And the Winner Is…..

Well Folks…the giveaway ended yesterday and that means it’s time to announce a winner. Can I tell you that I was genuinely nervous for the winner? Like, I kept thinking about it this whole week. Wondering who would win, reading back over the comments…wishing I had enough money in my bank account to give everybody a $30 gift card. I don’t. Don’t get your hopes up. Ah! It was so exciting for me!!!! So, without further ado….here’s how I picked the winner.

I didn’t.

I just wrote out everybody’s name on a piece of paper. However many entries you had, that’s how many slips of paper with your name went into the bucket. You know…so it’s fair and stuff. And then I shook the bucket up a bit, so that the people on the bottom had a chance. And then…

Zoe went in with both hands

And pulled out a whole handful, then put them all back one by one, then pulled out another handful…my stomach was in knots I was so excited. Then she examined all her sheets of paper…and I waited. I’m tellin’ ya…that girl likes suspense!


Then, when she was satisfied, she handed me a slip of paper.


And the paper said….


{The 2 just means that she was the second person to comment}

And then we celebrated!!!! YAY Rachel!!!!


And that, my friends, is the end of my first ever giveaway on this blog…and I’m officially crossing it off my list! But, because I enjoyed it so much…I’m thinking we need one around the holidays, yes?

Thanks to everybody who entered, everybody who reads and loves my blog….I can’t thank you enough for your support. You guys are amazing!

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!

ps…yesterday was our wedding anniversary…it was amazing…I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. I have like 5 blog posts in my head and I need to get them OUT!

pps…Rachel, I’ll email you today! Congratulations!


5 responses to “And the Winner Is…..

  1. Gah–so fun. Those photos of Zoe are too cute. What a great helper!

    Happy anniversary! We’re celebrating ours next week! I think we may be living parallel lives… 🙂

  2. BOO! I mean…yay…just not for me

  3. Yeah!! =) I can’t believe I won! I’ll respond to your email soon. I love your scientific way of choosing & your assistant is fabulous!

  4. Congrats to Rachel and to you for doing your first giveaway. 🙂 Zoe looked like a big help. Too cute!!

  5. Great way to pic the winner! Good job Zoebear, you precious, adorable child. 😉 Congrats Rachel! 🙂

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