Let the Birthday Madness Begin…

So, maybe you’ve heard…Zoe turns one this weekend. Sunday, to be exact. People ask me if I can believe that she’s going to be one. The answer is “yes”, absolutely. I’ve walked through this year with her every step of the way and it makes sense that it’s been a year. What I can’t believe is that I have a one year old. Today I was at my friend Jessica’s house, she has four kids ages 5-1 {and another one on the way}, we’ve been friends/known each other since we were teenagers. She was looking for a hole punch and couldn’t find it. As she moved things from one pile to the next looking for it, she started mumbling about how she never can find anything because one of the kids took it to do crafts or something with….and I sat there in the kitchen having a flashback to my mom getting SO frustrated with missing items. And, then I realized that we’re the moms now. We’re the ones yelling at kids to put things back where they find them {for the LOVE OF GOD}. You can bank on the fact that my kids will hear that once or twice {or 5,000 times} growing up. And that’s what’s weird to me. A year in, it’s still sometimes so surreal that I’m a mom.

I just said all of that to say, I was at my friend Jessica’s house today and oh.my.word did we get our craft on! I never thought I would ever put on a first birthday like this…and I will blame reading blogs until the day I die for my madness…but for some reason I’ve decided to go all “Martha Stewart meets Joann’s Fabrics” on this one. I showed up to Jessica’s house with a few ideas and some scrapbook paper. Jess brought her expertise and tools to the table. She was able to smooth out the rough edges of my ideas, came up with a few of her own, and we got down and dirty with her Cricut. Five solid hours of crafting later we had a beginning to the decorations. Nothing is finished yet…absolutely nothing is finished yet. The past 3 nights I’ve had dreams of my to-do list. I haven’t dreamed of my to-do list since my wedding. Actually, at no other time in my LIFE have I ever dreamed of a to-do list other than my wedding and this party.

This might explain some of the dreams. It’s ONE of the piles of birthday stuff in my house…just one of them…


I’m super-duper excited about her birthday banner. It’s going to be AWESOME…that is, if I can get the bottom to lay flat…


And, I may or may not be even more excited about this “Z”…


When that’s totally done it’s going to be AMAZING, and it’s also going to hang over Zoe’s crib after the party. Now, this next one isn’t anywhere near done yet…it’s only about halfway there…but you’ll get the idea. It’s her birthday hat! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!! And if you look up at the top pile, in the tub, you’ll see pink fluff…that’s going to go around the base of the hat and on the top in a ball…it’s going to be awesome. Absolutely awesome.


I have 1,000 things left to do, another food run, lots more collecting of borrowed objects, and a heck of a lot more crafting to do….here we go!


7 responses to “Let the Birthday Madness Begin…

  1. Oh my goodness–everything looks beautiful! That Z is gorgeous. And I am equally awed of my motherhood. I don’t think I’ll ever really believe it’s true!

  2. woo hoo!!! let the birthfest begin!!!…and then how bout you just mail me everything so i can use it for AM’s party in 6 weeks from now!!

    • Sure thing! As long as you want purple, fuscia, pink and green as the color scheme =) I’ll totally do a “how-to” after the party

  3. You are doing AWESOME!!!I I love the decorations. 🙂 🙂 just rememebr to breathe the day of the party and enjoy every minute of it. And post lots of pictures because ohmygoodness Zoe is going to look adorable in that birthday hat.

    • my plan is to have everything done on Friday and so then on Saturday I just relax and enjoy the day {up until about 2:30 when we’ll have to get everything set up}. I did that with my wedding and it worked like a charm.

  4. She will be adorable in that hat! Happy 1st Birthday Zoebear! Hope everyone has a blast! 🙂

  5. not like you’re going all out 😉 LOVE IT Can’t wait to see it. And congrats, mama. and good luck.

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