Just a little bit of retail therapy

Today Zoe and I were at the gym for 2 whole hours. That’s the second time this week that we’ve done that. Pretty awesome, huh? I would like to say that today’s workout was a little bit easier than Monday’s, but I think I’m going to be more sore…so, it’s still a toss-up. After sweating for 2 hours I headed over to Target for some cereal and milk. While on the way to Target I realized that if I took just a little longer than necessary I could catch Brad at lunchtime. So, I made a quick decision. Zoe would go without her morning nap, we would stroll through Target, I would just get cereal {so the milk wouldn’t sit in the car}, we would run another errand, and then be at Brad’s work right on time. Awesome plan, right?


As I was strolling through the aisle I saw the workout section immediately in front of me. With all this working out, a girl can use as many sports bras as she can get her hands on. Right? Who’s with me? So, into the cart goes a hot pink sports bra. This brings my count up to 3, which is a pretty decent window for them to rotate through the dirty clothes…at least the way Brad does laundry. Speaking of which, I think he’s on strike. =)

Then we went to the 70% of clearance section. Nothing looked good. Well, I mean, it probably did but I don’t really want to buy a whole lot for the size I am now. So, we walked away. Up next, the baby aisle. You can’t go to Target and not stop at the baby aisle when you have a 10 month old sitting in your cart. It’s mandatory. Plus, we needed to get some food so that Zoe could eat lunch with her Daddy. Two things of baby food went into the cart.

We head {ever so sorely} over to the food section. Cereal is, after all, what I originally came to Target for in the first place. But, a few aisles before the cereal aisle is the chip aisle…and I haven’t had any chips and salsa recently. One bag of chips went into the cart. I made my way to the breakfast aisle, grab some cereal and think to myself that the mornings where I try to catch an 8:30 class I don’t eat breakfast because I don’t have time. I should grab some granola bars. So, you guessed it, one box of granola bars went into the cart. Next up, Diet Coke. Because one of my baby steps is to cut back on Diet Coke, I don’t allow myself to stop for a drink anymore. I don’t know if you realize how much of a commitment that is for me. I love fountain Diet Cokes. I drink them like they’re my lifeline. You will very seldom ever see me without a Diet Coke. It’s not healthy…I know. But, it’s the truth. So, my compromise {to offset the cost of the gym membership} is that I don’t stop to get a drink anymore. Now, Brad can stop….but I can’t. So a couple 2 liters went into the cart. On the same aisle is juice. Juice that Zoe can’t drink yet. Juice that is staring me in the face. I could use some apple juice. I’m sure that Zoe would love some apple juice. I think about it for a second. I ask Zoe if she wants some. She smiles, I take that as a yes, and one bottle of apple juice goes into the cart.

At that point I declare myself done and head to the door before I can do anymore damage. But, then I see to my left what looks to be really cool water bottles. And, again, every good gym junkie needs their own personal water bottle. Right? I take an immediate left and start checking them out. They are beautiful sights to behold. Sleek. Sexy. Colorful. BPA free. {What the heck is BPA? I don’t know. But, it’s apparently good} One is so cool that it’s even one-handed, you just push a lever. Spill proof. Sweat proof. So much better than the plastic water bottles that I rotate through. I look at the sports bra. I look at the water bottles. They’re the same price and I know I can only have one. Ugh! Decisions! I guess, when it comes right down to it, I’d rather have my boob stay put than drink through a sleek, sexy, beautiful water bottle. I put it back on the shelf and walk away.

I tell myself to get to the checkout line. I’m apparently going crazy. You might wonder why I’m still in the store for so long…it’s because I can’t walk. Every single muscle in my legs hurts, and for added pleasure, Zoe is taking things out of the cart and dropping them on the floor. Repeatedly. And then crying when I take them away cause mommy doesn’t play that game. As I’m walking I remember staring at my toes in yoga. I think that on one of my toes my nail polish has chipped away into the shape of Africa. I need a pedicure. Hey! I can give myself a pedicure while Zoe takes her nap! I can give myself a facial too. Oh boy! I should go get some new nail polish. {This is truly crazy. I have a ton of great nail polish choices at home} What a great treat after a hard workout! So off we go to the cosmetics department where I search for just the right color hot pink for summer. I find it and one bottle of nail polish goes into the cart.

Done! I am d.o.n.e. I’ve done enough damage for one day. I get to the checkout just as fast as I can hobble and check out. Sheesh. Enough already! The total is like $33…not bad. I was more scared than I needed to be. Besides, almost everything in the cart is needed. On the way to the car I think to myself, “Didn’t I just go in there for some cereal?” Does that happen to anybody else?

The Loot {minus Zoe’s lunch}

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I need to go slather on a face mask and paint my toes!

Happy Wednesday everybody!


4 responses to “Just a little bit of retail therapy

  1. Rebecca, i truly love your honesty. Keep up the good work. Love YA!

  2. This is why it’s good that I walk to Target in Brooklyn–that way I only take home what I can carry . . . or hang on the stroller . . . or stuff in the basket beneath the stroller . . . Oh, dear.

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