This time last year

This time last year, I had a baby girl who was just turning 4 months old.

She looked a little bit like this…


Today, I have a little girl who just turned 16 months old. Two months shy of a full year and a half. Which means, I almost have a 1 1/2 yr old!!! Sometimes, even still, that sounds so surreal.


This time last year, I hadn’t yet fully come to terms yet with my new identity of “mommy”. I loved my new role, it just wasn’t exactly natural. I felt like a fraction of the person I’d known all my life.


Today, I’m much more comfortable in my “mommy-ness”. There’s still times when I’m struggling through identity shifts, but they’re few and far between.


This time last year, I was knee-deep in a depression I never saw coming, and had no idea how to talk about. My life was a mass of boring. I abhorred the stillness of my house. I craved stimulation, excitement, and conversation.


Today, my days seldom lack some type of adventure. I’ve come to cherish, and even long for, the stillness of a quiet morning at home with my girl. I’ve found stimulation, excitement and conversation both at home with Zoe, and through a myriad of friends, work, church and the gym.

shower time

This time last year, my little girl was just perfecting rolling over, was about to try solid food {rice cereal} for the first time, wanted to be held 99% of the day, still nursed 6 times a day, and was just beginning to really interact with the world around her in a much more focused kind of way.


Today, she’s learning how to run, she chases cats and dogs around the house all day long, she’s in to everything, she would rather do 75% of her tasks on her own {still right beside me, but definitely on her own}, is learning new words everyday, has an opinion about everything {even which horse she’s going to “ride” the second time that my dad took her out to the pasture. Shucky, it appears, is her favorite.} She eats almost anything that she’s given, prefers to feed herself, and can work a room like a professional.


This time last year was a great time in our lives. We cherished every single day.


Today is an even better time in our lives. We’re cherishing every single day.

{This video was taken spontaneously yesterday to avoid a tantrum over Ritz crackers that she couldn’t feed to the dog. It’s not the best quality. It’s a little to bright. My left eyebrow looks like it’s cut in half. We move to fast for the webcam. But, it’s one of my favorite videos we’ve ever done.}


4 responses to “This time last year

  1. That video was delightful! (and by the way, I think you are an AWESOME mom!) 🙂

  2. That picture of Zoe in the Santa hat is so danged adorable!

  3. Great pics, great video of the cutest kid EVER! 😉

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