It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

I think it’s for the parents.

In fact, I know it’s for the parents.

Because some parents not me of course need a break sometimes. And when the thought of taking that break means $10/hour for a babysitter…plus whatever your activities are going to cost…and you’re down a paycheck because Mommy stays home with baby…you tend to add up that cost and decide that your much needed break isn’t actually worth it. Or, you take your breaks opposite of when your spouse is taking a break…and then you never see each other or get to spend that good quality time away from your kids together.

But! Say you live in the same town as both sides of your family, and have a strong circle of really close friends in the same town…you might get something like this text from my best friend Kristin:

“Hey, I just read your blog. Sounds like you need a break. Wanna go on an impromptu date night with Brad tonight? I can babysit”

And then you almost cry from relief, and burst with excitement when your wonderful husband walks in the door and says “Yes”, immediately and with no hesitation. <— That part is really important. Brad is a p-l-a-n-n-e-r so an impromptu date throws him for a complete loop…especially when it falls on a day that his wife actually cooked a full meal, and it was ready when he walked through the door. I’d also gathered all the trash from the upstairs rooms in prep for Friday’s garbage collection, and vacuumed, and cleaned out Zoe’s room. See, I told you I was darn near ready to have a hot dinner and a clean house for him when he got home! I wasn’t lying. Anyways, I went from gym clothes and no makeup to looking pretty dadgum date-worthy in the blink of an eye…and 20 minutes after we got that text we were out the door.

It probably goes without saying, but I didn’t care where we went, what we did, or if I even ate dinner. I was out on a date! With the love of my life! And we didn’t have a kid with us!!!!!!!! You might think, from the tone of my exclamation marks, that we don’t date very often. That’s not true. Brad and I, because of our village, have had the pleasure of still dating each other since we got married…and it wasn’t stopped by having a kid. So many times this past year we’ve had a call from my mom who said, “Hey, when was the last time you and Brad had a date? Why don’t you go on one tonight”. Or we’ve scheduled something and had one of my sisters come over, or Brad’s mom, or dropped her off with Kristin, or Brad’s brother and sister-in-law {who happen to have a baby relatively close to Zoe in age…they’re adorable together!}. And we haven’t paid a dime in babysitting. It’s amazing, and it literally wouldn’t be possible without our village.

As for our date? Well, let’s just say that it took Brad over an hour, going in to about 4 restaurant, walking almost the full length of the Town Center {Jax peeps: from the Capital Grille part to the Target parking lot} and then back to our car, only to leave the Town Center and drive to Longhorn where we finally enjoyed a delicious meal. Then a quick trip into Target for cream cheese so I could make muffins {which I still owe you a post on that one}. We walked out of Target $20 later with an Elmo basket for Zoe, 2 canisters of “vase filler” for $1.24 each, makeup brushes, 3 cans of cream of mushroom soup, deodorant, body spray {for Brad}, and a loofah. Oh, and cream cheese. Except, we got home and started talking to Jon and Liz and never made the muffins!

The best part of our date? Well, there was several. The first restaurant that we went to we’d heard was a BBQ place that was relatively normal in pricing {like $13-$15 per meal}. Um, try…definitely not a BBQ place, and definitely between $25 and $30 per plate…sides are a la carte at $4 a pop. Hello! Sure this is an impromptu date…but we can’t just go around spending $80ish on just a date. It’s a great place to go back to for a special occasion. So, we waited for our waitress to come back {because we were definitely already seated} and apologized because we thought “this was a BBQ place”, she laughed with us, we told her to have a great night and we’d come back, and then about died laughing when we left. Which is my other favorite part of the date, we just laughed together…about stupid stuff, about funny stuff, about anything really.

And so today, my heart is grateful for my village. I’m grateful for those breaks that come just when I’m about to lose my mind. I’m grateful for my husband who will do something just because he knows I need it, even though it throws him for a loop. And, I’m refreshed.

This afternoon my dad is coming over to watch Zoe while I get stuff ready for my sister’s shower that’s tomorrow night that I haven’t even started preparing for. Tomorrow Brad’s mom is watching Zoe while he goes to a football game and I run around like a crazy person finish prepping for her shower and then throw it.

Yeah, I’m pretty grateful for my village.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

PS. In case you’re wondering. Zoe loves her Elmo basket! 🙂


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