Dear Florida

Dear Florida,

You might not know this, but today is the first day of Fall. Do you know what that is? Fall? It’s that beautiful time of year when after a really hot summer the weather cools off. The change happens over the course of a few weeks, you wake up one day and walk outside expecting to be smacked in the face with humid, hot, stale air and instead, to your utter amazement, you’re greeted with a refreshing crisp morning. There’s something about that first morning that breathes life back into your soul…or at least it does mine. It doesn’t last long. Fall is a surprisingly quick season. It comes up on you so quick, blesses you with its presence and then leaves just a little bit before winter covers the ground with a blanket of snow.

{It really does look like this}

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Anyways, Florida, in other parts of the country people have known that it was Fall for a while. Sweatshirts {and some places even jackets} have already been pulled from the back of the closet. The leaves have been changing and are now in their full glory. Reds, yellows, oranges and browns in all their splendor grace the landscape with their fleeting beauty. In Michigan, apple orchards are open and booming with business. Hay rides. Corn mazes. Pumpkin patches. Scarecrows. Apple Cider. Bonfires. Fallen leaves that cover yards and crunch when you walk over them. Piles of leaves that have been raked up, ready to be jumped in. Football games…. there’s just really nothing like it.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

But, you wouldn’t know about that, would you Florida? No. It’s still 90 degrees here and humid as ever. You don’t care that the calendar says Fall should start now, you wait until late October, if not November, to really get in the swing of things. You make your residents decorate for fall in t-shirts and shorts, and that just doesn’t seem right. Fall wreath on doors just seem out of place when the leaves outside are still a lively green. But you don’t care do you? You boast about your warm weather all year long. Well, I would just like to state, for the record, that sometimes I hate living in the Sunshine State. In fact, every single year when the seasons are supposed to be changing…but don’t…I hate living in this state. You have no idea what you’re missing out on Florida…seasons are a wonderful thing.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

But? This year I’ve decided to make the best of it. I’m going to start decorating the second week of October, maybe it’ll be just a little bit cooler. I’m going to wear boots. I’m going to carve pumpkins. I’m going to wear scarves. It might be 90 degrees outside…but darn it, it’s FALL! I’m going to make pumpkin rolls. I’m going to print the bucket list that my blog idol friend Katie over at Loves of Life made. She graciously made the list printable for the general public, so if you want it, just click here. So Florida? Bring it. Because I’m going to ROCK Fall this year.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Claudia on Pinterest

Probably not your most gracious resident

ps… I’m feeling better…Zoe now has a fever. I’m so stinking over this sickness.
pps…Don’t forget to enter the giveaway.
ppps…If you want to see the rest of my fall pins on Pinterest, you can click here.


7 responses to “Dear Florida

  1. this makes me wanna go decorate! …though I am only 2.5 hours from you and its freaking hot here too.

  2. I am joining with you.Sooooo ready for a change, but we can still move into the season.Thanks for the inspiration. Hope everyone gets feeling better!

  3. Sounds like you need a trip to Tennessee!

  4. I had the same idea to blog about this but you beat me to it and well done! I tried sitting a pumpkin outside our front door one year when the kids were young and it rotted in a few days. Now I stick with the fake stuff 😦 and keep it inside or even that would probably spoil! Great post.

  5. I feel the same way! We had a week of cool weather here a few weeks ago thanks to Tropical Storm Lee. Had to dig out the hooded sweat shirts, which are the most we ever need to get throught the winters here in Louisiana, but now we are back to the 90 degree days and nights. I lived in Utah for six years and so miss the beautiful fall season.

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