10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

*I should preface this by saying “unless you’re a really close friend”, cause then you’d probably know most of it*

1) When I was in the second grade I looked at a map and picked Michigan as my favorite state. To this day, there’s no place I’d rather live.

2) When I lived in Michigan, I read books written by people who lived in the Northwest. Now I find myself daydreaming about living on the West coast. Maybe someday that’ll happen.

3) I can tell you the exact moment I stopped liking Disney World. I was in Africa on a mission trip, and my friends and I were at a lodge buying a ticket to go white-water rafting down the Zambezi river. I’d also read about that in a book while I was in Michigan, and 2 years later, in a situation completely out of my hands, I found myself on the banks of the river about to have the adventure of a lifetime. The lodge we were at looked eerily familiar, almost as if I’d been there before. Except, I knew that I hadn’t because I was in Africa. The thatched roof. The foliage. The monkeys swinging from trees. It was like deja vu. Then it hit me, I had “been” there before… at Disney. I felt robbed. And so, while I still appreciate the intricacy of Disney’s “lands”… I no longer get caught up in the wonder of it all. I see it for what it is, a very good copy.

4) Yellow is my very favorite color. Not pink. Not the blue that I’ve been obsessed with for the past 3 years. Yellow. Why? Because it’s the color of happy… you can’t be depressed in a yellow room.

5) I am obsessed with my child dancing, which basically means that I will subject myself to watching Baby Einstein’s World of Music once a day so that I can see her dancing around the living room. It’s one of the simple joys in my life.

6) I can be slightly OCD about how my closet looks. I’m not OCD about anything else in my life, but I like my closet in a certain way. It comes from siblings stealing clothes from me, and me setting up “traps” to catch them. When Brad and I first got married it drove me crazy how he would put my clothes up anywhere. We finally reached the agreement that he could wash my clothes, but he was not going to hang them up.

7) I am not a fan of autographs. I realized this yesterday while sitting at a table with some NFL football players and watching the lines of people come up for an autograph. I don’t get it. Pardon the expression, but, they poop the same way you and I do. I like to meet people. I’d probably get a picture with somebody if I found them interesting, but an autograph? The exception to this would be a book signed by the author, Regis, or Kelly. I think. I don’t know. I really don’t get all bent out of shape about “celebrity” stuff. They’re people.

8 ) I wear a size 12 shoe. This fact alone has kept any shoe fetish that I might have at bay. For the most part, Payless is the only store that consistently carries my size.

9) I don’t trust online shopping. Other than when I was in college and bought my books on half.com, I rarely, if ever, buy anything online. I realize that I live in the 21st century, and that eventually it might feel natural to buy stuff online. But, honestly, I don’t even consider it as an option right now. I just don’t think to look.

10) I taught myself to type when I was 14, writing a 6 page letter to Prince William. I was 18 before I knew what a “link” was on the internet. Also when I was 18, I had a friend set up an email account for me. When I was 23, I had a friend set up a MySpace account for me. He also had to change my backgrounds when I got tired of the one I had. When I was 25, I had another friend set up my Facebook account. When I was 25, I had another friend set up another email account for me. When I was 29, I bought my own domain name. Before I’m 30, I’m going to have my own website, and I’m going to teach myself as much HTML code as I need to know to have it looking pretty.

And, that’s that! What about you??? Tell me some fun facts about yourself….

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!


5 responses to “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

  1. I love this too fun 😉
    I wear a size 13 shoe so payless is my bff.
    I always growing up wanted to be a doctor or an actress. Now I want to do neither.
    I worked 4 years as a life guard and water therapy instructor.
    I lived the first 15 yrs of our marriage with wite walls now all walls have color.
    I want to learn to paint but not sure how that will go since I am a perfectionist and tend to be hardest on myself

  2. You totally don’t need HTML to make anything look pretty anymore. That’s just simple coding. 😉 You just need a tool that will allow you to do it.

    Hi, I’m Kat and I’m a computer geek 🙂

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