Red Chairs and Football Season

Just in case you’re curious…I’m writing this post from the upstairs guest bedroom. I typically write it on my couch, the light beige one, to be exact. Tonight, it’s my favorite red armchair in the guest bedroom. So, why am I writing it from the upstairs guest bedroom? {I say that as if we had a downstairs guest bedroom, we don’t} It’s a long story.

Back when we re-installed internet in our house {I canceled it about 3 months into our marriage because we had this ANCIENT computer that took FOREVER to load a website and we never used it. That’s the same phone call that canceled cable and the next phone call got us satellite. Two years later, we’re right back with Comcast} I digress. Anyways, when I was re-installing internet in our house because I was going to be home with Zoe all day and needed it, I also got the most basic of cable packages because I would get a discount for a “bundle”, even though we’d never use the cable because we had satellite, obviously. I mentioned it to Brad at the time, and it’s been posted on our bill for the last year…but somehow, he didn’t exactly put 2 and 2 together that we had basic channels in the guest bedroom.

I’m not one of those people who like to have a TV in every room, in fact, I’m pretty against it. We have a flat screen downstairs, and we have Brad’s ancient ancient TV in our room. By ancient I mean it weighs 1,000 lbs and is approximately 10 years old. Maybe older. Actually, it’s more like 13 or 14 years old. It’s practically the brontosaurus of TVs. Oh, and to top it off, the remote that goes to the TV is on that list of “things the dog {Hemmi} at the first year he was with us”, so…it’s all manual, baby. Anyways, I’ve asked Brad a couple times to move the TV to the guest bedroom, because it’s so massive and it’s a decorating NIGHTMARE, but because we occasionaly watch it, it stayed.

Well, then we did a month without TV during football season and my poor husband about lost.his.mind. Honestly? I really like not having a TV. Sure, I miss my Regis, and I really miss Kelly…but, I don’t miss getting sucked in to watching TV all day long. We don’t get sucked in to watching shows all evening long. We read. We talk. I blog. We watch the shows that we really want to on the internet {gasp}. It’s been good.

But, then LSU was playing Alabama in THE GAME OF THE CENTURY…and Brad practically threatened to take our daughter to a sports bar after her bedtime in order to watch it. I was totally in agreement of keeping her up past bedtime due to DST, but more in favor of the location being his mom’s house rather than a bar…if you know what I mean. {for the record, Brad would never take our daughter to an actual bar…not even for a football game…and you know how much he loves football} That might have been about the time that I casually reminded him that we have basic cable in the guest room. To say he was flabbergasted is an understatement. He’d gone four weekends without it and I was JUST NOW?!?!?!?!?! telling him about this? Ah…wives. Wives and their silly “forgetfulness” 😉

Brad went off to the Gator game, picked up Zoe at his mom’s house and hung out to watch the first part of the game. Zoe made it to about half time and then needed to come home. By the time that I got home from my sister’s shower, my husband was in the guest bedroom with the TV rigged up and sitting cock-eyed in our armchair with the game on. So, because I couldn’t handle the crookedness of the TV, tonight we re-arranged the room, put it on a TV stand, lost internet for about 30 minutes, both got a little bit really huffy, fixed the internet, calmed down, and now he’s watching his beloved Sunday night football game from the comfort of the guest bed while I blog away in the red chair right next to him.

It’s a pretty adventurous life we live.


One response to “Red Chairs and Football Season

  1. Seriously. Not having TV is so refreshing. When we moved into our house (13 months ago) we decided not to get TV because of the fact that our location requires us to have satellite and just having gotten engaged we weren’t willing to foot a $100+ month bill. Now, we’re married and still have no desire to watch TV. We watch three television shows, all of which we view via internet. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to not constantly be bombarded by commercials and all that other garbage on TV. Not to mention we’ve both lost about 30 pounds each in the past year. Why? I say it’s because there’s no TV.

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