Wordless Wednesday: “Mommy! Look what I can do!!!”

Also known as:

How My Life Just Got 1,456,322 Times More Complicated

And could possibly be titled:

Looks Like I Have to Rearrange the Furniture Again

**Just a little disclaimer at the beginning: At no time was my child unsupervised during the event that you’re about to see. Both parents were present and able to catch, should the need arise.**

climbing 4

climbing 5

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!


3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: “Mommy! Look what I can do!!!”

  1. My sister was like that! She would open the dishwasher stand on the dishwasher to climb up on the counter and then go up on the top of the fridge to open the china cabinet….she was and is a mess!

  2. She is totally proud of herself! How adorable! That’s why we no longer have a coffee table in our living room–because Zoey learned how to climb up on it and wouldn’t stop. Good luck rearranging the furniture.

  3. Zoe is without a doubt the cutes child ever! She is a Hot Mess Rebecca! I’m going to sart calling her Zoe “climber” bear! Lol.. 😉

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