Shaking off those Monday Blues

I don’t even know where to start with this post! Do I start with our {fabulous} weekend? Or the 2 hours of straight-freaking-cardio that I did this morning? Or do I start with the little successes along the way? Let’s start with the weekend, and go from there…. shall we?

{I know this is blurry, but I absolutely love this one}

Last Monday night when we were putting up our decorations, my ever so sweet husband who HATES decorating and everything that goes with it, suggested that we decorate my mom’s house for Christmas. I quickly told him that he had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he insisted, and then he convinced my sisters and their significant others to come along. That means that my older sister Jess was going to be doing this on her birthday… and she was happy about it. Ya’ll… my family is amazing. Sometimes slightly dysfunctional, but amazing nonetheless.

So, Saturday bright and early we headed out to The Cove where my parents live and got started. I’ll spare you the details, but my mother has boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. Brad didn’t complain not one time. He just worked his little tush off. Jamielynn showed up right about the time we decided that we should deep clean for my mom too, and so she and her ‘friend’ got right to it, scrubbing and mopping. They worked their little tushes off too. They stayed for about 1 1/2 hours, then left. My dad came back from bringing my mom food and he got to work outside doing some projects my mom’s been wanting done. He worked his little tush off too. Then Jess and Ryan showed up, and they got right to work on the tree. The 9ft tall tree. Wanna know the freaking amazing thing about Ryan being 6’9″? For the first time in a decade, we didn’t need a chair to reach the top! My family is tall… 5’11” {me and Jess} is the shortest height you’ll find among us. But, that was seriously cool. Well done, Ryan. They put that tree up {lights and all} in 1 hour. They worked their little tushes off too! And that left me… I did all the decorating. Between all of us, we got that house looking very merry.


When my mom came in the house she started sobbing. I caught it on camera, but she would KILL me if I put it on my blog. But, let’s just say it was an awesome reaction. She was literally in shock.

I went to bed Saturday night, completely exhausted, and fully convinced that I’d married the most amazing man on the face of the planet. Seriously. I did. He is such a giver. He loves people so well. He gave my mother a present that she’ll never forget… I fell in love with him all over again.

Sunday we did absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful. I wasn’t working at church and so we just took the weekend off. It’s good to do that every once in a while. At 4:30 I had a family photo shoot lined up, so we ran to the store to get a few props. I bought 2, but only used one. The best thing about the shoot was that I felt confident the whole time. I felt confident with my camera. I felt confident with the poses. I felt confident with the lighting. I felt confident with my energy level and how I was working with the family. It was great… it was just the boost I needed.

family collage

This morning I was supposed to meet Kim at the gym for BodyAttack. For those of you who don’t know… BodyAttack is potentially my LEAST favorite class that I take, and for that reason, I stopped going to it for several months. However, BodyAttack attacks your body… hard core. It’s go go go the whole time that you’re in there, you’re doing cardio, plyometrics {is that the right way to say that? The P90X stuff}, abs the whole time, lunges… there’s no muscle group left untouched. It ended up that Kim couldn’t make it, so there I was at 8:30 in the morning, in a class that I hate, working my butt off. And, you know what? It was OK. I did it. I occasionally had fun. If I forget about how I feel like I’m dying… I can enjoy the moves. My favorite part of the class? Jamie. Hands down. She’s the instructor, and she’s a natural born cheerleader. She has the most encouraging spirit…and it’s just what you need to keep going when you want to quit. Oh…and? She totally gave Operation Skinny Jeans a shout out in the middle of class! Holla!

Then, I took a quick little break {10 minutes} and headed back in for BodyJam with Joye. So fun! I haven’t done that class in like a month because I really didn’t like the new release {so I just made excuses to not go}. But, Joye totally mixed it up and we had a BLAST! Plus, it was my first class back with Court in a few months… I don’t think I ever quite smiling the whole class, which is CRAZY…because that was hour #2 of cardio. I’ll tell you what… I better have burned some FAT today! Oh, AND… they were doing this raffle thing where you meet the staff and they give you stickers for each one that you meet, and then you’re entered into a drawing {as many times as you have stickers} and the winner gets 4 personal training sessions FOR FREE! Um… when I turned my sheet in I had over 20 stickers. The staff at the front desk couldn’t believe how many stickers I had. I’m competitive, what can I say? So… Jesus… I think you should hook a sista up… I’m just saying. 🙂

After the gym, Zoe and I came home and played in the backyard for a while. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. It’s a ridiculous 70-something degrees here today. Which means that I kept thinking it was September when we were in the back, and then I would remember that Christmas is in a few weeks. Crazy. I came inside to a request on Facebook that I take another families photos…and when I replied, I sounded like an actual businesswoman! Straight up photog talk…and I was CONFIDENT doing it! Within the next few weeks, I’ll be a PAID photographer! Check that off the bucket list, BABY!

Sorry, I’m a little excited!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!


6 responses to “Shaking off those Monday Blues

  1. You guys can come deep clean and decorate at my house anytime you want.

  2. AWESOME Rebecca….just.plain.AWESOMENESS. I think Brad is so amazing & it’s fitting he married into a pretty amazing family as well. : )

  3. Congrats on the photography business getting off the ground! So exciting!

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