Wednesday Ramblings

I have about 20 minutes to actually write this post, therefore I have no time to actually put thought into how my thoughts come out…therefore…a list.

– Just a few minutes ago I was in the kitchen pouring myself a Diet Coke and I heard some grunting coming from the living room. It was Zoe. When I turned the corner the grunting turned to a “Help” kinda cry…she had attempted to climb into her toy chest {a.k.a the ottoman}, fallen in and was stuck. I tried very hard not to laugh at her. I did not succeed.

{One of her new “favorite” spots}

– The other day I did a maternity shoot with a friend at the Zoo….because the zoo is absolutely beautiful, and I have an annual pass, so it’s free. This is what I looked like…


That’s me, Zoe, Diet Coke, 2 cameras, diaper bag, stroller, and then my friend’s clothes were shoved into the bottom of the stroller. We had a great time and got some great shots. While shooting down at the pier, I saw this…


That, my friends, is a floating TRAILER. Repeat after me…”Only in the South…” And then I remember why I don’t often claim my Southern roots. Hmmmm…

– The other day I was shopping for a scoring kit to do some envelope making. I was at the Town Center and there was a JoAnn’s Fabrics there, so I just hopped in. Now, in general, I’m not a huge fan of JoAnn’s. I don’t like their customer service. I don’t like that I can never find somebody. And, I think they’re more expensive than other places. That said, they’re right where I shop…so I deal with it. Well, the other day when I went in they were “renovating” which, to me, just meant that all their crap stuff was in different places throughout the store. I had no idea where to find what I was looking for, so I searched for somebody instead. I was halfway across the store before I found ANYBODY. So annoying. I saw the man who worked there and said, “Excuse me, sir”…he kept walking away from me. I said it a little bit louder while picking up my speed…he still continued walking away from me. I said it louder. Now, I have a pretty loud voice on a normal day. My voice carries. {I know, I’ve gotten in trouble for this ALL OF MY LIFE} but this guy was just ignoring me. So, very matter of factly, I said loudly “Excuse me PERSON WHO WORKS HERE” and he turned around and said, “Can I help you ma’am?” Um????? Yes. So I told him what I was looking for, he acted like he’d never heard of it before. I clarified. He was still confused. We walked around the store together. He pulled 2 other people into the search. They’d never heard of it before either. Scrapbooking stuff was everywhere…I was hot. So, I politely thanked them for their time, drove 10 minutes down the road to Michaels…and found it on the very first aisle that I walked down AND? It was 30% off….Thank you very much. And that is why I will shop at Michaels or Hobby Lobby from now on.


– That very same day I was carrying around an envelope with, oh…let’s say about $150 in it…and I misplaced it ALL.DAY.LONG. In fact, when I was at Michaels buying the scoring kit, I was trying to pay for it and I couldn’t find the envelope anywhere in my bag. I panicked, paid for the kit with my debit card, and raced out to the car. As I was searching the car from the back passenger seat, I looked up and realized that my drivers side door was wide open….as in, when I got out of the car I NEVER SHUT THE DOOR…and my money was sitting right there on the floorboard. Lord have mercy.


– This morning I went to the gym, got there late so I didn’t make it to my first class, met up with Courtenay and we started talking about writing grants for my work. We ended up sitting on those couches talking for 2 hours until we had to pick our kids up from the daycare. It was great…everybody should have a workout like that once in a while.

– I have like 5 posts in my head that I need to write, but I don’t have any time to write them…and don’t even get me started on my Operation Skinny Jeans blog and how neglected that one is…sheesh. I will write over there again, I promise.


– Tomorrow’s post is going to be titled “These are a few of our favorite things”…and that’s as far as I’ve gotten…I’m an over-achiever.

– I weighed myself today and I was the same as Monday, which means that it wasn’t a fluke! Sometimes when I look at the scale I don’t believe it just yet…I need to see the number, or a lower number, at least twice before I know that it’s real. I’m almost at 20…I can’t wait!

– Yesterday somebody told me that a weekly email is sent out on Wednesday, and I replied, “Oh, well I didn’t get it yesterday so I’m not on the list.” She looked at me like I was nutso and then said, “Um, ok. I guess Monday counts as Wednesday to some people”. And I about died…

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!


5 responses to “Wednesday Ramblings

  1. I love this whole post….it encompasses so many of our lives, thoughts and “been there” ‘s! Keep it up!
    PS, Great job for a 20 minute timeframe!

  2. Zoe is reading one of Jacob’s favorites in the last picture! Please tell me she hasn’t demolished that precious book like he has. 🙂

    • um…you know that rooster towards the back who “pecks” corn off the ground? His head was already off by the time she even got the book home….but that’s the only damage so far

  3. I could read your ramblings all day long…seriously. It’s like you’re sitting right here in my living room while I eat my lunch. 🙂

    I agree about JoAnns, both in convenience and lack of customer service…never had any luck getting help there either. When you mentioned that your voice “carries” I about died…you must have been screaming at the guy LOL!!

    I could use a workout like you had with…you! Miss you! Perhaps we can schedule a “work out” session soon! 🙂

    Looks like you’re well on your way to your next reward! Yay jeans shopping!! 😀

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