Today the pictures in this post have absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the post itself. They were just in my phone…and now they’re in this post.

Today I changed 3 nasty diapers before 10 in the morning.

{This hat really does exist. And it really is on sale at a local store. What in the world???}

Today I had absolutely no motivation to do just about anything so we’ve been sitting on the couch for the vast majority of the day.

{Monday at the Splash Park. A little Mommy/Zoe playdate}

Today I’ve been worried about Brad. He’s at work and he’s sick.

{What do you think about this hat? Should I go back and get it? I kinda felt a little bit like a rock star in it, but I couldn’t tell if it fit my head or not}

Today the house is a mess. The dishes aren’t done. The toys are scattered throughout the living room. The bed isn’t made and the laundry isn’t done.

{Zoe just got done riding Hemmingway. He had massive red-eye, so I tried to fix it. Now his eyes just look really weird…don’t they?}

Today I looked up to see Zoe walking towards me. Walking. Unassisted. Unprovoked. She just wanted to give me one of her magnets.

Today Zoe went and found her “cell phone” when Brad called at lunch time. She held it to her ear the entire time she heard him on speakerphone.

{Playing at Chick-Fil-A}

Today Zoe and I played “phone call” where I would answer her toy phone, announce that Zoe was here and “would you like to speak to her?” Zoe would nod her head yes and then would hold the phone to her ear and listen intently. Then she would hand the phone back to me and I would talk to our “friend” again. We would go back and forth until she would wave to the phone “goodbye”. Then our friend would call again and we’d do the whole thing again. Even Hemmingway got in on the action. It was our first game of “pretend” that we’ve ever played.

{She looks thrilled, doesn’t she?}

Today Zoe has been practicing her Gator chomp all day. She does it flawlessly. She even tries to say, “Go Gators”! It’s precious beyond words….now, let’s see if she does it this weekend against Tennessee.

Today is a good day.

Today it would make me feel so special if you went to my Facebook page and pressed “Like”. For real. It would mean the world to me. And then, while you’re at it…introduce yourself! I know I have a ton of readers who I never hear from…I want to get to know you!!!!

Today, while you’re at it, you might as well follow me on Twitter too. =) You can click here or you can click on the Twitter feed on the main page.

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!


2 responses to “Today

  1. i like you and follow you. you are awesome 🙂

  2. Sounds like a pretty amazing day 🙂 I love the Zoe is walking now! That’s so cute. Does she walk like a Zombie or just cautiously?

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