Our Story – Part 2

{If you’re just tuning in to our love story, might I suggest that you check out Part 1}

February 26 – That Fateful Day

The fall before we met Brad was working as the general manager for a local sidewalk cafe here in town. He’d worked for that particular company for 5 years, helping them open two stores here in Jacksonville. He loved his job and he was really good it, but right before Thanksgiving {like the week before} his employers had to lay him off because the recession had hit their business, hard. He spent the next several months unemployed, with a mortgage {he’d just bought our house earlier that year}, and a very small stipend from unemployment. It was an incredibly stressful time for him. Obviously, the job market wasn’t exactly thriving, and Jacksonville has had a really rough time in the recession. Brad has a degree in history, but his career was in restaurant management, and nobody was hiring. After a couple of months his friend was able to get him an interview at Citizens Property Insurance. He took the job because he had no other options, it was half of his previous income, but it was income. He was set to start February 26, and he looked at it as a temporary job to get him through til another one came along.

At the same time that Brad was going through unemployment and looking for a job, I was graduating from college. I took the long, winding road through my college years, and ended up being in or around college for 8 years. That’s right, I was in college for as long as George W. was in office, and I only have a Bachelors. My entire life, ever since I was in the second grade, I have wanted to be a teacher, a history teacher to be exact. I majored in History with a minor in English, and I was so close to reaching my dream of teaching inner city kids. But, during my very last semester in college I was driving around town one day and felt like I wasn’t supposed to teach. It threw me for one of the weirdest loops of my life. Not teach? That’s been my life’s dream! But, it was very clear, I was supposed to join the corporate world for a season. I had no idea why, I just obeyed. After I graduated, my friend Kristin told me that they were going to be hiring at her husband’s company, Citizens Property Insurance, and she could get me an interview. I said that would be great, and when they offered me the job I was ecstatic. I had never had a real grown-up job before. I’d been living the life of a college student {read: flat broke} my entire adult life. My first day was going to be February 26, and I couldn’t wait for it!

February 26th came and I remember not being able to sleep the night before, like it was my first day at a new school, and I didn’t know how I would be received. I walked in, thinking I was early, and the only seats available were in the last two rows of the class. The back row filled up and I turned around to see who my new friends were going to be. There was a guy sitting directly behind me and I thought, “He would be cute if he wasn’t so old”, and didn’t think another thing about it. Brad, on the other hand, was sitting in his car when I walked into the building, and when I walked past his car he thought, ” I wonder what her story is?”, and then came in to find a seat, and grabbed one of the last ones available, directly behind me. We had to go around and introduce ourselves, and it seemed like everybody started introducing themselves like they were on Wheel of Fortune, “I’m so and so, yes, I’m married to my sweet husband of so many years, and we have 4 beautiful kids together…”. Gag me. When it was my turn, I said, “Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m definitely single and loving it, I have two cats, no strings tying me down and I think I’ll keep it that way for a while. I have a degree in History and somehow ended up working in insurance.” Everybody laughed…which is exactly how I like it. I probably would have laughed too if I’d known that 4 short months later I would be a married woman.

Later that same week, my friend Kristin asked if we could meet up for dinner. I told her that I couldn’t because I was too busy…I was trying to merge my 40 hour work week with my thriving social life, and that meant that I was often triple booked in the evenings. She emailed her husband, my boss, and asked if he was working me to death. He told her “no, that he heard I was dating somebody”. My emailed reply was, “Hahaha! I wish! Unfortunately, there are no cute guys in this class.” And we left it at that. A year later my boss forwarded that email to me and I about died laughing…


10 responses to “Our Story – Part 2

  1. I have to know the rest of the story. I will be tuning in tomorrow!!!!

  2. Coming from Jenna’s and you have me hooked. I need to know the rest of this story!

  3. Lol I’m also coming from Jenna’s & need Part 3 pretty please! πŸ™‚

  4. Stopping by from Jenna’s and I can’t wait to hear the rest of this story!!!

  5. From Jenna’s… such a cute story!


  6. I just have to say, I was blessed to also have been in that training class that day…oh so long ago….Feb 26,2009. For a few good reasons. Main one being obtaining employment! Lol..and the other one being that I met alot of great people that day. (Some of them I still work with) Including Brad & Rebecca. They both know how awesome I think it is how God brought them together. They are truly an AMAZING couple in every way, who have also managed to produce the cutest little girl…ever…that really do have a fairytale story. Doesn’t get much better than that! Lol..

  7. Also coming from Jenna’s challenge and wanted to say love your blog. I’m starting my life as a “reluctant housewife” and stay at home mom and look forward to reading more. πŸ™‚

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