Photo Update from Michigan

I found a computer that I could get some photos onto…now, just a disclaimer, these are ALL from my phone. We’re still working on getting photos from my camera to the computer. We’re having a little bit of technical/equipment difficulty with that…so you might just get one massive photo blog when I get home. We’ll see how the wind blows. Anyways, Michigan has been all that I expected and more. Just being in this state is life to my soul. If you could just feel the air up here, you would know what I’m talking about. Can I tell you how nice it is to be in 70-80 degree weather, with NO humidity, after living in Florida’s oppressive 100 degrees with 99.9% humidity. It just makes you want to spend your entire day outside…and makes you buy your daughter some long sleeve shirts and pants….because you packed like you live in Florida. I digress. Anyways, here’s a little bit of pictures…mostly Zoe, hardly at all what we’ve actually been doing. Enjoy!

Brad getting ready to say goodbye to Zoe
airplane 5

Watching the guys on the carts outside of our terminal
airplane 4

Happy faces in the Atlanta airport
airplane 2

How we passed the time
airplane 3

Can we just be there already?
airplane 1

One of my best friends, Erynn, the bride to be. We were getting lost in Detroit when I took this picture!
michigan 1

A happy Zoe, eating…finally!
michigan 2

Have you ever been to an apple orchard in Michigan? If you haven’t then you should put it on your bucket list. It’s one of the greatest things ever. Hot apple cider and warm cinnamon donuts. It’s a winning combination. The girls in this picture are two girls that I did my internship with. Katie, the one to my right, is the one that bought Zoe the rocking chair. And Carly, in the back, she was my roommate my second year.
michigan 3

And, finally, today Zoe got to try her first lollipop. She LOVED it, and she had a meltdown of epic proportions when I took it away from her 2 minutes later.
michigan 4

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!

ps.Tomorrow we have a guest post from one of my favorites! Lauren from Talk of the Trains. When I read it I couldn’t stop laughing….you’re in for a treat!


2 responses to “Photo Update from Michigan

  1. 😀 love the pics and yall look like you are having a blast!

  2. Great pics Rebecca! Glad you’re having a good time. 😉

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