Our Night with the Vetrans

This past weekend was the weekend we were supposed to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and I guess we did in a really weird way. We went out shopping for some clothes for Zoe and then Brad took me shopping because Old Navy was having a sale. He loves hitting the Old Navy sales. Don’t ask me why. He just does. I don’t argue because I always make out like a bandit. And really? Why on earth would you argue when your husband says, “Hey Babe, let’s go get you some new clothes this weekend?” I mean. You would practically have to be insane. I digress. This particular trip I was looking for a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my new boots that I got in Savannah. {Just picture me trying to shove my capris into the top of the boots and you’ll know why I needed skinny jeans} Besides, it’s our wedding anniversary weekend and for our date we were going to a retirement party at the VFW…and who doesn’t want to look sexy for that? 😉

Walking into the VFW was like stepping into a time warp. Have you ever been in one? I’m going to guess that the majority of their budget doesn’t go to decorations. We mixed and mingled, enjoyed the food and the free drinks and had a great time catching up with friends and then the unexpected happened, on a trip to the bar we saw a lady setting up the karaoke station. Brad might have peed his pants with excitement. He immediately began propositioning me to sing with him. I said “Uh….no. Did you forget how bad Spice Girls was????” We didn’t have to worry about anything though, because the 70 yr old lady who was setting up the karaoke was also opening up the night…and she was dancing to! At one point I looked over and she was turned with her back to the room, hands stretched out over her head, and shaking her hips seductively. I about died. Ya’ll…believe me when I say that there was nothing that should be, could be, or could even be mistaken as seductive about this lady. But, she had no shame…and I kinda liked that about her.

Brad jumped up and asked to sing some Johnny Cash. The place exploded with applause at the opening line. Again, I about died. I mean…just picture a room full of people in their 60’s and up, a handful of people our age, and 2 bartenders. It was like he was singing ‘NSYNC to these people…they went that nuts. Then he started dancing. Lord have mercy! They went crazy. I mean, clothes are about to come off crazy. One lady came up and danced with him. I could’ve peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Then the karaoke lady made him stay up there and sing 2 more songs. When she took the mic over she actually serenaded him while he was dancing with me, and at one point in the song slid across the dance floor on her knees to him. I promise you, I’m not kidding you. She loved him.

Brad got me up there with him to sing “Summer Lovin'”, although he wanted to sing “Picture”. I fought him tooth and nail on that one. I am not Sheryl Crow…I don’t sing low…I can not do that song. We shoo-bee-do-be-dooed to Summer Lovin’ and were about to take our seats to a crowd who was applauding us, when karaoke lady said, “HEY! You guys were so good…can you sing “Picture”?” Lord help me. The song started and I literally froze. As in, held the mic in my hands and said, “I don’t think this is a good idea. I don’t know how to sing this. How am I supposed to sing this. See Brad. I can’t do this. Kristina? Kristina please come save me. Brad! This is a bad idea” all the while singing in like 5 different keys by the time it was all done. At one point I just doubled over laughing. At the beginning of the song there was like 30-40 people in the room, by the end there was 10. I cleared out the room at the FREAKIN’ VFW!!! I mean, I didn’t even know that was POSSIBLE!

The night continued and Karaoke Lady pulled Brad up time and time again to sing. He sang his signature karaoke song {it’s highly inappropriate} and the crowd went nuts. Then Karaoke Lady decided that she had to match the young people. Keep in mind that Karaoke Lady is in her 70’s. She sang an even more highly inappropriate song…is that even correct grammar? I have no idea. All I know is that I had to leave the room, it was that awkward and incredibly inappropriate….and it was coming from a 70 year old lady.

We ended up leaving by about 10, and before we left Karaoke Lady told Brad that he could come back any time…he didn’t even have to be a member! I’m pretty sure she had a crush on my husband.

The truth? Brad told me like 15 times throughout the night how much he loved the VFW and how much he wished that he could go there. That lady made his night when she told him he could come back for free.

What did you do this weekend?

Happy Monday Ya’ll!


6 responses to “Our Night with the Vetrans

  1. Where are the pics to post with this blog? What a fun date night…lol!

  2. The VFW is an awesome place to visit for something different….the ppl are amazing!!

  3. absolutely hilarious and I agree…where are the pics?:)

  4. Yeah, pics? How dare you post a post without pics! Hahaha! 😉

  5. Um, I dont think that this can knock off your 30 by 30 kareoke one until we have the pictures to prove it. 😉 It sounds like Brad was the star of the show!

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