A List of Confessions

**Photos have nothing to do with the post. I just wanted to add pictures to break up the post**

1) Yesterday was Zoe’s rough teething day. I find that for every tooth that comes in we have one really bad day. “Really bad day” means that Zoe whines/cries incessantly all day long, takes irregular naps, and I wish I was a heavier drinker than what I am….which is a practically nonexistent drinker. I really just love my Diet Coke.

2) I did a really stinking good job of taking it all in stride until about 5pm. At 5 I hit my limit and went on a mental strike, counting the minutes until Brad walked in the door.

{Sometimes you have to have a little reading material with your bottle}

3) At 5:10ish Zoe reached up, grabbed my full Diet Coke from off the counter, and dumped it all over herself and the couch. Then she laid herself out on the floor and sobbed until I finished cleaning up the couch and could get to her. Surprisingly, I maintained my composure. After all, there’s no use crying over spilled Diet Coke, now is there?

4) At 5:20ish Brad walked in the door with a fresh Diet Coke in hand. That man is a dragon slayer.

{My friend Courtenay read my retail therapy post the other day and bought me a new water bottle. It has birds on it!}

5) This morning Zoe woke up at 6am.

6) That’s unacceptable.

7) Today I have had far less patience than I had yesterday…like I’m making up for not freaking out or something.

8 ) We went to lunch with a friend and Zoe had a pretty rough time. Highly unusual for her to have a rough time in a public place. She’s normally a-m-a-zing when we’re out and about.

9) I could almost feel my patience leave by the minute.

{Zoe climbs the stairs several times a day now. It’s her favorite activity.}

10) I tried to feed her a Go-gurt and I opened it wrong. Yogurt shot out of the package, all over my hands, and part of the table.

11) I continued to make a mess of the yogurt the entire time I was feeding it to her.

12) Zoe screamed when the yogurt was gone.

13) Then she climbed on the table.

14) I didn’t stop her. She’s in a climbing phase. I figure it’s good for development, right? And she wasn’t crying when she was climbing on the table. Which I call a fair trade.

{Climbing, climbing, climbing}

15) As I wrote this post she was drinking her bottle and climbing all over me. It irritated the bejeezus out of me.

16) Now she’s sleeping on my shoulder and it’s the cutest thing ever. But, I kinda still want her to stop touching me.

17) Sometimes, not too often, but sometimes I don’t want to be touched at all. Not by Zoe. Not by Brad. And certainly not by an animal. I have given all I have to give and I’m just done. I want a bubble. I want space. I want nothing other than “me”.

18) It’s times like that when I feel crazy inside.

{You’ve seen this one before…but I just love it}

19) I have about 2 hours to reset my mind, and then it’s going to be a crazy, crazy weekend. We have a family dinner w/Brad’s extended family tonight, a family reunion with the other side of his family tomorrow morning/afternoon, a wedding for his cousin tomorrow evening, have to leave the wedding early to go to a birthday party, get home {hopefully} around midnight, wake up and be at church to work in the nursery by 9, come home and CRASH. Plus, my brother is coming into town today {YAY!!!!!} and he stays with us when he’s here.

20) Sorry I’m a debbie-downer today. On a happy/freaking awesome note, I’ve lost 5lbs! This is the first time IN MY LIFE I’ve ever tried to lose weight…what a rush seeing that on the scale this morning! I don’t see a difference but 5lbs is 5lbs…right?


7 responses to “A List of Confessions

  1. Oh, the Go-gurt is kind of funny in retrospect. I hope you’ve recovered! And yay, you! Five pounds is a big deal! Congratulations πŸ™‚

  2. becky douglas

    What a day! Congratulations on the 5 and keep going. Hope you will have some energy for Sunday.

  3. your favoritest oldest sister in the whold wide world

    Someone I know says ‘you’re in my bubble’ to her kids so often that they now say it to each other. You’re not the only mom out there who is over all the touching (not all of the time of course..:P just some of the time). I think it comes with the territory of being more than one person’s everything.

    • yeah…I heard that I would experience it before I became a mom. Just didn’t know how crazy I would feel inside when I felt like that =) Who says “you’re in my bubble”? Jen?

  4. you’re hilarious. I’m sorry about the shitty days. It happens I suppose. love that the hubs brought you a diet coke! what a gem.

  5. congrats on the 5 lbs!!
    I totally remember those days of not wanting to be touched . . . And I could relate to your patience level today πŸ™‚ have a fun weekend!

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