* Yesterday we had to be up and ready to take Brad to work by 7:15, get him to work by 7:30, wait for him to run some copies and send some emails, and take him to the other building at 8, then go find the auto shop where I had to get the black car to that afternoon.

* I was “practicing” getting towed behind my father at 8:30 in the morning.

* By “practicing” what I mean is, I was driving behind random people trying to match their movements when they were braking and steering so that I could make sure that the front of my car wouldn’t get ripped off when I had to do it later in the day with my dad.

* I was convinced that I was going to screw it up, and the front of my car was going to be ripped off in the process of being towed.

* I thought the blogger meet-up was at 10:30

* It was definitely at 10.

* I was definitely late.

* Towards the end I let Zoe play in the play area by herself. I’ve never done this before, but she’s pretty comfortable on the equipment, she stays to herself, and I was only about 5 feet away.

* I watched her like a hawk.

* While I was watching her like a hawk, I saw in slow motion a little boy MUCH bigger than her…like 3 or 4…push her to the ground, jump on top of her and start hitting her on her head.

* I moved like lightening into the situation and said, very firmly, “UNACCEPTABLE” to the little boy while scooping up my now screaming daughter.

* Out of the corner of my eye I saw his mother, who was standing there THE WHOLE TIME clue in to what was going on and come towards us.

* I didn’t even look at her, I was too mad to be nice.

* What I wanted to scream was PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BRAT who is BEATING Up my kid!!!!

* But I didn’t, because that would be name calling…and her kid probably isn’t really a brat.

* But still? Pay attention.

* The meet-up ended and I met my parents at the mall so that my mom could hang out with Zoe for a little bit.

* My dad told me that we were going to have the car professionally towed.

* I felt like I could breathe again.

* The next 4 hours were spent in a maze of arranging childcare, dropping off the one good car, picking up cell phones, waiting for tow truck man, getting to the shop, getting home, kissing Brad hello, kissing Brad goodbye…we’ll just kissing him as much as I could fit into our 15 minutes together…and then leaving for my 6:30 meeting.

* I met with my new mentor from church last night.

* We sat at Moe’s and talked for 2 hours.

* It’s probably fair to say that I did the vast majority of the talking.

* She gave me a journal and a CD

* I’ve been thinking about/praying about a journal for 2 weeks now. For a second I thought I’d just blog my way through this season of renewal and awakening, but then God said that I needed to just journal. So, then I was going to ask Brad if I could go journal shopping…but something stopped me…then Kim gave me a journal.

* I almost cried.

* I came home to my hubby, gave him a foot-rub, and watched Thor.

* When I finally made it to bed I think I was asleep in 30 seconds.

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll

ps. I’m sorry that it’s been pictureless the past 2 days. I have some seriously CUTE pictures I want to get on here…but, alas, I have been crazy busy.

pps…do you ever want to just throw the word “alas” into everyday speech?

ppps…I think we should all use the word “alas” today, somehow…in some way.


3 responses to “Yesterday

  1. It was so Great Meeting you yesterday. And you can say it, I would, that kid was a brat! That mother was almost arms distance and she didn’t act. Hope you and your little one are ok. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Hmmmm….seems your toddler needs to take Karate lessons these days?? Lol….Geezzz Rebecca. 😦

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