OMG to the nth degree

I should have washboard abs by now.

For real ya’ll.

I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow. Or brush my hair. Or put on my shoes.

Don’t worry…I don’t actually brush my hair that often, and I wear flip flops like they’re the only shoe ever created…so we’re good there…but I’M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO WALK TOMORROW

I went to the new release of BodyCombat today. Good grief. I was profusely sweating by the second song. My entire upper body was red…beet red…by the fifth song. I couldn’t breathe by the seventh.

I’m honestly not exaggerating.

The instructors kept telling us not to puke…it was that hard. They were also dripping in sweat too…and that’s an even better clue as to how hard this class was. Joye, my favorite instructor, she was staying after to teach BodyPump. I think that qualifies her as certifiably insane. Let’s talk about BodyPump for a second…I went on Wednesday thinking that it was going to be the easy one that we did 2 weeks ago. I ate a banana for breakfast. A BANANA. Lord have mercy did I regret not having a shake that morning! That class was also the new release.

I didn’t {for the most part} go any lighter on my weights. {not that I go to heavy on my weights in the first place…let’s be honest}

By the end of the tricep track I literally couldn’t have done another rep. My arms felt like putty. My legs felt like jelly. My butt is about to be as hard as a rock. Or at least it darn well better be, because I did like 5,000 squats in that class. I’m just sayin’….

In other news, we heard back about our car. Actually, I have the car again…and a bill for $274. Do you want to know how much the part was that needed to be fixed?

Go ahead. Guess.


I have an almost $300 bill to change a part that cost $13. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

And now, before my blood pressure rises one more time this week…here are the pictures of Zoe I’ve been promising you!

{Because sometimes your car breaks down on the side of the freeway and it takes 2 hours to get home, only to be greeted by lovely letters from the mortgage company, and a leak in your roof. It’s then that your daughter takes your water bottle out of your hand, puts both her tiny hands on the bottom and squeezes really hard until water shoots from the top. Because you need to laugh, you say “What the heck” and join in the fun. Who cares that you’re in the living room? Water cleans up easy…}

fun with water

{And sometimes the only thing to change into is Daddy’s t-shirt. So Mommy rigs it up all fashionable and we have a little fashion show. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that Zoe thought she was hot.stuff in this “dress”}


{Hanging out in the bathroom, learning how to turn the light switch on and off, and brushing our teeth. Then Daddy came home, and we took some family photos. Who said bathrooms can’t be fun?}

family bathroom

{Sometimes we just cuddle on the couch. Zoe plays with my hair and I play with hers. It’s priceless moments like this that can turn around any day}


{And then Brad jumps in the picture and the real fun begins}


Happy Friday Ya’ll

oh…ps! Did anybody catch that I TOTALLY called Brad “Glen” in the grandparents part of the accent vlog yesterday? Glen is my father in law. Whoops. đŸ™‚


3 responses to “OMG to the nth degree

  1. I heard that and thought “well maybe Glen is his real name and she calls him Brad on here!” hahahha!

  2. LOVE LOVE the family pictures- and Body Combat 49! I could barely wash my hair when I got home yesterday! Stronger, sister- love those killer hooks!

  3. Bodypump new releases are NO JOKE. I remember going to those after taking bodypump for almost a year and still coming home feeling like I may die.

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