A Guest Post for Friday

I am so honored to introduce you to another one of my blog friends. I found Kat’s page through the first blog that I started reading, Marriage Confessions. She was the reader of the month one time, and after scrolling around her site for a little bit, I was hooked. At the time Kat was a few months away from delivering her first baby girl, and I was a few months in to learning how to be a mother with Zoe. Now, almost a year later, there’s seldom a day I don’t pop over to Kat’s site to see her daily posts. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

Happy Friday Ya’ll

Hi, I’m Kat.  I’m a wife to my hottie of a hubby, a mom to my cutie of a baby, an owner to my shnookums of a puppy.



I’m also, apparently, a complete ditz. 


I didn’t know this about myself for the longest time.  I always kind of figured that I was this super smart, super chic kinda chick.  But with the evidence stacked up against me, I have to admit it.  Allow me to give you an example.


This happened a couple of years ago, before the kid, before the pregnancy.


The husband and I were living in our home, enjoying the life.  One of my VERY best friends was having a baby and I, along with a couple of girl friends, decided to throw her a baby shower.  3 of them, including the mom-to-be, lived in the Boston area, about 2.5 hours away from where I am.  Needless to say, the party would be in the Boston area and I would travel up there (not that I minded since I love that area…an area I grew up in!).


The morning of the baby shower, I woke up, made sure that Jon remembered to transfer the GPS to my car before his own trip to go golfing, and got in the shower to get ready.  Jon left before me, so I took my time, putting on my make up, taking extra care with my lifeless, thin, brittle hair.


When I was finally ready, I got in my car and saw the GPS in the passenger seat.  I cursed Jon for not taking the time to hook it up like he usually does for me (he spoils me…obviously I have very high standards).  I put the clip on my windshield, hooked up the GPS and put it up.  Then I looked at the plug.  And I put it in, but the GPS didn’t start.  I jiggled the plug (this always works), but I got nothing.  I pulled the plug out and inspected it.  It looked fine so I tried again.  Nothing.  I pulled the plug again, and it looked like a piece was missing.  I cursed Jon’s name again.  Why couldn’t he just watch it?  I knew it – he pulled it out from my car last time, roughly, and didn’t even bother to plug it in in his car.  I leaned in close and inspected the outlet (charger) in the car.  Ah huh! I thought when I noticed that there was a piece in my charger, I was right!  Jon must have hurried when he removed it from my car and pieces of it were still in the charger portion.  I looked around my car and noticed a pair of tweezers sitting in the cup holder.  I rejoiced at my extra girliness and grabbed them.


Did I mention that my car has been running this entire time?  No?  Well, it was.


I’m assuming that you are already cringing at the images that follow.  And they are exactly correct.


I grabbed the tweezers, stuck my tongue out for extra precision, and reached to what I thought was a piece of my charger.


The next couple of seconds passed in slow motion.  The tweezers touched the metal, I got a shock that went through my entire body, lifting my hair and making my nails hurts.  I quickly let go of the tweezers and wondered how I survived.  I discarded the GPS to the back seat, called my friends, asked for directions, and left…still in shock.


I can’t begin to tell you what thoughts went through my head.  I could have died.  No one was home.  Jon would return late that night to find my limp body in my car.  Then perhaps wonder how I was so silly as to use the tweezers (still in my hands) to pull out what (by the way) wasn’t a piece of the power plug for the GPS.


Don’t worry, we all had a good laugh at it, but I have never kept a pair of tweezers in my car since.  You know, as a precaution. 


2 responses to “A Guest Post for Friday

  1. Thanks for the post! I didn’t realize this went up (did I mention how behind I am)

  2. This past winter I was putting up the Christmas tree and on one strand of lights, only half of them came on. I had seen my husband change out of the fuse on a previous set of lights and that seemed to fix the problem. So I changed the fuse, plugged them into the wall to see if this fixed the problem this time. I didn’t. So I unplugged the lights, putting my fingers directly on to the fuse, with electricity flowing through it. Ouch. Turns out the problem was a was just missing a light blub on that strand.

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