I can not believe

I missed my one year Blogiversary!!!!!

It was August 22nd….like a month ago! How did I miss that?!?!?!?!?!?

I knew it was coming up, so I went back into my archives last week and I realized that it had already passed. Total blog fail. But, while I was back there, searching through my archives I just started reading…and I kept reading for the better part of 2 hours. I laughed. I cried. I grabbed Brad and said, “LOOK AT ZOE!!!!!!! She was so TINY!” and “BABE! Do you remember this? Wow. That was such a great day!” It was great.

I read about Brad’s first Father’s Day, and I cried.

I laughed when I read about peeing in my pants.

I read about my struggle through the monotony of early childhood years. I remember so vividly writing that post. I remember the frustration. I joined the gym pretty soon after writing it, and my world suddenly lightened up.

And then there’s my meltdowns. For some reason I feel compelled to write about my meltdowns on the world wide web. Lucky you. 😉

What about my first attempt at exercise after childbirth….that might be one of my most popular posts of all times.

But, this one might be one of my favorites. It’s Brad-isms.

There’s so many more. It made me extremely grateful that I blog.

And, again, as I reread those posts I thought about you, the reader, and all the advice that you’ve given. The laughs that we’ve shared. The encouragement that you’ve given…and I want to do something for you {and at the same time cross another thing off my 30 by 30 list}…….

It’s Confession of a Reluctant Housewife’s very first GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Whoohooo….get excited ya’ll!

We’re gonna start small with the giveaways {because I’m not the Pioneer Woman and this is um, not sponsored}. This first giveaway is going to be a $30 gift card to my favorite store…


And all you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment {here on the blog} telling me what you would get at Target if you won. If you want to enter more than once here are a few options {each comment will count as a separate entry}…

1) If you haven’t already “like” Confessions of a Reluctant Housewife on Facebook and leave a comment back here that you did.
2) Follow me on Twitter and leave a comment that you did.
3) Leave a comment that you already do like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.
4) Mention this giveaway on a blog post and link back here.
5) Facebook or Tweet about this giveaway and…you guessed it, leave a comment that you did.

This blogiversary giveaway will be open until my wedding anniversary…which is Tuesday September 27th {next Tuesday} and I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday morning. Good Luck!

Oh, and don’t tell Brad…he doesn’t know about this yet. 😉


44 responses to “I can not believe

  1. Reasons I should win:

    1. I follow your blog pretty much religiously on Facebook and Twitter.
    2. My kid is also named Zoey Grace
    3. I am having a crappy day

    What I would spend the gift card on:

    I’d love to say I’d spend it on chocolate and other very important stuff, but the truth is, I’d totally spend it on new clothes for Zoey. Target has some of the cutest baby clothes in the entire world.

  2. Ooo so many choices of what to buy at Target, but I’d probably spend it on books for me! =) Of course I could also spend it on clothes for me or my 14 year old daughter, she can find cute stuff anywhere…. or I’d spend it on cat litter, or groceries, or candy, or pop, house decor, or light bulbs. That’s the beauty of my favorite store, Target, it has it all!

  3. I would buy a new teapot…pretty exciting huh…or new maternity jeans…I loathe mine…Anyways, yay for you!

  4. I already like you on Facebook.

  5. I follow you on Twitter too. =)

  6. I would buy my daughter fall clothes at Target.

  7. I like you on FB with my username Mary Happymommy.

  8. I would spend a gift card at Target on some yummy high carb treats (seeing as how I have had gestational diabetes for the past 3 months and have not been able to indulge)

    I think I should win this prize cause I am writing this comment from the hospital where I will hopefully have my baby today! (and my chocolate tomorrow:)

  9. tweeted-http://twitter.com/#!/mami2jcn/status/116531059251875840

  10. i would buy clothes for my baby!!! wahoooooooo!

  11. i follow you on twitter 🙂

  12. I liked you on facebook 🙂

  13. and I followed you on twitter!

  14. I follow you on FB and Twitter. You are hilarious!

  15. If I won the gift card from Target I would totally buy myself some books. I haven’t fallen into the Nook or Kindle following. I prefer a good old fashion hard back book. The last one I bought this weekend was City of Fallen Angels from the Mortal Instruments series.

  16. I would buy a new pair of jeans. Or clothes for my daughter.

  17. I like you on facebook.

  18. I like you on Facebook as Elena Istomina

  19. Holy cow…it’s already been a YEAR?!? And to celebrate looks like you’re crossing another one off your infamous list! First off, should I win the fabulous giveaway, I’d likely use it on some sort of furniture (since we’re planning on moving into the house). Wouldn’t cover the full cost, but would help out for sure!

    1) I’m pretty sure I already “Like”-ed Confessions of a Reluctant Housewife on Facebook, but when I visited the Like button was visible…so I liked it…possibly twice 🙂
    2) Yo no compredo Twitter, looks like I miss out on that one
    3) Based on #1, I either qualify for this one or #1…either way I LIKE it!!
    4) No blog = no extra point for me. One day… 😉
    5) Shared this giveaway with my Facebook world

    So this post should count as, um, 3 points? So proud of you!!

  20. Rebecca.
    I love this blog so much.
    I follow you on twitter, I’ve liked this blog on facebook. I’m friends with you on facebook. I have turned 3 fellow blog readers on to your blog and you and I shared a tiny farmhouse for an entire summer of love and fun.

    If I won the Target gift card I would use it for one of two things. I would either 1)buy myself something cute to wear for my wedding rehearsal in 2 weeks
    or 2)buy something for my dear friend Abby who is keeping me company today on what is usually a rough day for me (anniversary of my mama’s death) because Target is also Abby’s favorite store.

  21. 1) I already like you on Facebook
    2) I am subscribed to your blog, because I enjoy reading it so much
    3) I share your blog with friends, because you totally make me laugh about motherhood
    4) If I won, I would spend the gift card on . . . .honestly?? I would save it. I know in a few months, I’ll probably want Christmas decorations, or a new sweater or something, and I won’t have to feel guilty about it at all if I pull out a gift card to buy it!
    5) blog post coming soon!

  22. Oh- and CONGRATS on one year!! That’s awesome!

  23. Yay, you! Happy Blogiversay! What a great day–twice! I just went to Target yesterday, but if I had to go again 🙂 . . . I would go nuts in the grocery section. Or buy a new top to go with the leggings I just bought, despite having very little to wear with them.

  24. congrats! i like you on fb as amanda sakovitz

  25. follow you on twitter @aes529

  26. Let’s see…I follow you, I’ve “liked” you, I’ve put your link on my fb page and I love reading your blogs.

    Since I’ve been in Africa since May, I would gladly use that $30.00 at Target when I return home in November for some items that would give me new feet, smell good deodorant, and buy something dust and dirt free. Amen:)

  27. I follow you on twitter!

  28. I follow you on facebook!

  29. I would buy grocceries

  30. Congrats on the year+! If I won, I would buy some fun pink stuff to wear to the Komen Race for the Cure in October!

  31. toilet paper.
    tampons. (my plan is… win this gift card BEFORE i need them. *fingers crossed*)
    dog food. (for my dog)
    and mayybe a pack of gum.
    oh! oh! no, not a pack of gum… a frappucino from the starbucks in our target.


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  33. liked you on facebook

  34. I could lie and say I’d buy something for myself, but we all know I’d end up getting Peanut a toy or a new outfit

  35. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d put it toward a new TV!

  36. I like you on Facebook!

  37. I follow you on Twitter! @FakeGradSchool

  38. I tweeted!

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