Post number 237 {Because I don’t have a catchier title}

** I posted yesterday’s post today, and just didn’t really advertise it. Feel free to check it out here **

Can I tell you what’s amazing? A random phone call with a friend that turns into a trip to the zoo.

That happened yesterday morning, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Driving to the zoo I could feel the stress melt off of my shoulders, and as we strolled along the sidewalks, looking at lions and spider monkeys {except they’re really called squirrel monkeys} and penguins {oh my!}, it was as if the past few days never happened. Without the stress, I could make sense of everything. I could focus. I could listen to people who know way more about homeopathic remedies than I do. And I could tell myself over and over again, “This is just an allergy, not a debilitating disease. Everything is still OK. No big deal.”… and I could lisen to those words and really soak them in.

Yesterday Brad got home from work exhausted, I’ve been in a state of exhaustion the past few days, and I had a “cookie exchange” that I had to go to… so we just went to grab a quick bite at this restaurant we had a coupon to. We had another one of those “frozen” moments. Everything on the menu had cheese or a milk based topping on it. Everything. Literally. It just hit home again, how wide-sweeping this month is going to be.

I left Zoe with Brad and headed to my “cookie exchange”, by which I mean, I brought a bag of baking stuff with me in case I was able to work up the energy to actually bake. I didn’t. I sat on the couch and talked to my friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and just relaxed. It was wonderful. I left with more energy than I came with, I love when that happens.

Today, Zoe and I are going to take a field trip to Native Sun. We’re buying some probiotics and some green powder thing that I can put in her smoothies. And, really, I’m just going to get my bearings… Then we’re going to finish Brad’s present, and pick up some Christmas decorations that are on sale. It should be another low-key day…. which is exactly what Zoe needs.

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!

PS…Christmas is in 3 days and a wake up!!!!!!


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