Our Weekened at “The Happiest Place on Earth”

Ok… so before we go any further into this, we only camped at Disney World. We never set foot into a park… thank you Jesus. We stayed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, and had ourselves a wonderful time. My parents told me that it was 5-star camping…and they weren’t exaggerating.

They had the best showers I’ve EVER seen at a campground.

I never wanted to leave. The shower, that is.

We got there Friday night at my dad had our tent all set up {awesome}, and so we just got to hang out ’til way past our bedtime {almost 1:30am…what the HECK were we thinking???} with my parents and Jamielynn and Travis. Our campsite was in the same circle as the RV site that I dubbed “The North Pole”. Apparently, people get really into their decorations at this campground. And I mean, REALLY into their decorations. {If I was on top of things I would actually have photos to show you of the campsites, but… I’m not}. The North Pole was decked out to the hilt, there was even a Santa in a helicopter on the top of the RV. It was wild.


Saturday we did what any good camper would do. Nothing. We lounged around in camp chairs, drinking coffee {or diet coke}, playing with Zoe, laughing over nothing, and eating a delicious breakfast my dad cooked. My dad suggested that we go for a bike ride, so we did. We rode up to the stables {this is Disney} to see the Clydesdale horses and some more Christmas decorations. Then my mom suggested that we take Zoe to see the giraffes and zebras at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. This is where the day the gets a little *fun*.

Saturday Morning

Let’s back up a bit. If you’ve never been to Disney, you need to know that there’s a mass transit system within Disney made up of buses, monorails, and water taxis. Almost everything takes you almost everywhere, but you have to know where you’re going and how to get there, and where your connections are. We didn’t. And we were stuck in Disney transit hell for 4 hours. I’m not kidding you. From the time that we left the campsite until the time that we got back was 4 hours, we were at the {wrong}Animal Kingdom Lodge for 20 minutes. This shindig took place during lunch and what would have been Zoe’s nap. We all did great. We all had fun. It was exhausting, and I would never do that again. But? Zoe loved those zebras.

stuck in transit hell

animal kingdom lodge

When we got back we picked up the golf cart that my parents rented {again, this is Disney} and met Jess and Ryan. That golf cart was one of my very favorite things about the day. I had an unhealthy obsession with it. It was seriously a really good time. Really good time. And, we weren’t even wild on it. I mean… not that wild on it. We went back down to the horses, up through different circles, and all around the massive campground. There were fun times had by all.

My parents gave us the option of going “out on the town” {translation: taking a bus to Downtown Disney} and while that would’ve been fun, we opted to stay at the campsite and grill out the steaks that my dad bought. You have to have steaks when you camp. It’s a rule. Then we went to go see the Christmas lights again. {Like I said, people went a little bit nutso over these lights and it was definitely worth the golf cart ride to gawk over their creations}. And capped the night off with Banana Boats, a.k.a, the most delicious campground treat you could ever put into your mouth. Not that I’m biased or anything.

saturday night

Sunday morning we ate a delicious breakfast at the Trails End restaurant there in the campground, and then headed off to see the Gingerbread house at The Grand Floridian. On the way to the Grand, we had to make a connection {water taxi to monorail} at The Contemporary. That hotel is definitely impressive. I would stay there, for sure. Although, I stay at Holiday Inns… so I’m not exactly what you would call a “hotel snob”. But, that was a nice hotel. The Grand Floridian though, that took my breath away. It was incredible. Massive. Beautiful. Posh. I wanted to sit in one of their cabanas for the whole day. And here’s the thing. You can. Word to the wise? If you stay at one of the hotels on the premise of Walt Disney World Resorts you can go to any of the resorts on the premise AND you can use all of their amenities {I think} for free. At the very least, you can pool hop. That’s what I care about. They have some pretty incredible pools at those hotels.


Our trip ended right after the Grand Floridian because we had to get back to Jax for our niece’s first brithday party {which we didn’t make it back in time for}. So we headed back to pack up our site, said our goodbyes, and then made the short trek back home.

Overall, there was laughter, good food, the sound of birds chirping as you wake up in the morning, golf carts, laughter, water taxis, extravagant Christmas lights, laughter, lots of pictures, family, great weather, laughter, great memories, a trip to Publix I’ll never forget, campfires, banana boats, and more laughter.

It was a great weekend… I’m already trying to figure out when I can go back.

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

PS. check out this site. It’s mind-boggling

PPS. I don’t know what was better: the dog’s reaction when we came home, or Zoe’s reaction to being home. They were both amazing.


10 responses to “Our Weekened at “The Happiest Place on Earth”

  1. Looks like you guys had a fun time! I am totally jealous of Brad being able to wear shorts still. Looks like I need to move farther south. It was so cold here this pst weekend.

    • oh… we broke a sweat both days we were down there. It’s still ridiculous here. Today was in the 50’s, that was nice.

  2. How did Zoe do sleeping in the camp site? How did yall do that? Pack and Play? 🙂 Sorry to ask so many questions, we want to go camping but I have been worried it would be AWFUL with my little one. ( He is just a little older than Zoe, he is 18(almost 19) months )

    • Ask all the questions you want! Zoe slept in a pack n play in my parents RV. But, we have a 7 person tent with plenty of space to set up her pack n play… so if I knew that the weather was going to be above 70 at night, I’d totally be up for that. Actually, we’ll probably do that in the spring. Zoe did GREAT around the campsite. I don’t know if you can see it in any of the pictures, but my dad built a little fence and put some turf carpet down…. it was genius.

  3. Ok so Disney campground is our absolutely favorit place. We do it all rv golf cart and no going tO the parks once a year (very merry Christmas ). So much fun

  4. Great pics Rebecca! You have such a wonderful family! : )

  5. What’s a banana boat?

    • A banana boat is a banana, filled with ooey goey goodness. It can be practically anything you’d like… but I make mine with peanut butter, chocolate, and marshmallows. Here’s how:

      1) Hold the banana like it’s a boat and squeeze at the tip in order to peel off just the top portion, but leaving it still attached. This is the trickiest part of the whole ordeal. I don’t know why, but people screw this up every time. You want that whole section of peel on the top peeled off, but the whole rest of the banana still in the peel.

      2) Leaving everything else the same, slice the banana straight down the center and then use your fingers to separate the sides. You want the middle of the banana hollow so that you can fill it.

      3) I like the first layer to be peanut butter because then everything will stick to it. You do it however you want. My layers go {tons} of peanut butter, lots of chocolate, marshmallows.

      4) Flip the peel back over the banana to keep all your deliciousness inside.

      5) Wrap the banana in foil {I put the banana on a piece of foil at step 2, not necessary, but it helps}, place it in hot coals for…eh.. about 5 minutes {give or take}. The goal is to get the goey stuff goey.

      6) Enjoy!

  6. You camped with a baby? I am so impressed I barely have words. ps- LOVE banana boats.

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