My first weekend away

I can’t even tell you how excited I was for last Friday to get here. I was going on my first girls weekend away. It wasn’t going to be any big thing, it was just me and my old roommate Brittney. I was going to drive up to Savannah and just hang out with her. Kid free. That was Britt’s idea. When we first talked about me coming up I immediately assumed that I would have Zoe with me. Brittney said that while she would love to see Zoe for the weekend, she thought it would be better for me to not have her with me. She was spot on.

I’m in this weird phase right now of realizing that I’m not 27 and single anymore. Weird. Right? Obviously, I’m married, I have a child, and I’m about to turn 30. It’s just that my brain is just catching up to all of that. Sometimes it feels very natural, sometimes it’s a struggle, sometimes it’s suffocating, sometimes it’s so joyous I can hardly breathe. But right now, in this season, whatever this is…is constant. And that’s why a weekend away was a-m-a-ziiiiiing.

I wasn’t supposed to leave until Saturday, but after a conversation with Brittney on Thursday we decided that I would come up on Friday. Last week, when I was having such a rough week after Michigan, Brad said that I should leave a day early. I declined because I didn’t want to feel like I was running away. I was right to decline then. I was also right to go a day early. I was in a really good place and leaving a day early just meant more relaxation…not escapism.

{The neighbor had a baby YORKIE!!!!}

Friday night we decided that we should have a low key evening and hit the sack early because Brittney had a 5k for her work at 6:30 the next morning. So, we went to a casual dinner, and then went to see The Help. If you have not seen The Help…GO SEE IT! And then we stayed up talking til 2 in the morning…so much for early to bed! Britt had to wake up at 5:50 and for some god-awful reason, my body decided that 7:30 was a fabulous time to wake up…and I mean, wide awake wake up. There was no going back to sleep. I was just a little ticked. I made the best of it though, ate a lazy breakfast, read a great book for a few hours, got dressed and headed into downtown Savannah to get our reservations for dinner. Paula Deen…have you ever heard of her? Well, she has a restaurant…and you have to go there, in person, before 10 in the morning to get reservations for that night. So, that’s what I did. Except, I got really lost downtown. I’ve never in my life been lost {when I was in control} in a downtown area. To make it worse, I was walking…and my GPS on my phone was giving me driving directions, AND Savannah has all these squares in the middle of the streets. It was a mess. 20ish minutes into my walk I finally spotted The Lady and her Sons sign and got our reservations. It was a 5 minute walk from my car. But, at least it was gorgeous day, and I was in a pretty relaxed mood.

{AH! Finally!}

We passed the afternoon shopping at a local mall. I haven’t strolled through a mall with the intention of actually buying anything in I don’t know how long. We were looking for an outfit for that night because I’d only brought jeans and casual shirts….Brittney is young, single and likes to mingle {if you know what I mean} and she wanted to go out. We took our time until we were exhausted and then headed back to her place to get ready for the evening. The whole weekend was like that. The only thing that we had scheduled the entire weekend was the 7:15 dinner reservation. Everything was at a strolling pace. Everything was negotiable. There were no strings, no schedules, no agendas…it was heaven.

{Guess how much these sunglasses are? They’re Gucci. If you said anything less than $245 you’d be dead wrong. And they weren’t even the MOST expensive! There were sunglasses for $400. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????}

After we got all dolled up we headed back into town. Dinner was delicious although I will admit that I had it worked up into something more than it could’ve ever been…so I was slightly disappointed. However, it wasn’t the foods fault. The food was still wonderful. I mean, how can you go wrong with crab stuffed portabella mushrooms, lemon glazed tilapia with mushrooms and asparagus? You can’t. I just wanted it to be the most delicious morsel of food that I’d ever put into my mouth…and it came close…but just close. Oh, and during the meal I definitely asked our server for butter. Yes I did. We ate til we couldn’t eat anymore and then we walked down to the waterfront to this bar called the Bohemian. Oh. Btw, that lady loves the color green…and rhinestones! And she had a shirt that said, “Put some south in your mouth”….is it just me or does that make you think inappropriate thoughts? I don’t think Paula Deen has a clue =)

{In the elevator at Paula Deen’s….Hey Ya’ll!}


Anyways, the Bohemian. It’s Brittney’s favorite bar downtown. It took me by surprise. It’s very swanky, very chic…and totally out of my normal realm. I miiiiiiiisssed Brad with every breath I took. I loved my drink, the Pomegranate Martini. I loved the atmosphere. I loved the rooftop. I did not like the looks I got from guys who thought I was single. I did not like when a group of guys asked to sit with us on the couches {there were literally no other seats} and then started talking to us with interest on their faces. I was friendly, but made it clear very fast that Brittney was the single one. I will say, that being married in a bar is a very liberating feeling. It doesn’t matter what anybody there thinks of you, so you’re free to be yourself. There are no games when you’re already married. The person whose opinion you value the most in this world…you already have.


We left that bar and headed to one of the fancy restaurants in town where we were going to have dessert. We had to make reservations to have dessert. I was surprised by the nightlife in Savannah. It was like a beehive everywhere that we went. People out in squares, live music, tons of single people. It was actually pretty cool. Dessert was great, but it was like 11pm by then…and girls weekend or not, that’s my bedtime! =)


Sunday we SLEPT IN until 10AM!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! I was so stinking happy when I looked at the clock. It was WONDERFUL! Brittney made us pancakes and eggs while we watched the 9/11 memorial events, then we headed to the pool. We each took reading materials…Brittney was an English major, and I was a History major/English minor in college…so reading is in our blood. I got all wrapped up in my book and before I knew it, I was fried and it was 2:00…when I was supposed to leave. Whoops.


I had one more stop that I had to make first….Advanced Auto Parts.

{Filling our fluids}

That’s right folks.


What girls weekend is really complete without getting under the hood of your car, checking your oil and filling up your radiator fluid stuff? I mean…really? =) The catch here is that while I stand beside Brad, each of us with confused looks on our faces, as we try to figure out what’s wrong with the radiator…Brittney actually fixes her own truck. In fact, she loves it. She also loves guns…and knives. Someday I might tell you the story of how we weren’t allowed in to see the Blue Angles because Brittney forgot to take the gun out of her purse. You read that right. Back to the story, I may or may not have clapped my hands and announced myself a genius when I figured out how to open my hood. A man walking by may or may not have laughed at me. Anyways…after another hour of car maintenance to ensure the car made it safely to Florida, I was back on the road.

{This is the back of Brittney’s truck. The A. something bumper sticker…that’s some type of gun}

I was equally as excited to go home as I was to get away….and that’s a really good feeling. I was literally giddy when I crossed the state line back to Florida…and when I saw this….


Well, it was all over for me. Man, I love that girl. Seeing my husband wasn’t too bad either. 😉

What did you do this weekend?

Happy Monday ya’ll!


2 responses to “My first weekend away

  1. I am from Savannah and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I LOVE downtown. Next time go to Pour Larry’s and get your dance on!

  2. That sounds like a blast! 🙂 I do love a girls get away especially with no “real” agenda except to enjoy each other’s company. And I know what you mean about age/responsibilities catching up to you. I also buck from the whole “grown up” thing. It’s just not me. I’m cool, I’m hip….I’m not one to be held down by baby or husband lol

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