My head is fuzzy

My head is fuzzy, my nose is runny
My throat is hoarse, my lungs sound gross
I coughed through the night, until it was light
And then I woke up to do it all over again

My head is fuzzy, my nose is runny
I can think of nothing funny
The state of my brain is terribly mundane
I sit on my couch wishing for rain

My head is fuzzy, my nose is runny
The house is a mess, all I can think of is rest
My animals are bored, I drive a Ford {not really but I needed something there}
I wish this cold would lose its hold

My head is fuzzy, my nose is runny
Here’s my favorite picture of me and my mister

Erin's wedding

And here’s a picture of just my mister


Not to be outdone, here’s one just for fun
She the sun in my sky and the sparkle in my eye

Wiggin' out

My head is fuzzy, my nose is runny
I’m out of rhymes to fill your time
So I’ll bid you adieu as I say “Ah-choo”
Have a great day, take a roll in the hay
Watch the blue sky, eat a slice of pie
Whatever you do, know I’m thinking of you

Happy Thursday Ya’ll

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6 responses to “My head is fuzzy

  1. omg. this cracked me up. so sorry yall are sick, we were there too last week. so freaking glad to be on the other end of it.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re sick! Does Zoe think sneezes are funny by any chance? Jacob does, and I imagine a giggly baby every time you sneeze would make it a little more bearable, no?

    • No…she doesn’t think it’s funny…but she does expect me to say “God Bless You” afterward. Actually, when she sneezes she thinks that she’s done something worthy of a gold medal…and looks at me for a congratulations =) that’s kinda funny.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Rebecca!

  4. I’m sad you are sick, but your poem made me smile. I hope you are better soon!

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