Our Story – Part 5

{Hello there! If you’re just tuning in to Our Love Story, might I suggest that you check out Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 first, and then come back here?}

Two weeks after our walk on the beach Brad took me to the local fair. We had been together every day, morning to late late at night, since that walk on the beach. I had no idea how to describe the feelings I was experiencing, because I’d never fallen in love quite so fast, or quite so hard. But still! It had only been two weeks! I could see in Brad’s eyes that he was going through the same thing, but we didn’t say anything to the other person, we just lived in the moment. That night, at the fair, while we were waiting for the Alligator Wrestling event to start, Brad knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. How do you tell that to a girl you’ve only known for a little over a month? I tried to coax it out of him, but he evaded my probes. It’s the only time that he’s ever been able to keep anything from me.

brad loves rebecca

A couple weeks later we went to his brother’s wedding and Brad got a little, um, intoxicated. I figured, for sure, he would FINALLY not be able to keep it in, and would tell me the words I was dying to hear. What I got instead, was a night of Brad telling me that he had something to tell me, but he couldn’t tell me that night, but he really wanted to tell me, but I wouldn’t believe him if he told me that night. Over and over and over again. He told me he would tell me at 8:17 the next morning. Weird? Yes. But, you better believe at 8:17 the next morning I asked him what he wanted to tell me the next morning. And then, after weeks of waiting {I say that like it was months, or years} I finally heard those beautiful words, “I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”. I said, “You think you’ve fallen in love with me?” And he said no, for sure, he’s definitely fallen in love with me. I smiled and kissed him, and told him that I too was in love. But, never one to let a good thing just be, I added that he had a year to ask me to marry him. And that I wasn’t waiting around. Isn’t that what every man wants to hear right after he says that he’s in love?


It wasn’t even a week later before Brad started {subconsciously} grabbing my left hand and rubbing my ring finger. It was my first clue that he was thinking about marriage. But, remember how he was climbing out of being unemployed? There was no money for a ring. One Saturday morning we met my parents for breakfast, on the way there we’d been talking about marriage {mind you this was a little over a month into our relationship}. Out of the clear blue sky, my dad asked Brad what he was waiting for to marry me. Did he need his permission? Because he had it. My jaw dropped, Brad started mumbling nonsense, and shook my dads hand. And that was that. Brad likes to say that he just wanted his eggs that morning, but got permission to marry me. My parents decided that we should all go ring shopping after breakfast, and so, just like that, Brad and I found ourselves looking at engagement rings.

My mom had a surprise for me, she was giving me her diamond. Jessica, my older sister, would get the wedding set at my dad’s request, but I would get the diamond that I’ve loved all my life. It is my most treasured possession. Because of her generosity, we only had to have the diamond set…that’s SO much cheaper than buying a whole ring. That morning I found a wrap that had sapphires in it {I’ve always wanted sapphires in my wedding set because of Princess Diana’s ring} and the wrap was 70% off and the last one in stock. We had to act quick. So, after dating Brad for a little bit over a month, I purchased what I thought was going to be my wedding band. Both Brad and I were completely overwhelmed.


It took a little maneuvering to get the ring from start to finish, but by mid June we were going to pick up my engagement ring. That’s right, I said “we”. Brad and I still never spent any time apart, so there was no surprise involved. I actually tried on my ring in the store. But, Brad wanted the engagement to be a surprise, and so did I. {Never-mind the fact that my mom had already purchased my wedding dress, and that we were planning a September wedding} But, again, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I asked Brad if he could please propose before I went to Michigan for my friends wedding, because I wanted all my Michigan friends to see the ring. Time was of the essence.

In order to have an ounce of surprise, Brad told me that we had to go to his friend’s birthday party at a restaurant at the Landing. I put on a cute outfit and off we went. When we got there the restaurant he told me it was going to be at was closed. I began looking around for the party somewhere else. Meanwhile, Brad was getting down on one knee. When I realized what was happening I tried so hard to concentrate. I knew I would want to know what he was saying. I have no idea what he said. I don’t even remember saying “yes!”, I just remember him putting the ring on my finger and kissing. We took a few pictures afterward and started calling friends. It was official, I was going to marry the love of my life.


I left for Michigan a quick 48 hours later, but Brad and I had already talked about eloping. In fact, we’d been talking about eloping for a while. Brad is pretty traditional though, and so he couldn’t even consider it until he got down on one knee. I, on the other hand, just wanted to be married already. We were already practically living together. We’d crossed every line there was to cross before we were married, and I couldn’t live with that. I was raised to believe, and do believe, that certain things are best kept for marriage, so I felt like I was living a double life. The inner turmoil was killing me. I couldn’t keep myself away from Brad, but I couldn’t stop myself when I was with him either, and I knew getting married would make everything OK.

The week that I came back from Michigan, Brad took Tuesday off just to be with me. We went to the courthouse and got our marriage certificate. In Florida, if you take pre-marital counseling, you can get married right away. If you don’t, you have to wait three days. We were starting our pre-marital counseling the next day…so we had to wait. The lady at the courthouse “knew a guy” we could call and he would meet us anywhere. I called my friend Brittney and asked her to meet us on the beach at 9am, and not ask any questions. She knew, just from that, we were eloping. After a short, traditional ceremony we were married. We figured that would be a perfect time to take our “engagement photos”. It was the best kind of inside joke imaginable.

{The moment after we said “I do”}

It was another two weeks before we told our families. We were at Brad’s aunt’s house and the two sides of our family were meeting each other for the first time. My mom made a comment about how we should just go get married and I looked at her. She knew. Then she said that I had to tell the rest of the family. Brad and I gathered the whole family in the kitchen and I said, “Um, so maybe Brad and I got married a few weeks ago.” “MAYBE?!?!” was the unanimous reply. “Um, no, we for sure got married.” Dead silence. Then a round of rowdy congratulations and hugs. We were married. We were MARRIED!

Now, let’s plan a wedding =)


8 responses to “Our Story – Part 5

  1. This is an amazing story. You CANT make this stuff up!!

  2. i love this. and i am such a sap that i just totally cried. hahahah!

  3. OH MY GOSH! WOW!!!! 🙂 I love it. You guys are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! When does the baby come in the story?

    • um, well…we eloped July 3rd, had our wedding September 27th, and got knocked up mid November…..so, really quickly!

  4. >>>>Isn’t that what every man wants to hear right after he says that he’s in love? <<>>I have no idea what he said. I don’t even remember saying “yes!”, I just remember him putting the ring on my finger and kissing<<< wE HAVE THE SAME STORY!!!

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