I’ve taken 4,000 pictures this year….

It’s been 362 days since the hospital nurse put my daughter in my arms and all I could think to say was “hello” like 50 times in a row. It’s been 362 days since I became a mom. It’s been the craziest, wildest, most heart warming, most fun, and some of the hardest 362 days of my life. And, in the past 362 days, I’ve taken like 4,000 pictures. Literally. So, in a tribute to our year…here’s a photo flashback post.

On July 31, 2010 I laid eyes on the most perfect object my eyes had ever seen. My beautiful, perfect, tiny little girl was placed in my arms and my identity changed forever.

zoe's first month 881

And Brad fell in love

zoe's first month 911

Nine days later my grandfather Opa died, we packed up the car and headed to Texas. That’s why her first bath was in a hotel sink.

zoe's first month 1010

We took some family pictures, and I fell in love with this one.

family picture 1

Overnight she lost the newborn look and started revealing the cutest personality I’d ever seen.


We soon learned the beauty of a photo shoot



Then, in November, Brad’s grandfather died. We packed up the car and headed to Georgia.


Before we knew what was happening, Zoe was rolling over, reaching for her toes, and eating solid foods…




Brad’s dream came true, and he had a mini-me to help him cheer on his beloved Florida Gators.


We blinked and our baby was sitting up all by herself, learning to read, and sitting up in the bath tub…




So many times this year I’ve woken up with that “ah, my life is just perfect” feeling overwhelming my soul. Christmas was one of those mornings.


In January Zoe got sick for the first time, and I learned more of what being a mom means. As soon as she got better we went for a day trip so that we could get some sun.


We blinked again, and our daughter grew up some more. She was funny now, and adventurous, and she learned how to wave, and stand up in her crib.


She was, hands down, the coolest kid on the block


Early in the spring, Zoe was dedicated at our church. I cried.


Zoe woke up early for the royal wedding, learned how to do somersaults and flips, and started really interacting with her best friend Hemmingway, and started hamming it up for the photo shoots.


May was our birthdays, my first Mother’s Day, and our first family vacation.


And again, we blinked and our baby girl was a toddler. Helping with chores, crawling all over the place, climbing on everything, and making messes everywhere she went.


Just so you know, I’m in tears right now. What a crazy, awesome, year this has been. I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have the most amazing husband, and the most amazing kid…who just woke up from her nap. Tomorrow you get the labor and delivery story, Saturday is the party, Sunday the birthday, Monday you get the sappy birthday post, Tuesday the party post, and Wednesday the How-To….dang, that’s the most planning I’ve done in a while! It’s probably because I’ve been planning her party all week. Anyways…here’s to the coolest kid I know…



7 responses to “I’ve taken 4,000 pictures this year….

  1. Beautiful! What a beautiful little girl and a beautiful year it’s been! Thanks for letting us share in it. And early happy birthday, little Zoe girl!

  2. Love the pics!! Great story! Kids are awesome.

  3. LOVE the pictures and cant wait for all of the planned posts! woo hoo!

  4. Jessica Fields

    Love it! I do that every year on the kids birthdays… look back through the pictures (with them now!) I love that tradition! The girls are excited about Zoe’s party. Taylor has asked me everyday… Is today Zoe’s party? 🙂

  5. wow. i cried too. Happy birthday Zoe. (well, happy early birthday)

  6. okay I am like this close to bawling my eyes out. She grew up way too quickly but it looks like you all enjoyed every single moment of it. I love your pictures.

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