Stop when you’re ahead

This is an honest to God conversation that I had with somebody this weekend:


Her: So {pointing at my stomach} when is your baby due?
Me: I’m not pregnant.
Her: Yes you are.
Me: No, I’m really not.
Her: {With even more enthusiasm} Yes, you are.
Me: No, seriously, I’m not.
Her: Well, then, you must’ve just had a baby.
Me: She’s 14 months old now.


The end.


I looked in the mirror that morning, I did not look pregnant. This conversation happened mere days after 3 people in 24 hours asked me if I was pregnant. Honestly, my stomach is flatter than it’s been in a while, so I don’t even think that is why people are asking. And the 3 people in 24 hours all knew me…and are pretty close to me. Two of those people were my mom and Brad, and the other I see about 3 times a week….so…maybe it’s just a vibe I’m giving off. The lady that I was talking to is a person that I’ve known for years but only see every few years…maybe she heard that we were “not stopping anything from happening” or “trying”.


I took a pregnancy test this morning.

I am not pregnant.


I coulda told you that myself.


Happy Monday Ya’ll


6 responses to “Stop when you’re ahead

  1. Awkward! I had something similar happen, but it was a stranger–not people who know me well. I wrote about it on my blog post called “Interesting Customers”… I’m praying that your second child will come in God’s timing 🙂 I’m not going to lie…a little excited for when that time will be!

  2. Wait, so are you preg?! hahahha. JUSSSTTT KIDDDDING!!! I have been asked that a few times and I want to tell people that I dont go around asking fat people whats in their belly, so to lay off me and mine. Of course I would never say that but the thought has gone through my mind a time or two!!!

  3. A few years ago we were out with our two sons (18 months apart) and a woman asked if they were twins (they did look like brothers, but not like twins). When my wife said “No, they are over a year apart,” the woman paused for a minute and then asked, “Are you sure?”

  4. A few months ago, I was in the checkout line at WalMart with my three youngest, who are all boys. Apparently the outfit I had on made me very look pregnant, because the cashier asked me if I was expecting another boy. I replied no, and before I could say anything more, she started going off about how glad she was that I was not going to be the mom of four boys. She went on and on about how gosh awful that would be and that when this baby is born I should go ahead and tie my tubes because I certainly would have my hands full with four kids. The lady behind me even got involved in the conversation. I just kept quiet during the whole exchange but I was laughing so hard inside. I did not want to embarrass them both by admitting that I already have four boys at home. AND a girl. And that I was not pregnant at all!

  5. Double oh my goodness! I would end up in the looney bin! Haha! 😉

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