A List for Tuesday

1) Right now I’m watching Regis and Kelly…except it’s Regis and Joy because Kelly is on vacation. To be completely honest, I don’t like it when the spouse co-hosts the show. There’s something kinda stale about it. Like, in the beginning they ask how the other person is doing. Really? Didn’t you just wake up looking at each other?

2) Regis leaves the show in November.

3) I’m probably going to cry. A lot.


4) I leave for Michigan in 2 days and a wake-up. Today doesn’t count because it’s already started.

5) Remember that toothbrush that I bought Zoe? We lost it the same day we bought it. Awesome.

6) Last night I showed my sister and Brad my moves in BODYJAM.

7) Jessica couldn’t stop laughing at me.


8 ) I leave for Michigan in 2 days and a wake-up.

9) I wasn’t exaggerating my dance moves when I was dancing for them. I’m really that bad.

10) I like to call it motivation for others to let loose.

11) Like the chick on the beach who probably really shouldn’t be wearing a bikini. She gives everybody else the freedom to lay it all out there.

12) That’s an awful example. But, it’s the truth.


13) I leave for Michigan in 2 days and a wake-up.

14) Today Zoe and I go to work, tomorrow we run our final errands for the trip, Thursday we work again, and then early Friday morning we leave.

15) I have no idea how I’m going to keep blogging while I’m up there.

16) Does anybody want to guest blog here?

17) I was supposed to go to Bodyattack this morning, but I couldn’t. I had to pay my traffic ticket, in person, because my license was going to be suspended tomorrow.

18) I’m a procrastinator.


19) I leave for Michigan in 2 days and a wake-up and I have nothing done.

20) Procrastinators unite…tomorrow!


2 responses to “A List for Tuesday

  1. mommy looks like an angel

  2. I’ll guest blog for you! 🙂 What are you looking for? And I think yo sohuld video the dance moves and post them on the internet.

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