The weather men around here are saying we’re headed into a 5 day Nor’eastener….is that how you spell that word? I don’t know. All I know is that it was raining this morning and now there are clear blue skies outside my window. I’m not going to say that it’s not going to rain…it’s probably going to pour. It’s just that it was supposed to rain and well, it hasn’t.

It doesn’t really matter what the weather is though, because Zoe’s sick again. Lord have mercy, I hate teething. I abhor it. The things teething does to my child make me heartsick. Remember 2 weeks ago when everybody in the house got sick, and I blamed it on Brad? Well, at the end of the week of sickies {fever, cough, runny nose, absolutely misery} Zoe had 3 new teeth either pushing through the surface, or already through. Now? She’s working on the 1 that didn’t quite make it through the gum lines and a whole new one. {Um, she’s gnawing on the remote as I type this. Poor child.} So, the cough never really went all the way away…but a lot of times coughs can linger, so I didn’t think much about it. I should’ve.

Aside from a fever, my daughter is in full blown misery. We’ve gone through almost 2 boxes of Kleenex cleaning up snot after she sneezes. She can’t sleep through the night because she can’t breathe…and probably because her mouth is killing her. Her eyes are red-rimmed. Her moods are swinging so fast I can’t keep up. And she wants her Mommy constantly. But? the good news is that she’s still very active. That’s when I can’t handle it anymore, is when she’s so miserable that she doesn’t even want to play. I keep telling myself over and over, “At least she’s playing”.

Last night we put her to bed a little bit early, typically it’s bath, book and bottle, bed. Yesterday? It was hot steam shower with Mommy, nebulizer treatment while we have a bottle, eucalyptus and tea tree oil in the humidifier, garlic drops in the ears to prevent infection, and battery operated snot sucker {which she hates}. It was quite the ordeal. Then we were up a couple times in the night, and up for good around 6:40.

Honestly? It’s not the amount of work that you have to do when your kid is sick, or the getting up in the middle of the night, or the amount of clothes that you have to wash because the poops are a little bit more runny and a whole lot more explosive. It’s hearing your baby cry in the middle of the night when they’re sound asleep because they can’t breathe right, and you’ve done everything that you know to do…and can only wait until the next round of dosing. It’s hearing that cough and looking into their eyes as they look at you with such confusion wondering what is happening to their little body. It’s not being able to take away the sickness…even if it’s just a cold.

So, I don’t really care about a Nor’eastener coming to town…I have a sick baby…we were planning on staying inside in our pj’s anyways.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!


One response to “Nor’eastener

  1. My prayers are with you both! I hope the little one recovers soon! PJs and snuggles pretty much always sound good to me 🙂

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