Remember that time when…

This trip, while wonderful, was FULL of mishaps. Erynn and I kept saying to each other that one day we’re going to say, “Remember that time when…” and then talk about this trip. Nothing that went wrong was necessarily massive, or changed anything about the week…well, except for me missing my flight and having a 6 hour layover in Atlanta {I missed a birthday party with that one}…mostly they were just annoying, or outrageous. Like the time when…

*I left my wallet in my stroller and realized it when I got on the plane, remember me telling you that? Well, 2 days later we were shopping in Target and after strolling through the store for about 45 minutes we made our way to the checkout counter where I went to get my wallet to pay….except it wasn’t there. I knew that I had brought it into the store. I knew that it spent the better part of the trip hooked to my arm, and now it wasn’t there. It hadn’t been returned to the front counter, no associate had seen it, I traced our direct path through the store and it was nowhere. All I could think about was that all of my money was in cash, inside the wallet, not to mention that my ATM card and drivers license were there too. How was I going to get home? I can’t even get on a plane without my drivers license. It was 20 minutes later that we found it in the water bottle section. I was instantly relieved and instantly wanted to puke from all the anxiety I’d had that 20 minutes.

* Erynn decided to have all our dresses made to save money. She spent hours picking out the pattern. She found one she loved and the maid of honor’s dress was made. Then she discovered that the pattern was only going to work for Abby, who weighs 100lbs soaking wet. The replacement pattern that she found ended up looking like a hospital smock. I may or may not wear the dress when I pop out baby #2. I will most definitely make that dress into pillows.

{Trying to fix the smock with a ribbon.}

* When I saw the dress I knew I hadn’t brought the right jewelery. In an attempt to camouflage the hideousness of the dress I began my search for rock star jewelery. After 2 days and 4 stores, I found an AMAZING strand of pearls at JC Penny. I also found a back up necklace, pearl earrings and a rock star ring. The total cost was $52. Later that same day I found a necklace for $5 at Mejer. Erynn LOVED the $5 necklace. I turned around to make the 40 minute trip back to JC Penny to return the other jewelery, which is when I got stuck in a MASSIVE traffic jam. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive 9 miles. I missed our pedicure appointment. And guess what? The day of the wedding…ALL of the other bridesmaids showed up in pearls…which meant that we had to scramble to find some for me.

{Rockin’ the hospital smock}

* On part of that search for jewelery we were running some errands, Zoe was supposed to be sleeping in the backseat, except Zoe decided that she didn’t feel like sleeping and so she cried {actually screamed} for a full 2 1/2 hours. We still had to stop, so we just tried to distract her. Zoe, on the other hand, decided that the proper distraction would be to wave pearls back and forth in front of my face, thereby slapping me in my face with pearls over and over again. It was about this time that another shopper interupted our search for jewelery to tell us exactly what kind of pearls that we should get. She was especially fond of the pearls you could wear again with a little black dress. Erynn made a beeline out of the store with Zoe, which stuck me with this lady who followed me from rack to rack, talking my ear off and pointing out jewelery I could wear with my dress. I eventually put everything I was considering back on the shelf and left the store. She followed me to the door. By the time that I got back to the car I was ready to explode and Zoe was still screaming. I called Brad and asked him if he could please talk to his daughter because she was driving me crazy. At the sound of his voice she stopped crying….for a full minute.

{Because I love you and you deserve a good laugh…I’m sure you can see that everybody looks quite normal in their jumping skills…except yours truly}

*The night before the wedding, also known as the wedding rehearsal, the wedding coordinator “forgot” to show up. Who does that? The scramble to pick up the pieces was awkward and kept moving from person to person. Eventually, we ended up with the groom trying to tell everybody the whole flow of the wedding. Ladies who are married…did your husband have a clue what was going on at your wedding before he was standing with the minister on the actual wedding day? No? It was no different here.

{This is where the photographer told us to run towards her, and I may or may not have elbowed the bride. Although, I have no memory of it, I was just trying to avoid the hay}

*This isn’t exactly a mishap, but Zoe vetoed most of her afternoon naps. It was my fault, we had to run errands in the afternoons and I expected her to sleep in the car, which she wasn’t going to do. Several times during dinner we had to get up and leave so that I could bathe her and put her to bed. I would come back to the table and everybody would be done, the dishes washed and my half eaten plate still sitting on the table. It was frustrating, all I wanted to do was just enjoy dinner….and really, all I wanted to do was have Brad there with me so that we could trade off meltdowns {of which there were several}.

*Then there’s the mishaps that I’ve already told you about, like me missing my flight and a one hour layover turning into a six hour layover. Or, the hairdresser and her refusal to fix Erynn’s hair. There’s also some mishaps that I can’t talk about because they are specifically related to people…and we need to protect the innocent…or not so innocent.

I was telling my friend about the trip and she said that it sounded awful. It wasn’t. I promise. We had a great time, there were just a few speed bumps. But, Erynn did a really good job on focusing on what was important and letting go of everything else. She’s talented like that. =)


3 responses to “Remember that time when…

  1. I love “remember that time when”s. It makes me excited to get older when I know I’ll have so much good stuff to look back on. Also, Jacob has started vetoing naps when we’re on the go as well. Maybe it’s just this age. Aren’t kids supposed to like the soothing motion of cars, buses, and strollers? Why no more?

    • Zoe has been 50/50 since I turned her carseat around to face front. Prior to that she slept every single time we were in the car….it’s annoying =)

  2. It’s definitely a trip you’ll remember! LOL Isn’t it funny how sometimes the crazy parts don’t really make it a bad trip. It does look like you had fun!

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