Christmas Round 1, and life lessons

I’m sitting here trying to type a happy, upbeat post about our first round of Christmas with my family, Zoe’s new found love of painting, and the crazy amount of loot that girl came home with {not to mention my a-m-a-z-i-n-g trashcan…holla!}. But, none of that is leaving my brain and finding my fingertips right now.

Painting 4

Because I’m thinking about snot, and gluten, and chiropractors, and being totally out of my league.

I mentioned to Brad on Friday that I didn’t think Zoe was feeling to great, and that Saturday might be a rough day. At the time, she was looking great… but I just had this feeling. Sure enough, Saturday she woke up congested, coughing her brains out, and was running a slight fever. When I called my friend to cancel coming over, she said, “Gosh, she doesn’t even go to daycare, but she’s sick ALL the time”. I know. She is.

Painting 3

It seems like we go through this “cold” every single time that she cuts a tooth, and I can’t remember a month where she wasn’t sick, or coughing since last spring. It’s frustrating. It’s draining. It breaks my heart. My limit was Saturday, after waking up from her nap with a 103.4 fever, and coughing so hard that she puked. I put her in a colder than lukewarm bath and called a friend. I’m not even sure I said “hello”. I just said, “103.4, tell me what to do”. That night was Christmas at my parents house, and so once we got the fever down we headed over there.

Sunday morning, after getting only 2 hours of sleep, I headed to church because I had to work in the nursery. I was exhausted. I was worried about my girl. I was sick of her being sick. I just wanted to be sick for her, so she wouldn’t have to be miserable anymore. The lady that I work for at the foundation came up to talk to me, she’s extremely knowledgeable about medicine, homeopathic remedies, symptoms…all that stuff. She’s told me for a while that she thinks Zoe’s allergic to something because her cough never leaves and the mucus-y sound in her chest. I don’t really know anything about allergies, there’s no allergies on my side of the family or Brad’s…so, honestly, I kinda brushed if off because it was so foreign to me. Well, Sunday, I was desperate enough to listen.

Painting 2

A few months ago when I took Zoe to her Dr’s, I told her that allergies might be the problem. The conversation that ensued overwhelmed me even more. I left thinking that the nurse wanted me to take her off gluten, dairy, eggs, and corn. Again, I did nothing. I was also told to take Zoe to a chiropractor to help with the fluid in her ears. I don’t flow in the granola lingo. That shit is a little too granola for me.

It’s not anymore.

After my conversation with my boss I decided to eliminate wheat/gluten from Zoe’s diet for 1 month to see if the cough goes away. It’s just my gut instinct. After she left I was talking to the other nursery supervisor telling her what the baseline reason might be, and she said that she was allergic to gluten and calmed my nerves about how hard it was going to be. In the middle of the conversation she said that if she eats something with gluten in it her ears itch.

Painting 1

Zoe has tugged at her ears since last spring.

I almost couldn’t breath. Granted, I was going on 2 hours of sleep. But, I felt like I had been shoving food down my daughter’s throat that was making her feel awful, weakening her immune system, and creating all this sickness. Again… I’d only had 2 hours of sleep.

Santa 2011

So, we’re wheat-free/gluten-free in the house now. Meaning, I’m trying to find things in my cupboard that don’t have wheat/gluten in them… and we’re going to the store later. We have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow. I’ve never gone to a chiropractor, and I’m taking my daughter.

I’m turning granola….shoot me now

PS. Just a quick update… apparently, my dad, my sister, and the twins are/were allergic to milk. Who knew? Dairy is what my boss at the foundation thought it was too. We might do a switcheroo and try that one first. Stay tuned.

PPS. I mentioned that Zoe had a fever on Saturday, that’s directly related to teething…not allergies. We’re dealing with the combined effects of both right now.

PPPS. I’m about to send Brad up into the attic to see if we have mold from the leak{s} in our roof, and trying desperately hard not to pull up the carpet and give away all of the animals on the off chance that Zoe could be allergic to dust.

One step at a time….


12 responses to “Christmas Round 1, and life lessons

  1. Ok take some deep breaths! There are a bazillion websites that can help you, with that transition. You can still eat super yummy! is a great one!
    Another thing could be things in your carpet…. do you have carpet ? Carpet in your home is one of the most toxic things in your home. She is crawling, walking and sitting on it all day long.
    Praying for your sweet princess.

