Exhausted in the best possible way…

It’s Sunday night around 9pm and I.am.exhausted.

Down to the core of my being, I’m slap wore out. How’s that for country? I’m not too sure that I could get up off this couch right now and do anything. In fact, my phone just beeped because I have a text, it’s done that about 4 times in the past 30 minutes. I have no desire to get up and get it. I’m that tired. But, there’s a reason…

It’s because this weekend was stinkin’ amazing!!!!

You know those days when you get to the end of it, and you pause to take in your surroundings, and then you realize that your heart is just so full, and you have that warm fuzzy feeling from the top of your head to your toes?

That was this weekend.

Friday I received a package in the mail from my aunt. I’ve never in my life talked to this aunt, except on Facebook over the last couple weeks. She mentioned that she had pictures from my Mamaw that she could send me. I said that would be great. I had no idea how many. When I got the package Jon, Liz and I sat at the table for the better part of an hour looking through our childhood pictures. It was so much fun! We were adorable. Jess came over and we looked through them again and laughed at all our clothes from the 80’s. Then Friday night Brad’s friend’s threw their annual Halloween party. It’s my 3rd year in attendance, and honestly, it’s the only Halloween party I think I’ve ever been to. It’s an awesome party. This couple goes all out. Like, the way you and I probably decorate for Christmas, that’s how they decorate for Halloween. Brad went as a pilot. I went as…well. I was lame. I went as nothing. Before we left {at 8pm} I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open and Thursday/Friday for some reason my brain was terribly foggy and I couldn’t think straight…therefore, I skipped the family costume planning and just got Zoe’s stuff. Which, incidentally, is why I didn’t blog on Friday. I couldn’t think straight enough to get words onto the screen. I digress. Anyways, I just went like me. But the party was awesome. We stayed for about 2ish hours and then came home because we had a big day Saturday.

Saturday started out with the best of intentions. It went downhill fast. Let’s just say that a trip to Walmart, a husband with no coffee, a baby who’s crying, a mom who is trying to maintain a time schedule, and constant delays do not make for a happy family. I may or may not have spent the trip to Hilliard making my yarn wreath as a way to distract myself and get back to “neutral”. By the time that we got to the corn maze we were about an hour late, but none of that mattered the moment we walked in. This place is a kid’s fall paradise! We were met there by my parents, Jess and Ryan, and then 2 other families that we’re close to who also have kids. It was pretty laid back, we just went in the direction that the kids pointed and enjoyed ourselves. No schedules. No clocks. Just great weather, some corn on the cob, and lots of fun.

We went here and there, did a moo-moo train {which Zoe took very seriously} and then after a while we did the corn maze. That was a blast. Jess and Ryan left us so that they could “win”, and they did. They did the whole thing in the time that we did 1 side. We were meandering, what can I say? We left the corn maze and headed over to the pumpkin patch where Zoe got to pick out her very own pumpkin. Except, she didn’t want just one. She wanted all of them. She would take them off one by one and pile them by her side, offer them to me, and then put them back one by one. It was adorable. But, the funniest time was when she wanted a much bigger pumpkin and sat there trying to lift it. She tried with all of her little might to get that pumpkin home! It was to no avail though, she had to chose a small one. After the pumpkin patch was the petting zoo. My daughter is definitely afraid of horses. It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen her afraid of. By the time we left the petting zoo we were tired and we still had a relatively long drive home, so we said our goodbyes and headed back south, it was almost 3 and we had people coming to our very messy house at 5.

When we got home I showed my parents the pictures and they sat on my couch reminiscing. It was really cool to see. Then my mom and I went to the store, and by the time we got home all of the kids {except David} were there with there significant others {meaning Ryan and Liz were there too}. Kristin and KC came shortly after and not too far behind were Matt and Kathryn. We hung out, Brad grilled, actually Brad made the entire dinner and it was delicious, those who hadn’t already eaten dinner ate, I made my Peanut Butter Pie {diiiiiiiiivine} and we sang “Happy Birthday” to the twins. I remember standing in the kitchen with Brad at one point in the evening and just thinking, “This is what life is all about – a house full of people, family, friends, laughter, and good food”. I just loved it.

And we weren’t done yet! Once we mustered up the energy we got out pumpkins ready and started carving away! Zoe went first, and she painted her pumpkin. It was adorable. She {mostly} got the hang of it, and aside from the time or two or three or four that she tried to eat the paint brush, it all got on the pumpkin. We got her washed up and off to bed and then the adults went to work. A good time was had by all. Matt’s pumpkin is clearly the best. Ryan and Jessica’s is a very close second. Kathryn’s is simply adorable. And ours…well…ours is the redneck pumpkin that has a surgically enhanced tooth. By the time we went to bed Saturday night, I was exhausted, but in the best possible way.

Sunday, we woke up all slow and casual, and then at 9 I got to work in the kitchen. While we all no I’m not a frequent visitor to the kitchen, I’m also not a complete stranger. And, in fact, I actually love baking….especially when I know that I’m making the best darn pumpkin muffins I’ve ever tasted in my life. And then when you top that with scones and devonshire cream…throw in a little Civil Wars on Pandora, mix in a little Dave Matthews, a sexy husband who takes care of the baby while I slave away in the kitchen, and dogs who wait patiently right outside the kitchen for bread crumbs…and that’s a good morning. I finished up around 2 and headed over to help Jamielynn at the home where the shower was taking place. Jess got there shortly after, and my mom and Aunt Darlene were about 5 minutes behind her and so we “helped” a very stressed out Jamielynn, laughed and bickered like 3 sisters do and just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Jamielynn put on one heck of a bridal shower, the ladies who came were all real nice and sociable, Jess had an amazing time and got some great gifts {namely, the Pioneer Woman Cookbook, which I then “helped myself” to and is now home with me}.

When I got home Brad was out to dinner with Zoe, so I waited not so patiently because there was a fall festival going on right around the corner from us. A pretty awesome festival by the looks of it. I asked him if he wanted to go when he got home, and surprisingly, he said yes! So off we went. We got there 5 minutes too late…it was over. Bummer. But, thanks to Facebook…I now know of several more that are happening next weekend. We got home, put Zoe to bed, I finished my wreath, Brad checked football scores, and we sat on the couch and talked.

And so, while it’s true that I’m exhausted, it’s the best possible type of exhaustion there is…

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

ps…I am working on getting pictures of this weekend edited. They will be posted soon. Real soon.
pps…I’m holding my sister’s cookbook captive until she returns my clothes. That’s life.
ppps…And if she doesn’t return my clothes soon, I’m going to steal her cookbook fair and square


5 responses to “Exhausted in the best possible way…

  1. holy freakin’ weekend batman! I hope you’re posting the pics that your aunt sent you!

  2. Hi, I’ve given your blog the Liebster Blog Award! Please come check it out at:

  3. Any chance you want to share your recipe for peanut butter pie?

    • sure! The ingredients are: graham cracker crust pie, 1/4 gallon of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 jar of normal size peanut butter {or a full small jar}, and hot fudge ice cream topping. Mix the peanut butter and ice cream together until smooth and creamy, fill the pie crust, top with the fudge and then let it set in the freezer for about an hour or so.

      It’s absolutely delicious, but I’ll warn you, it’s incredibly rich. And you’ll either love it or hate it….but if you love it, you’ll be addicted.

      Happy Mixing!

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