Remember that time the Nor’easter came to town?

Because I do.

Ok. So you might have guessed that by now, I’m making fun of the fact that the weather men are calling this storm system a “Nor’easter”, like it’s a big deal or something. Really? We got some rain, a few days worth…in phases. There was never a day that was completely ruined by rain. It was more just, it could be sunny one minute and then 5 minutes later rain cats and dogs {that’s for you Kat}, and then clear up just as quickly as it came. So…really? Not that big of a deal….in the rain department. In the life department?

Now, that’s a different story.

Saturday after I posted my Saturday Morning Scene I went to a baby shower where I met this girl named Priscilla. She writes a blog called Cilla’s Deals where she breaks down couponing. If you’re interested in that, you should check her out. Anyways, I’ve heard about her through a few of our mutual friends, and so putting 2 and 2 together was pretty fun. We talked about blogging a little bit and she said that I should go to a Jacksonville Bloggers Meet-Up on Tuesday {tomorrow…or actually, when I post this it’ll be today…anyways}. I was pretty nonchalant about it at the time, and I’m still kinda nervous about it…but I’m also really excited. I’m excited to meet other bloggers face to face, learn tricks of the trade, glean knowledge from the more successful blogs. I have every intention of talking very little and listening a whole lot. Oh, and of course, I’m kinda nervous. Anyways, it turns out that Priscilla is also friends with my regular playdate mom…it’s a small world. I’m pretty sure this friendship has potential….

I came home to a husband trying to watch his Gator game on TV, except there was a Nor’easter in town, and we have a satellite. Dish Network, to be exact. Well, for the past 2 years we lose signal periodically and Brad HATES it. I can’t emphasize “hate” enough. I saw him with a piece of paper in his hand and calling somebody, but I didn’t think much of it. Meanwhile, I was posting away on twitter, laughing about the situation and that I thought Brad might rip the satellite off the roof. Well, then it went out again. And I saw Brad clinch his fist. That’s when it got serious. I told him I would call to find out when our contract was up, and while I was on the phone with Joshua up in West Virginia Brad was in the background yelling. I couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed through my whole conversation with Joshua. Brad was yelling, “Cancel it! Just cancel it! I don’t care. I’m not giving that company another DIME of my money” and then he’d repeat the same things in a normal voice over and over again. This is my husband. My laid back, never gets his feathers ruffled, thinks things through for MONTHS, cool, calm, collected husband. By the end of a 10 minute conversation with Joshua our Dish was cancelled. Goodbye Gator game. Goodbye Regis and Kelly. Goodbye Biggest Loser that I had on the DVR. Goodbye TV. It’s been eerily quite around our house the past few days…we’ve been playing a lot of Pandora. I’m not gonna lie…I like it. I think I’m going to take my time calling Comcast…

So, then we were supposed to hang out with my parents, as always the plans changed like 5 million times…slight exaggeration, they only changed like 4 times, but we ended up at dinner at the Olive Garden and then they wanted to go see a movie. Dolphin Tale. At 8:15. Not wanting to disappoint, we said yes. I’d say it would be a pretty fair statement to say that Brad and I only saw about 1/2 of the movie…different halves. By 10, I was able to get Zoe to sleep in my arms. What the heck were we thinking???? I mean. Seriously. At one point I looked at Brad and said, “We should probably win the ‘Parent of the Year’ award with this one”. But? It turned out to be a pretty decent night overall…although I think next time we’ll probably just go home.

The next morning my mom called to thank us for coming and tell me what a great time she had. The conversation drifted into other aspects of family relationships and I vented about some stuff that has been bugging me for the last 3 years. My mom wisely pointed out that I was building some pretty high walls. I thought, “You’re damn right I am!!!!” and I wasn’t sorry about it for a second. Well…God has a sense of humor…and great timing. The sermon at church was on the “old self” and the “new man”, how we’re crucified and resurrected with Christ the moment we accept Him in our hearts, but we still have this little process of become more like Christ and that takes a lifetime. As my pastor went on and on about this, tears just started streaming down my face. By the end of the service I was a wreck. How do you pray, “forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me” when you’ve been holding unforgiveness in your heart for 3 years? Brad and I were doing the “in-between” service where we show up for the sermon of the first service and stay for worship in the second…it’s genius, I highly suggest it. During the worship part I went up to the altar to pray and as my knees hit the cushion the floodgates opened. I had been so wrong! I treated a person I love like crap for 3 years…all the while this person has been trying to “fix” our relationship. I wept and wept and wept. As soon as we left church I went to apologize. Can I tell you how strongly I suggest apologizing when you’re in the wrong? Even if there’s wrong on the other person’s part…you’re not responsible for that. Just apologize. It’s freeing. I ended Sunday more free than I’ve been in 3 years…it was awesome.

The Nor’easter was in town for one more day…Monday. It was clearing up, but it still had some work to do. My friend Kathryn and I went gallivanting around town {and by that I mean she came to BodyJam with me today and then we went shopping in our gym clothes} and at about 2:20 I headed home. On a whim I called Brad to see if he could talk. He could, and I was telling him about my jeans I got for $.97…that’s right…when I heard a ding. It was a message telling me to turn off my air conditioning to protect the engine. I looked at the temp gauge…it was in Code Red. I cussed, and Brad asked what was happening. I stumbled out the words that the car was overheating and my location…or what I thought was my location {while I’m normally AMAZING at directions, I wasn’t paying attention to the exit I’d just passed because I was just driving home…talking to Brad…nothing out of the ordinary}, and Brad got off the phone to come get me. It was a miracle I was talking to Brad when it happened…Brad almost never takes breaks at work these days, and I can almost never catch him on the phone. I sat there with steam coming out from the hood and tried not to panic. My baby was safe. I was safe. And my Dragonslayer was on his way. Besides…it’s just a radiator. Before Brad could even get there a Road Ranger guy pulled up, and then immediately after him a State Trooper who saw that I was by myself with a baby and TURNED AROUND to come back to me. I felt so taken care of. Brad was there within 10ish minutes and we were off to get some coolant, which is all we thought we’d need. Turns out, it wasn’t….

And so, my friends, that was my weekend with the Nor’easter. New friends, no TV, restored relationships, and a broke down car. I’ll finish my car story tomorrow…

How was your weekend?

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!


2 responses to “Remember that time the Nor’easter came to town?

  1. we dont have cable and we love it!!! its cheap too and a great way to save $$. since we dont have cable this means we miss football — HOWEVER our internet company provides EVERY game online FOR FREE. so we have a happy little cord that we run from our computer to our tv to then be able to broadcast all of the ESPN games and such that we want. its pert near awesome.

    in other news, i love your jesus story and hate your car breaking down story!

    • yeah! my sister told me about that cord! I think we’re going to get one…and then we can get Hulu or something too…right now we’re making do with our dismal DVD collection, and Redbox. As for Jesus…oh man! there’s so much more! he’s doing some crazy awesome things these days….and the car…ugh. We’re still not sure what’s going on with that…

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