Things I can’t wait to talk to you about

Oh man, you guys! I can’t wait to be at my computer and WRITE about this week! So many things have happened. So many stories I want to tell you. All week long I’ve been thinking about blog posts in my head…but, the I don’t want to jump the gun and tell you all the stories without showing you pictures, and while we bought the equipment needed to get pictures onto this computer…we haven’t had the time/battery when we have the time to actually do anything about the pictures.. And, I would be ROBBING you if I told you the stories without the pictures. Why? Because this week…

* I ate Chicken Feet stew. You read that right.

* Drank milk straight from a cow.

* Got lost in Detroit for over an hour.

* Learned what traveling with an toddler is like.

* Met Erynn’s future family…and they now think I’m crazy. You FORE SURE need pictures of their family.

* Ate Chicken Feet stew…did I tell you that already?

* Spent some time at Wildwood…the only place outside of Florida I will always call “home”.

* Spent a week without my husband and lived to tell about it.

* Ate a meal cooked by the ladies from France who are here for the wedding.

* Freaked the mess out of Erynn’s soon to be in-laws.

* Ate Chicken Feet stew…

So, you see, there’s a lot of writing that I have to do…and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do it…but, when I get home and have pictures for you…it’s gonna be on like donkey kong.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

ps. wish us luck as we get emmersed in the wedding crazy….starts in T minus 15 minutes today, and then tomorrow’s the big day


One response to “Things I can’t wait to talk to you about

  1. um i need details. NOW. Seriously. immediately.

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