sorry…you have to know that I’ve been internally laughing the entire time that I have been writing this post. Brad is laughing at me too. But he’s laughing because he thinks it’s completely ridiculous that I took pictures of last nights dinner. Which, of course, he is correct in thinking. Anyways. While I was slaving away in the kitchen…here’s what my little girl was doing.



So…what did you cook for dinner last night? Did you cook? Or do you have somebody who cooks for you? Or, did you just say “screw it” and have peanut butter and jelly? OR…are you a really good cook and you want to give me your favorite recipes???? Cause I’ll take ’em…I will!



“Can I cash in a dinner coupon for breakfast” – Brad Harvin 7:20 am

“Sure you can” – me 7:20 am

“No. I don’t want to. I’ll cook breakfast” – Brad

“No. I’ll cook breakfast” – me

And then I tried to get out of bed. But he wouldn’t let me. I wiggled free and raced towards the door. He was right behind me. Fighting me making breakfast for him. Can you believe that???? What man in his right mind fights his wife trying to cook him breakfast while he stays in bed with the baby. I mean, really???? Actually, I can think of a couple reasons why he would fight me. First, he typically does everything. And by everything, I mean everything…well, other than nurse the baby 😉 Anyways. It’s hard for him to let me do anything for him. Second, and probably most important, the last time I cooked breakfast (2 years ago) I almost burned the kitchen down. Literally. Brad walked into the kitchen at the exact moment that I accidentally caught the roll of paper towels on fire while simultaneously burning the bacon. Whoops! I mean, seriously, the way I cook around this man you wouldn’t have a CLUE that I actually have some talent in the kitchen….I turn into a bumbling idiot.

But this morning I won a chance to redeem myself! Bacon, eggs, toast coming right up! Well, kinda. The first 3 pieces of bacon went to the dogs (but I haven’t told Brad yet, so ssshhhh!) It didn’t turn out gourmet, but it was edible. Hot diggity dog! Maybe my cooking mojo is coming back!