  2. Tell me what you find out because our zoey gets a lot of colds too–especially when she’s teething. And now, after reading your post, I’m wondering if it might be something else with her too….

  3. I pink puffy heart the chiropractor & my hubby thinks they’re voodoo & witch doctors (not meaning to offend anyone, my hubby doesn’t believe is all I’m sayin’). I think it would be very hard to be gluten free, but if it works, go for it! My son threw up a lot & was conjested for the 1st 2 years of his life. He also had ear infections for most of that time, until he had his tubes put in at age 23 months. The change in him was amazing after that. Wierd I know. I hope you find some answers for Zoey & momma’s sake! =) Happy holidays!

  4. I totally understand the overwhelming feeling that you get when you learn/think that your kid has allergies. If you need help with gluten-free, dairy-free products, what to look for on labels, etc., please please email me. I’d love to answer any questions you have–or whatever questions you don’t yet know to ask. youngmarriedmom [at] gmail [dot] com. The most important thing to know is IT IS DOABLE. You can do this. Don’t worry about not recognizing symptoms before; what’s important is how you respond now. My prayers are with you!

    • I thought about you and Jacob today several times. I don’t know how you do/did it, except for that I know mothers would do anything for their kids. Once I get a little more into this, and I know what questions to ask, I’ll for sure be emailing you!

  5. Not sure if you’re aware, but my sis-in-law has a great blog with TONS of recipes for special diets. Gabby is allergic to so many things (eggs, peanuts, wheat, dairy, soy, cod fish, tree nuts, seeds) that Dawn really has to stretch her imagination and cooking talents to make healthy, edible items for the family. I just checked her site and she lists a recipe for “Sunday Morning Pumpkin Pie Pancakes – Gluten, Egg and Dairy Free!”
    You might want to check it out!

  6. Okay, great, except that I wrote my email address wrong-ha! Youngmarriedmomblog [at] gmail [dot] com. Anytime, anything, let me know. Happy to help! It totally freaked me out, but we’re doing it and I have a giant, healthy, happy baby to prove it!

  7. Are there tests that they can run for her at the dr’s to find out what she is allergic to? Allergies scare the HECK out of me, but I 100% know that you shouldn’t be blaming yourself for any of this!

    • yeah… but we have to wait for her to get a little bit older. Apparently kids her age have a greater chance of false testing. If we go through 2 months of eliminating foods and it doesn’t work, then we’re going to just take our chances.

  8. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m highly allergic to dairy – as in all milk products including whey, casein, lactic acid, etc. It is frustrating as all heck sometimes – mostly when it comes to eating out at a restaurant or another person’s home. The chest congestion reminds me a little of asthma – which of course I’m praying that she doesn’t have and you guys find out the root cause. I used to be sick – congestion, fever, incessant coughing that makes me gag – all the time before I got on allergy & asthma meds. Actually…… any time I catch anything, including an allergy flair-up, I get those symptoms. I was sick in August for a month because of it. You’ve gotten GREAT advice so far…ps I go to the chiropractor as well & it helps me A LOT with my allergies & asthma. Praying for your girl & for you & Brad, I know it’s not an easy time right now.

  9. This sounds a lot like my son Tristan, who is now 14. As a baby and young child, he was always coughing, sneezing, itching, snotty, and running a fever, and wheezing. We were told it was asthma becasue he was always “croupy” and catching pneumonia a lot. For the first seven years of his life, he was in the doctors office every four to six weeks or so. We did not find out what it was until he was 8. Oh, how that child suffered! We moved and found a new doctor who took my concerns seriously. They suggested we have him tested for allergens and it turned out he is allergic to everything environmental. He did allergy treatment for 2-1/2 years and is finally doing better. He is allergic to cats, dogs, horses, cattle, grass, plants, trees, dust, and so on and so on. I hate to say it, but she may be allergic to your dogs. For sure have her allergy tested. It will be so hard….on you…..but you will be so glad when you finally have some answers and your sweet Zoe will have some relief. Good luck!!

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