Pajaaaaaaama Ride!

I remember it so clearly. My mom would create some reason that we all had to go to bed early. She would pretend like she was mad at us. Or that we had some special event the next day that we had to get extra sleep for. We would go to our rooms, but not our beds, and then when she would come check on us she insisted that we were in our beds, specifically in our pj’s. About 15 minutes after we were in bed she would run through the house, sometimes banging on things, yelling at the top of her lungs “PAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAMA RIDE! Everybody in the car! You have 2 minutes!!!” And all five Tate kids would jump out of bed, running through the hall, scrambling into our big 12 passenger van. Off we would go to some unknown destination. Sometimes it was McDonald’s for ice cream, sometimes it was Walmart and we each got $5, once it was Christmas tree shopping, but every single time it was an adventure…and it was amazing. Pajama rides are one of my all-time favorite memories. Naturally, it’s one that I want to pass on to my kids. Now that Zoe’s one, I figured it’s about time, and lucky for us…she got a gift card for her birthday.

We broke the rules a little bit and just changed Zoe into her pajamas after dinner. {I didn’t want her to think that bedtime doesn’t actually mean bedtime} She seemed to be in a pretty decent mood and so off we went.


Keeping with tradition, we laughed and talked in the car, but didn’t tell her where we were going. I think she guessed though…


That’s right! The mecca of childhood dreams…Toys R Us. We might have set the bar too high πŸ˜‰


She was pretty stoked.


Our goal was to stroll the aisles, watch what caught her eye and let her play with it a bit. If it kept her interest {and was within price range} it went in the cart. The very first thing that caught her eye was a few aisles in. It was a My Little Pony kit. She loved it. It was too expensive {and had too many small parts). So, she played with it for a little while, and then we found a cheaper, solitary pony.


We continued our stroll, around the corner was the baby doll aisle. You would’ve thought she had died and gone to heaven. Her eyes got so big! She’s just discovered baby dolls last week…but she’s fascinated by them. She got one for her birthday and she picks it out in the room full of new toys. She picked out her favorite really quick, and kept going back to it. So, that went in the cart.


I tried to find her some dinosaurs so that she could have some diversity in her life, but we didn’t luck out with that. {And because she loves playing with them over at her best guy friend’s house} The only ones that we could find were stretchy, and she’ll eat that. We needed hard plastic. Bummer. But? Then, we found a little scooter thing. I fell in love. But, she got a car for her birthday…so, we didn’t even think too hard about that one. It stayed.


We rounded the next corner, and if I thought she got excited about the baby doll, it was nothing compared to Cookie Monster and Elmo. Every night when she goes to bed she requests to read a Sesame Street book that talks about things to cuddle with at night. She doesn’t really care for Big Bird or Bert…she skips right over those pages. She turns immediately to Elmo and the Cookie Monster. We searched the Sesame Street aisle until we found a Cookie Monster in her budget. She fell in love.


By then we were at our gift card limit, but being that Brad and I have never really been in Toys R Us, we decided to keep strolling around. I saw these cute little chairs, and I know some friends have them for their kids, so I wanted to see how she would react. The first one was a run of the mill, stationary princess chair. She liked it well enough.


Then, out of the corner of her eye, she found a fun pink chair. I could see her interest, so I pulled it off the shelf. Brad helped her climb into it and I’m surprised we ever got her to leave it!


She was instantly right at home.


We played for like 5 minutes, and then I figured it was about time to go, so I put it back on the shelf. Zoe, on the other hand, had different ideas, and tried to keep the fun alive.


So? We popped a squat right there on the floor and rocked our little hearts out.


Now, I don’t know if you know this, but no pajama ride is complete without ice cream. So we hopped on down to the Mickey D’s and ordered two cones. D-E-L-I-Ci-O-U-S….and so much fun.


For about 30 seconds, until our now very tired child in the back seat started screaming her head off because Mommy and Daddy were eating something that she wasn’t eating. We drove maybe 3 minutes down the road with her screaming before I asked Brad to throw my ice cream out the window. He looked at me like I was crazy. I was serious. He tossed my ice cream out the window…and then a minute later subsequently tossed his out too. Poor Zoe, we hadn’t looked at a clock in a while, and it was way past her bedtime. By the time we got home it was after 9, and Zoe was done with the day. I tried to take one more picture of Zoe with her loot, but she wasn’t having it at.all.


And, just in case you haven’t seen enough pictures…here’s my very favorite one of the night.


Happy Wednesday ya’ll!


8 responses to “Pajaaaaaaama Ride!

  1. Awesome tradition!! You’re such a cool mom! πŸ™‚

  2. OMG I love this tradition! What an amazing time. And so special and unique to your family. Although, not anymore because I’m STEALING IT! πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome tradition, awesome pics of your adorable child, (my fav is the one of her crawling up in the chair after you put it back on the shelf….so incredibly cute!) And awesome post Rebecca! πŸ™‚

  4. So fun!! Pajama rides sound AMAZING. Oh my goodness, I love Zoe cuddling with Cookie Monster, and hanging in the pink chair, . . . and pretty much doing anything involving footie pajamas. It’s like birthday WEEK over there! Good times.

  5. yup. stealing this. maybe one day i will be half as cool as you!!

  6. She is so adorable. What a blessing! Hey, if there’s anything thing this mom of three boys knows, it’s where to find hard, plastic dinosaurs. DOLLAR TREE!!!! Always has them in the toy aisle!

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